• Versatility Lite: Next Free Theme Teaser

    The release of our first free WordPress theme, SketchyTheme, was just the first of many. I plan on releasing several themes, a couple here in the near future. One of which, is Versatility Lite. This theme will be a 2 column, goody-rich, ad ready WordPress Theme. Although they are free themes, I am aiming for a certain level of quality. So with out further blabbering, here is a little preview of the upcoming theme, Versatility Lite:

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    1. November 4th

      This theme seems to be impressive. Sketchy was a bit of textbook type theme done by most designers in early stages.

    2. Fath
      November 4th

      Hey there, I’m looking forward for the theme release. Looks promising :)

    3. November 4th

      @ Sajid, Thanks! Yes, Sketchy was my first theme, so that checks out :) I also will be teaming with some awesome wordpress designers for future releases, so expect much cooler themes to come!

      @Fath, Thanks! It will hopefully be soon! If you don’t follow me on Twitter already, go to twitter.com/ThinkDesign and follow me, and I’ll be sure to announce it’s release.

    4. February 13th

      looking awesome right now

    5. February 20th

      I’m using it on my site right now and love it.

    6. February 20th

      @zEEROCKz, it’s out! You can download it here: http://thinkdesignblog.com/free-wordpress-theme-versatility-lite.htm

      @Amy @ Taste Like Crazy, Awesome! Thanks so much for using it, and for taking the time to comment. Very cool adaptation, great work!

    7. September 3rd

      thanks a lot, nice theme, excellent site

    8. June 21st

      looking awesome right now

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