• WordPress – Lorem Ipsum Test Post Pack

    Since I make all of my websites with WordPress, I often find myself having to make dummy posts to test out themes layouts and styles. This is especially necessary when your working with a magazine theme, that needs a lot of content to function properly. So when I was finishing up some styling stuff on my latest theme release (Versatility Lite) I thought it would be cool if there was some sort of post pack I could upload and save myself some time. So I figured I would make one :)

    So the next time your designing, creating, or customizing a theme, you can upload this dummy post pack and save yourself a bunch of time! I wanted to make the pack include everything, so that you could easily style every element. So I’ve included categories, sub-categories, pages, sub-pages, 30 test posts, tags, thumbnails via custom fields, and a "Testing the Elements" post so that you can test html elements, such as <h2>, <blockquote>, etc. I hoping this saves yall some time! Download right below, and Installation & Customization info right below that.


    1. Download Test Post Pack above.
    2. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
    3. Choose "Manage" from the options.
    4. Choose "Import" from the sub-page options.
    5. Select the file from your computer, and upload.
    That’s it!


    Updated Info For New WordPress Installs
    Installation (For 2.7+):

    1. Download Test Post Pack above.
    2. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
    3. Choose "Tools" from the options in the left sidebar.
    4. Choose "Import" from the list under "Tools".
    5. Select "WordPress" at the bottom of the list of upload options.
    5. Select the file from your computer, and upload.
    That’s it!



    Everything should be universal expect for the thumbnails created with "Custom Fields." I’ve found the majority of themes lately are display there thumbnails with "Custom Fields," so this is the way I’ve went. I made the key "thumbnail" because that is what I use on my themes. The theme your using may have you enter "image" instead of "thumbnail." If that is the case, you would just have to edit the posts, and change the Custom Field key value from the default "thumbnail" to the key of your choice.

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    1. December 8th

      Very Cool!

      I’m not a regular coder, but when I am in the mood/have some time to get into some code I hate being stopped by frivolous things like this. Thanks alot!


    2. December 9th

      Very useful. Thanks a ton.

    3. December 9th

      This is great, I have something similar but not as complete! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Chris
      December 9th

      Sjeeez that’s a good idea! Why didn’t I think of that! :)


    5. December 9th

      @Will, I know what ya mean :) Glad it could be helpful!

      @David, Thanks! Glad ya liked it, and thanks for stopping by.

      @Nik, Your welcome! Thats cool you had something similar! Thanks for stopping by.

      @Chris, Not a problem! and yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, so don’t worry! ;)

    6. December 9th

      This was exactly what I needed!
      Thanks so much.

    7. vincent
      December 9th

      Nick I haven’t review your work yet but thank you for sharing this pack who probably took a bit of your time. I hope the content is “tasteless” enough for me to be able to present some work to some clients, but I have the feeling it is.
      I wanted to come up with this for ages, you’re saving me a lot of time. My project actually concerns more than WordPress but every CMS we’ve been working on here : I am fed up with user dummy content like “TEXT TEST AZERTYUIO 3213654987 blabla” I can’t deal with this anymore, and I also begin to understand latin pretty well so i’m fed up with latin too ;)

      Bigup Nick. Found this from Design float, now sub-ing to your RSS.

    8. December 9th

      What a great idea… and so easy. Makes me wonder about the ‘why I didn’t think of it sooner’ part. Nice work, thank for the time saver.

    9. December 9th

      This is great. There was another one of these floating around but without the thumbnails etc.

      One issue I have is that when testing multiple themes to see which one will work the best for a specific site, most of the different WP theme designers use different custom filed names for the thumbnails etc.

      So one may use (thumbnail) and another (thumb) so I have to go back and change it.

      It would be great if the everyone would decide upon one “name”

      Just a thought.. Thanks again for this Pack!

    10. December 9th

      u know
      i love u :)
      u saved my time
      thank you aloooooooooooooooooot

    11. December 10th

      Am busy working on my new blog (shesureissocial.com), and this download literally made my day! Thank you for simplifying the new blogger’s experience.

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    13. December 12th

      Thank you very much !

    14. December 13th

      Very cool concept. The post / page content aspects don’t change that much between versions so I don’t imagine it matters too significantly, but out of curiosity 2.6 or 2.7?

      Might be good to add some comments, links and other things that are specific to 2.7?

    15. December 14th

      Thanks for this, I got tired of rewriting test posts.

    16. December 14th

      Awesome. I am going to use it in the next 5 minutes on a new blog design for a client. Funny when it all works out like this. Just found you when @webmayhem followed you on Twitter. I am following you too now, of course.

      Can’t believe y’all got snow last week… I’m a native Houstonian living in Nashville, now.

      Cheers, and thanks!

    17. December 15th

      @angie, Your very welcome. I’m very happy it could help!

      @vincent, Thanks for stopping by, and all the kind words! And it is appropriate for clients ;) Glad to see Design Float workED, and thanks very much for subscribing!

      @Jason, Not a problem man, thanks for your steady readership! I really appreciate it.

