• Inspiration – Work of Designer & Illustrator Joe Bauldoff

    For this week’s inspiration we have the work of Designer & Illustrator Joe Bauldoff. I’m really liking Joe’s work. A very developed style, well executed illustrations, and lots of great typography. Here more about Joe from his site:

    Raised in the western Pennsylvania foothills by a pack of German descendants, Joe aquired a near-obsessive interest in visual design at an early age. He would often spend time developing fictitious publisher logos and faux bar codes for his hand-drawn picture books, while gaining the respect of his early grade-school peers with pro-bono illustrations of He-Man and Atari characters. Throughout the 80′s, he was introduced to creative programs like MacPaint and Hypercard. Since then, things really haven’t ever been the same.

    After graduating from design school in 1998, Joe has worked in several agencies and in-house creative departments along the east coast, and assists personal clients from all around.

    While seeking interesting opportunities in full-time employment, Joe continues to work as an independent graphic designer in North Carolina, and would love to help you with your next creative project.

    Joe curates the Hello Bauldoff design blog, where he posts items that attract his attention. He is the proud father of three rock-em-sock-em sons and a beautiful daughter.

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    2. February 22nd

      Amazing work and very interestingly done.

    3. February 23rd

      Modernistic, awesome stuff

    4. February 26th

      Great use of colour and nice and clean designs. Well done!

    5. March 8th

      Really great work keep it up

    6. March 11th

      great Work of Designer

    7. March 17th

      Fantastic work!

      I must contact this designer!

      -Reilly Newman
      Zangaroo Designs

    8. March 18th

      Wow, you do awesome work. Love the big read pasta splash page.


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