• Inspiration – The Work of Illustrator Alex Solis

    For this week’s inspiration, we’ve got the work of Illustrator Alex Solis. You may have seen his work on Threadless, or various other places around the interwebs. I love that he uses different styles for different pieces, but overall you can tell it’s his work. More on the quality. A lot of his peices are also pretty funny, which I personally like. Here’s a bit more about Alex from his site:

    Most of my artwork is from imagination and self expression, even though most personal work is done with traditional mediums, I use and incorporate new technology for web development and graphic design. I’m always seeking challenging projects to expand my artistic repertoire.

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    2. May 5th

      It was really excellent post! Thanks a lot for sharing..

    3. May 6th

      Thanks for a really inspirational post, I had never seen the work of Illustrator Alex Solis before viewing this collection and I must say I’m most impressed. Thanks for opening my eyes to his work!

    4. May 6th

      Outstanding drawings – two personal faves are Mario stuck in a pipe, and Barney eating the dinosaur – genius!

    5. Incredible illustrations!

    6. May 10th

      Some great illustrations here; was the tree once inspired by Lord Of The Rings? (an Ent)?

    7. amazing pictures

    8. May 24th

      Nice picture , Keep it up .

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