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    Hello all! Hope all is going well. This past weekend was my birthday, and we did a bit of over-celebrating! (Which is the main reason there was no post this weekend :) ) Now I’m back to bring yall some great, high-quality free Script fonts. As with all free fonts, its often hard to find really good ones. But I think I’ve managed to compile a very good list of free script fonts, from handwritten to grunge. I’m hoping this saves yall a bit of ever-important time! I’m including a preview and download link for each font. They are all free for commercial use to my knowledge, but check the licensing just to be sure.




    Information & Download



    CAC Champagne

    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download



    Chopin Script

    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download



    Jellyka, Saint-Andrew’s Queen

    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download




    Information & Download



    Aquiline Two

    Information & Download




    Information & Download



    Hurricane SupaDupaSerif

    Information & Download




    Information & Download

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    1. September 23rd

      You have indeed managed to compile a very nice list, and happy birthday for whenever it was.

    2. Molly
      September 23rd

      I’ve been looking for new script font, you’ve save me some work. Thanks

      FYI quality is spelled wrong in your title treatment

    3. September 23rd

      @Luke Jones, Glad ya like it! And thanks, I really appreciate it! (It was Sept. 20th)

      @Molly, Glad I saved ya some time! :) And thanks for the heads up, its fixed!

    4. September 23rd

      nice list of script font … I’m found the ballpark font and am already using that font as part of my logo …

    5. September 24th

      i really like always when ever someone share some very much creative stuff, specially in typography which can help in my designs for make more beautiful and professional.

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    8. Muy buen blog de diseño grafico! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

    9. Digital Geek
      September 24th

      I really appreciate the fact that you have shared some really creative fonts. Many thanks and good wishes to keep being creative.

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    13. September 27th

      Excellent. Thanks.

    14. September 28th

      love the marcel and the Aquiline Two.. nice, nice..

      thanks for sharing!

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    16. September 29th

      Don’t you realize what you’ve done! Now people will stop using Brush Script for everything.

      Oh wait…


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    19. October 1st

      Thank you so much for these fonts, they are beautiful and amazing!!!

    20. October 2nd

      This is grate, thanks for sharing!!

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    22. October 4th

      Thanks for the great list man, ill give you some credit for this post!

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    24. October 7th

      First of all : Happy Birthday ! :)

      Second : thank for sharing with us, I like some of them very much.

    25. October 8th

      I always love freebies! haha thank youuuuuuuu so veryyyyyyyyy much. :)

    26. October 10th

      thank you so much, now that my client has more options on their greeting cards.

    27. October 11th

      Great selection! Thanks a lot

    28. October 12th

      I want to say – thank you for this!,

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    30. October 14th

      Cool list. I already had most of these so it looks like we have similar tastes. Cheers.

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    32. October 27th

      Thanks for sharing these fonts here: The fonts are really nice

    33. October 27th

      Nice collection of fonts

    34. Good script fonts are a nightmare to find so well done for collating this selection, there are some really nice examples.


    35. December 25th

      Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

    36. olis
      January 8th

      Great article, thx :)
      btw some nice free script fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=13

    37. January 18th

      Chopin Script is a broken link.



    38. Mona Arts
      January 22nd

      some nice free script fonts

    39. February 2nd

      Great collection. Just grabbed Jacoba for a project I’m working on. Thanks for posting!

    40. aardvark
      February 4th

      Cool – now all I need is the techo-know-how to figure out how to USE them – ARG! – LOL

    41. February 5th

      @Paul, Cool! Thanks for commenting.

      @Dzinepress, I agree :) Glad you found it usefull. Thanks for stopping by!

      @diseño imagen corporativa, Thanks for the kind words! (I don’t speak Spanish though, so I didn’t quite get the first part ;) ) Thanks for commenting.

      @Digital Geek, Thanks! You are too kind. Thanks for the taking the time out to comment.

      @ProjectCenter, Your very welcome!

