• Inspiration – The Work of Illustrator Joseph Vincuilla

    For this week’s inspiration we have the work of designer & illustrator Joseph Vincuilla. I’m really digging Joseph’s illustration style. He puts a lot of shadow/fold/crease detail in his pieces, and the color schemes he uses work well for each piece. Here is a bit about Joseph:

    I’m from Waltham, a city a few miles outside of Boston. I grew up in an artistically inclined family. My mother can paint very well so maybe it is in my genes. I’ve been drawing and sketching as long as I can remember, although most of my work now is digitally illustrated.

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    2. April 3rd

      excellent graphic design work and very inspiring tees…

    3. April 6th

      Well done. Some really great designs. I like your choice in colours, and your shadows are perfect.

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