      @Jay, I share your frustrations! I knew that would be a problem. Possibly when I get some time, ill make a couple different variations on this so it can accommodate more thememakers.

      @Hani, aww, so nice :) Your very welcome!

      @MarketingVeep, Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the site!

      @玄玄, Your very welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

      @JamieO, I think your right! To bad either WordPress or I couldn’t have waited a bit ;) I will look into it though, thanks for the suggestion, and for stopping by!

      @Sean, I feel your pain. Glad I could help!

      @CarterHarkins, Glad it could help. Especially so immediately :) Just returned your follow my good sir. and yeah, the snow was surprising. Didn’t really hit me to much, just a little flurry. The Woodlands and some other areas had several inches! and why would you leave Houston?! :) Thanks for the kind words, and for stopping by!

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    20. December 21st

      Sweetness! I’m always rolling my eyes in frustration every time I realize I need to upload a bunch of dummy posts when testing a theme. Then I always forget to include an unordered list or a blockquote and don’t realize it until I’ve released the theme on my site. Thanks for this bundle!

    21. December 22nd

      Staying positive, good thing you released it — there are hundreds of example content packs going around the web these days, have been for ages – but none that really fit well.

      I created one I use for my clients, but not as brave as you to release it! Kudos +1 point!

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    24. Jess
      January 4th

      i downloaded the versatility lite and i’m trying to change the “versitility lite” on the front page top corner graphic. How can i do this?


    25. […] click en la opcion importar. seleccionar el archivo xml. listo descarga: test post pack via: thinkDesing pagina oficial de lorem ipsum  lipsum Digaselo a los […]

    26. January 7th

      Strange! I was thinking of this just the other day wondering if there was anything out there but I never ended up looking, I found your blog for somthing completly different and grabbed ur rss about an hour ago, I was just checking my feeds and saw this post, thanks a million. :)


    27. January 12th

      Thanks so much for putting this together and publishing. I just downloaded the pack and started playing. So easy!

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    29. January 19th

      Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!


    30. January 21st

      Thanks for the post pack. These are a great way to test out new themes :)

    31. January 21st

      @Goob, Glad it could help! And yup, I had the same problem! :)

      @Justin Shattuck, Thanks! I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for the kudos +1! :)

      @Jess, Assuming the new logo is the same dimensions, just replace the logo file in the images folder. If it is different dimensions, you will also have to edit the CSS.
      Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more help.

      @twe4ked, Yeah, that’s normally how it happens for me too! :) I’m glad it could be helpful, and thanks for subscribing and commenting!

      @Dustin, Your welcome! Glad it’s very user friendly! :)

      @Sarah McHarry, Your very welcome. Glad it could come in some use!

      @Ryan, Not a problem! And yeah, that was the plan. Hopefully it saves you the trouble of continually creating dummy posts!

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    33. February 18th

      can someone explain how to use this pack. I am using wordpress 2.7, and I don’t see 1. Download Test Post \

      3. Choose “Manage” from the options.
      4. Choose “Import” from the sub-page options.

      Thank you

    34. February 18th

      @stan, Since the dashboard for WordPress 2.7 has changed, the direction change slightly. For 2.7, after you login, choose “Tools” from the options on the left. These chose “Import.” Then Selecte the bottom option of “WordPress.” That is where you will upload the file. How that helps!

    35. February 18th

      thanks nick.

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    38. March 17th

      Thanks man, I was looking for something like this.

    39. March 28th

      You’re my hero. That is all.

    40. April 8th

      What a geeeenius!
      Love your work.
      A thousand thanks.

    41. April 16th

      Thank you so so so much!

    42. April 22nd

      Thats what I need. Blog bookmarked.

    43. BB
      April 26th


    44. May 13th

      Nice ! :).. Thanks buddy..

    45. Tsu
      May 13th

      Hey, this is totally great! I have one question though. I did install the package and everything works fine for the front page. However, when I click on the link for previous pages, I get an error that there is no such page. How can I fix that?

    46. May 14th

      @stan, Not a problem! Thanks for the comment.

      @toure, Glad it could help! Thanks for commenting.

      @gesikah, Ha! You are too kind man. I appreciate that! Thanks for commenting.

      @Jon Fox, You, also are way too kind! Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

      @Cecilia, your welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

      @kiziel, Glad I could help out. Appreciate the comment!

      @BB, Thanks for your comment.

      @ArianaLymn, Glad ya like it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      @Tsu, Not sure. It may be a theme issue. Can you post the link, or send me an email with a link to the site? That way I can see the problem live.

    47. May 20th

      Hi Nick,

      I’ve not tried your pack, but I can imagine how well it works – it’s a simple idea, and they are always the best ones :)
      Thanks for contributing to those who have previous wasted so much time doing it the “old” way :)


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    50. June 10th

      Awesome! I’ve been searching for something like this. You made my life so much simpler, haha.

    51. June 10th

      Dude, thanks. Been looking for something like this for some time!

    52. Karli-Rae
      June 26th

      Hi there! I think this is wonderful idea! I’ve also been wanting to do something like this for a long time but unfortunately I can’t get it to work. I am just told it the folder containing it could not be created. Any idea why?


