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    As I’m sure where all aware, last year was a bit rough for businesses. The downturn in the economy seemed to effect just about everyone. With that being said, I’m sure there are more than a few freelancers and one man operations that could use a little extra income. The beauty of our profession is that you can use your skills a bunch of different ways to make money. One of those ways, is to sell stock templates, photography, illustrations, etc.

    Another option is to write guest posts on other design blogs. There are a lot of large design blogs that pay decent money for freebies, articles, tutorials, etc. If you can get in a habit of doing 1-2 guest posts a month, in addition to selling some templates, etc on stock sites, you can produce a nice little stream of extra money. (In reality, if you really work at it, you could make a bit more than ‘extra money’ as well. It just depends which sites you choose, and what your planning on offering.)

    So today I’ve compiled a list of sites where you can use your graphic design/web design skills to make some extra cash. Some of these you will obviously be aware of, but a lot you may not. This is also a good list for those just getting into the profession, so they can see some of the options out there, aside from typical client work. If you know of a good one I missed, let me know in comments!


    Places to Sell Your Stock Work:

    iStock Photo








    Texture Vault


    Vector Stock


    Graphic Leftovers








    Shutter Stock


    Veer Marketplace


    Buy Stock Design


    Buy Stock Flash


    Buy Stock Graphics


    Deposit Photos










    Blogs/Sites That Pay For Posts:

    Tutorial 9



    Tuts+ Network


    Envato Marketplace Blogs


    Design Reviver


    Smashing Magazine


    Pro Blog Design


    Freelance Switch


    1st Web Designers


    Crazy Leaf Design Blog


    Go Media Zine


    WP Web Host
    They also use my Versatility Lite theme on there website! :) Which is very cool, and then did a great job of customizing it.


    Vector Diary


    Tuts Arena


    PS Deluxe




    Theme Companies That Buy Theme Designs:

    An Important Note: These companies are interested in buying quality themes. They do not buy every theme they receive though. So just keep that in mind! Submitting a theme to any of these companies does not mean they will buy it. But again, they all love quality, and sometimes the payouts can be bigger than the other options.





    Kreative Themes
    A note on this one: When I check out this today before posting, it says the latest design submission round is over. So you may have to wait a little bit until there accepting submissions again.

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    1. January 8th

      I love ThemeForest. Also, and this doesn’t really apply to anything stock, but you can use 99designs to get a shot at some cash for designing a logo or website.

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    3. January 9th

      great post

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    5. January 9th

      Excellent round up.

      I have a bunch of designs that have been laying around, would be nice to get a few bucks from them instead of letting them go to waste.

      I think I’d try out Themeforest first :)

    6. January 9th

      This is an excellent resource list, and the perfect time of year to post it! Thank you

    7. January 10th

      Thanks for this article. It’s very useful to have all these places collected on one page. Thanks.

    8. January 11th

      Good one bro keep it up.

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    10. cool collection of sites the works are very good nice article

    11. […] escribir tutoriales o reviews de diseño, así que estos sitios recomendados vía thinkdesignblog, pueden ser un buen comienzo. Muchas de estas paginas ya son conocidas pero quizás algunas no […]

    12. January 18th

      Awesome posting very informative you have shared such a long list. thank for sharing

    13. January 25th

      @Ian Rogers, Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it. I left off that site, as I’m not a fan of contest sites like that.

      @designfollow, Thanks!

      @Murlu, Thanks for your comments! Yeah, on ThemeForest you have a whoollee lot of potential to make a decent amount. Good luck!

      @Mel, Thanks for your comments! Yeah, I was thinking it would be a good time :)

      @Matt Lewsley, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And yup, thats the goal!

      @Akposking, Appreciate ya man! Thanks for stopping by.

      @Jane.., Thanks!

      @Flash Templates, thanks for your comment.

    14. February 7th
    15. February 22nd

      Great collection of sites to sell stuff on! Thanks for putting this together :)

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    17. April 20th

      Thanks for this article. This article is very informative.It’s very helpful and useful to have all places collected on one page.

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    19. July 8th

      Very helpful information. Thanks for sharing !!

    20. October 12th

      There are some very good sites up there. I’ve friends who use Theme Forest to sell their designs and it’s apparently not bad. Only issues I’d have them them are the high percentages they take and you need to attain a minimum payout sum, so small items e.g: $1 logos could take a while before the money materialises.

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