• Inspiration – The Work of Designer & Illustrator Matt Lehman

    For this week inspiration post, we’ve got the work of designer and illustrator Matt Lehman. I really dig Matt’s style. He uses a lot of bold typography, bright colors, and well-done illustrations throughout his work. He’s got some very cool/clever logos as well. Here is a bit more about Matt from his site.

    Here’s some pertinent information about Matt Lehman:

    • Professional designer and illustrator.
    • Amateur writer.
    • Full-time creative.
    • Has won plenty of awards.
    • Used to work under the confusing name, Invisible Associates.
    • Married to this amazing gal.
    • Worked at Anderson Design Group for four years.
    • And at CMT / MTV Networks for three years.
    • And one very long summer at Shoney’s. As a bus boy. It was a dark time.

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    2. February 10th

      what a great folio. thanks for sharing.

    3. February 11th

      I’ve not encountered Matt Lehman’s work before, but I am very impressed. The bold use of colour and strong lines are fantastic! I especially love his “your friends are invisible” it’s great! Mind you, all of his work is relevant and striking and I’m already eyeballing his webpage. Thanks for sharing Nick.

    4. February 14th

      Nice Portfolio, great inspiration, Thanks for sharing.

    5. February 15th

      Great Job Matt, I really love the verity of designs. Some simple, some more textured. Its very inspiring.

    6. February 17th

      Matt these are wonderful collection. You are creative and your designs looks unique. The colors you have used is amazing. Thanks sharing this nick.. Keep rocking.

    7. March 9th

      I really like his portfolio because of his style: a mix between modern and traditional elements, bright colors, warm colors, legible fonts, clearness.

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