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    So here it is! I know some of you have been waiting for this for a little while, and I’m sorry I was not able to get it to you sooner! But this should be everything. I tried to document it as clearly as possible. If you have any comments, or if you run across anything I have missed, please let me know. Thanks to everyone using Versatility Lite, and I hope this helps! (I’m going to also add this to the Versatility Lite homepage.)

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    2. September 2nd

      good theme tried it out already

    3. September 9th

      This is what i have been waiting , finally i have found it here , thanks for sharing here

    4. November 22nd

      nice theme, cant wait to mention with my blog, well done

    5. January 28th

      @b, Thanks! I appreciate it.

      @Commander Selvam, k.

      @ali, Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it.

      To anyone that may have any support questions, please comment on the homepage of Versatility Lite: http://thinkdesignblog.com/free-wordpress-theme-versatility-lite-updated-version-28-friendly.htm

    6. June 3rd

      I love this theme! But I am absolutely stumped and could use some HELP!

      How can I put a FlashFader slideshow in to replace the top-left-splash in the Featured Post Box??? I tried adding the FlashFader code in every spot I could think of in the featured-block.php and nothing works.

      I can get the slide show to appear, and work, BUT it moves the rest of the featured post block out of alignment. Where can I put the code so that doesn’t happen?

      PLEASE HELP! I know it would look AMAZING if I can have the flashfader slideshow there!!!

    7. May 24th


    8. June 21st

      Good work….

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