• Win 2,000 Free Business Cards from PrintPlace.com

    Told ya I had some more contests coming up soon :) So for everyone that didn’t win last time, here’s another shot. (Also, stay tuned, I have a very cool Free Vector pack planned for tomorrow that I think your going to like.) Today I have 2,000 Free (Full Color, Double Sided) Business Cards to give away to one lucky reader, thanks to PrintPlace.com. PrintPlace.com is a cool online print shop that has a wide range of products, from presentation folders, to brochures, booklets and much more. And who couldn’t use some new business cards?

    The contest is comment to enter as always, and will be open until this Friday (August 6 2010) at Midnight Central Standard Time. As mentioned, the prize is 2,000 Full Color, Double Sided Business Cards, printed on 14pt stock. They also have a quick turn around, so you would probably get them in about 5 days. Cool eh?

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    1. August 2nd

      O.o i would love some !

    2. August 2nd

      I love cards

    3. August 2nd

      I love business cards!!! I don’t have any so this would be great to get some!

    4. August 2nd

      Cards do indeed sound fun!

    5. August 2nd

      Not sure why, but I am feeling lucky this time :D Count me in!!

    6. Steve Robillard
      August 2nd

      I could use these for the new consultancy.

    7. August 2nd

      Ty for the freebies!

    8. Nick
      August 2nd

      maybe new cards would get me to chase after some new clients…

    9. August 2nd


    10. Joey
      August 2nd

      Yeah Cards!!!

    11. August 2nd

      I’d love to have some cards! This is awesome!

    12. mary
      August 2nd

      2000! wow! that’s a LOT :)

    13. Carly
      August 2nd

      wow — this would be fantastic help for my freelance career

    14. Nic
      August 2nd

      Gimme Gimme Gimme!

    15. August 2nd

      I want to win business cards!!!

    16. August 2nd

      Cool Contest. Thanks for holding it!

    17. August 2nd

      Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

    18. […] Direct Link […]

    19. August 2nd

      awesome, just in time when I needed some XD hope I do win.

    20. August 3rd

      Yup yup yup!! :)

    21. August 3rd

      In the middle of a rebrand! Could really use these! Thanks for the opportunity!

    22. August 3rd

      can always use me some biz-ness cards

    23. August 3rd

      awesome post!
      thanks for sharing..

    24. VincentGhyssens
      August 3rd

      I’d love that ! I just finished designing my new logo, timing could’nt be better :-)
      Good luck all !

    25. August 3rd

      Please :)

    26. Ann
      August 3rd

      I have nearly run out my old cards so new ones are very welcome

    27. August 3rd

      Starting my business, so it would be a really great gift

      Thanks to you guys

    28. August 3rd

      I’m redoing my identity and website currently and could use some new business cards!

    29. August 3rd

      who’s the lucky bastard?

    30. August 3rd

      Could really do with updating my business cards!

    31. Trish Ward
      August 3rd

      I would LOVE 2000 business cards to kick off my post-grad career!! (NEW SCAD GRADUATE HERE!)

    32. August 3rd

      2000 is a lot of free for anything! Lol!

    33. Mare
      August 3rd

      Would love the opportunity… jump starting my idea that has been put on hold for the past 18 years!!!

    34. August 3rd

      Sweet contest! Sign me up! I’d love some business cards!

    35. August 3rd

      exactly what I need

    36. August 3rd

      I love seeing my designs in print (as always) and would love to have some printing done for free!

    37. PreMiere
      August 3rd

      dope.. id love to win

    38. August 3rd

      Would love to have some new business cards. Thanks for the chance!

    39. August 4th

      2000 business cards wow…. that’s a lot

    40. August 4th

      Wow! I need them ;)

    41. August 4th

      That’s a lot of cards but I would use them!

    42. August 4th

      I could use some full color business cards right about now…. Bring ’em on!

    43. August 4th

      This is something that I’d certainly find useful! :)

    44. LisaT
      August 4th

      Would love to win this contest. Hope you pick me!

    45. SteelToedGirl
      August 4th

      Another contest for me to enter in! Yay!

    46. August 4th

      Hi there! Love your site and the graphics. Thanks for sharing them. I just started working on my web site. It’s coming along slowly – it’s actually down now because it’s migrating from a Windows server to a Linux server to work with WordPress better.

      I hope I win the cards. I could use some new ones.

    47. August 4th

      Great Deal!! Hope to be a winner of some snazzy new cards.

    48. August 5th

      Ooh, pick me! =)

    49. Niki
      August 5th

      thanks – hope I win. I need to make new cards.

    50. August 5th

      Hi, I am a freelance designer as well as a graphic design lecturer in a college in Indonesia. In my everyday work, I surely need high quality business cards and I will absolutely pass on this news about how important high quality business cards to my students and my peers.

      Will consider using some of the products after I have the chance to taste them myself with this wonderful giveaway.


    51. August 5th

      New business – would love to get a head start.


    52. August 6th

      great site! i need some luck… my macbook just died.

    53. August 6th

      i was just cleaning the house today throwing stuff away making room for those 2000 cards…

    54. January 21st

      Thanks for holding it!

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