      @Philippine, Thanks. Glad you liked it.

      @Andrew Keir, If only my friend, if only :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      @Jeni, Glad you enjoyed them!

      @Vladan Zlatic, Thanks for your comment.

      @Mundir Razik, Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      @Adri_rory, Aw, thank you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      @Web Design, Your very welcome.

      @Florist, Very cool! Thanks for stopping by.

      @Marcio N Coelho Jr, I try ;) Glad you liked them!

      @Alardolia, Thanks!

      @cynicdesign, great minds think alike, and all that jazz :)

      @Peb chennaii, glad you liked them, thanks for commenting.

      @plywood chennaii, thanks!

      @Liminal Graphic Design Cornwall, Thanks for those comments! Yeah, it took a little while :)

      @bundyxc, Thanks! Thanks for your comment.

      @olis, appreciate the comment, and the link. Thanks.

      @Mike, Link is working for me. Let me know if your still having problems. Thanks for your comment!

      @Mona Art, Thanks.

      @Joe, Not a problem! Glad it could be useful.

      @aardvark, Lol. Well good luck! Feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions. Thanks for your comment

    42. February 16th

      Great list you have here!!
      Will have to try a few of these out!!


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    44. These fonts are great! Especially for wedding albuns…
      Thank u a lot!

    45. February 26th

      A fan of the creampuff and blackjack. Took those! Thanks!

    46. March 23rd

      Love these! Can rarely find the great scripts, and there are several here I can put to use. Thanks!

    47. March 28th

      wow, this is going to come in handy, that’s for sure

    48. Social comments and analytics for this post…

      This post was mentioned on Twitter by freefortweets: Free fonts to download onto your computer… http://bit.ly/3ZM8d These are really cool! #computer #free…

    49. April 11th

      Excellent. Thanks.

    50. April 16th

      Hay Man thanks heaps for putting this list together. I have spent almost all friggin day looking for a free fat script font.

      I load up the page and i see ballpark – and im like perfect! And then i go down the list and see ‘creampuff’ and i’m like ‘shiii man this is even better!

      In the end i grabbed them all because they were all just too cool to leave behind.

      Thanks dude!

    51. aww, beautiful font. Could use some of these on my websites. Thanks.

    52. September 1st

      Nice collection. Thanks

    53. October 25th

      Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

    54. March 7th

      Awesome collection…. Well done!!

    55. These script fonts is mostly used in creating invitation cards. High quality forms of letters is good applications of personal use and CAC Champagne is the best fonts for me. Editing made more easier by using these already prepeare fonts.

    56. May 4th

      Thank you! Will definitely use CAC Champagne and Ballpark. Working on a new script logo and these are great fonts of inspiration.

    57. May 22nd

      Nice collection. Thanks

    58. Interesting fonts.. Creampuff is my favourite

    59. August 9th

      Thanks for these – I have half of them but hadn’t seen the other half and always like more good fonts.

    60. August 25th

      Very nice. Creampuff does not appear to be available any longer! Any way around that?

      Thanks just the same. Ballpark and Blackjack get two thumbs up!

    61. October 31st

      Nice collection. Thanks

    62. sayeed
      February 9th

      Guys.I like more your website than the font collection.Nice one dude.:D

    63. February 9th

      Great work, these are very cool cursive fonts, on my to downloading a few of them.

    64. March 19th

      I love script fonts and have most of these installed already. My new fave is Saginaw and Jacoba.

    65. June 24th

      Thank you for putting together the collection Nick.

      Although the link for Saginaw is no longer operational my second choice of Monika is also perfect for my current needs.

      Keep up the good work!

    66. November 13th

      Lovely collection! But designers, please note: some of the fonts are free for PERSONAL use only (such as Marcelle).Follow links to to the designer’s site to find out how you can obtain a commercial license. The fee is usually very small and totally worth it.

    67. January 21st

      wah..thanks for this nice collection.I took Saginaw.

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