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    55. midas
      July 19th

      Hey! Thank you so much for posting this. It will make my life much easier.

    56. vertex
      July 24th

      I can’t install it on 2.8.
      It says “The plugin does not have a valid header’.
      What should I do?


    57. vertex
      July 24th

      Nvm, I found the solution.

    58. July 28th

      Thanks so much for making this Very nice!

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    60. ben
      August 13th

      Hey mate thanks for teh the this comments box is cool types very easily .
      Anyway if i email you a few simple questions could you off some advice ?

      I basically would like to change the header and add some adds in the posts like this blog does ?
      cheers buddy

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    62. Filly
      August 13th

      Essential material. Cheers for this!

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    64. August 21st

      Can’t tell you how useful this is! Thank you!

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    66. September 9th

      Thanks for sharing good news about Lorem Ipsum Test Post Pack

    67. September 10th

      […] Lorem Ipsum Test Post Pack –Pour commencer à travailler avec WordPress, il vaut mieux avoir un peu de contenu sous la souris. Vous apprécierez Lorem Ipsum Test Post Pack composée de catégories, sous-catégories, pages, sous-pages, 30 billets, tags, thumbnails (via les champs personnalisés), ainsi qu’un billet de test pour vérifier le comportement de la plupart des balises HTML (via Geekeries). […]

    68. September 11th

      Hi ! Useful package, indeed.

      Just to enhancements I suggest, especially for the “Testing The Theme Elements” page :
      1/ add a « align center » image in a post
      2/ add a image with caption
      3/ add a most-certainly-too-wide image in a post
      4/ add local and external links in a post
      5/ and also, add test for these elements :
      em (which is not i), sup, sub, pre, abbr, ins, del, small, and a full table, also a form : just like preview at WordPress.org themes repository

      and also:
      4/ mix the posts dates, to test the per date archives’s navigation

    69. September 13th

      Btw, the ol/ul elements miss the ‘li’ childs.

    70. October 7th

      You are awesome! I was ust about to create a set of sample data for development and search the net for the off chance someone was thinking a head of me. You ‘da man! Thanks a bunch.

    71. Robert
      November 10th

      Thanks for this… I am new to blogging and it is nice to have material to use so that I can tweak my blog.
      I don’t have many entries yet.

    72. Jessica
      November 21st

      This was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing it, it’s saved me a lot of time and head-scratching to come up with test posts of my own. :)

    73. December 6th

      Thanks for this package, it’s going to be really helpfull! :) Greets, Sander

    74. December 10th

      YO! I was exactly searching for some similar stuffs like this.. gladly Google helped me find this loren ipsum stuff..

      I am doing some theme customization and pretty happy now as I don’t have to generate any more new posts.. thanks!

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    76. Jérôme Riguidel
      January 4th

      Many thanks… was searching for this kinda stuff. Useful.

    77. January 8th

      Awesome! Saved me a ton of time :)

    78. January 15th

      very cool and very handy it will cut down the input time… cheers!

    79. February 3rd

      The need for it presented itself, I Googled the appropriate term, landed here and downloaded all within two minutes – thanks for the intuitive resource!

    80. February 9th

      Another owsome plugin, thanks for your work and time.

    81. mariano
      February 14th

      what I was looking for!

      Thanks :-)

    82. Emily
      February 21st

      Thanks so much for you test post pack! It’s exactly what I needed.

      By the way…I love your sense of humor with some of the post titles and the names of commenters. :)

    83. George Gardner
      April 6th

      You’re awesome!

    84. April 28th

      not bad.. I actually did use it! ;)

    85. May 25th

      This really helped, thanks a bunch

    86. June 4th

      Thanks you! I will use this for my upcoming template ;)

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    88. July 2nd

      Awesome! Thanks for creating this … saves a ton of time!

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    90. August 28th

      Wow! This was a huge time saver! And I learned how to import posts and categories! Thank you for saving so much of my time!

    91. October 30th

      wow cool you saved my life thanks for sharing

    92. November 7th

      It’s very helpful. Thanks :D
      very cool

    93. Maya
      December 19th

      Thanks so much!!!

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    95. April 15th

      :) very useful thanks so much…

    96. Thanks so much – very useful!

    97. May 24th

      Most useful, Gratitude!. :D

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    99. June 18th

      Really nice, helps me a lot! :-)

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    101. December 22nd

      This looks awesome, will have to try it out!

      I also made a similar tool, except it’s based more on really thorough CSS testing within a post.

      Check it out – wpfill.me

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    103. […] we could test the blog quickly and easily. You can use the test pack provided by WordPress or the one developed by ThinkDesign. In addition, we use a set of reliable plugins to simplify common tasks, such as Contact Form 7 and […]

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    109. Tania
      November 29th

      Thank you so much!!

    110. January 14th

      Sorry, this sounds like a stupid question, but I can’t find where to do the following steps:
      3. Choose “Manage” from the options.
      4. Choose “Import” from the sub-page options.
      I believe I’m using the latest version of WP (just installed it).
      Is Manage under a specific heading that I”m just totally missing?

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