• Inspiration – Work of Designer/Illustrator Bryan Louie

    For today’s inspiration, we have the awesome work of Designer/Illustrator/Art Director, Bryan Louie. He’s got a very cool, intricate, style, and has done some really cool work for some large companies. Here is a bit more about Bryan, from Bryan:

    I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2003, fell into motion graphics while interning at Heavy.com Moved to NYC after graduating from UD with a degree in Graphic Design/Illustration, and permalanced at Heavy for a while. Moved to LA for 3 years and started working for many motion graphic companies including BrandNewSchool, StarDust, Blind, National, Fad and a whole bunch more. Moved back to NYC 3 years ago and have been freelancing design/illustration mainly in the motiongraphic industries large and small companies and dabbling in print.

    Here are some of Bryan’s recent work. Check out his site for more. Enjoy!

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    1. June 23rd

      These are simply incredible. I am loving all the colors and moods set by these designs. His site is also impressive as well. Thanks for sharing!

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    3. June 24th

      Awesome collection. Thanks for the inspirations.

    4. June 30th

      Creative material! The internet is full of inspirational material , lots of talented people!

    5. July 1st

      Wow – some very nice images here :) Great stuff

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