• Inspiration – Graphic Designer & Illustrator Dimitri Simakis

    For this week’s inspiration, we have the work of talented Illustrator Dimitri Simakis. He’s got a very cool style, and as you can tell by his bio, is an interesting, creative  fellow :) He’s also done some work for Adult Swim, and The Comedians of Comedy, both of which I love. Enjoy the work below, and check out Dimitri’s site for more.

    Dimitri Simakis is a dude’s dude. He gets his inspiration from the guiding powers: the Sun and Moon, (represented by the Lion and the Unicorn.) Dimitri sees the Lion as golden yellow, ruling through strength and dominating all, constantly chasing the Unicorn, silver white, who rules through harmony and strength of cooperation.

    Seldom does he allow the Lion to catch his prey, yet when he does, it is the Sun and not the Moon that is obscured. Needless to say, this led Dimitri to cast an I Ching hexagram, where the three coins gave him the power of a ‘Hsu’ (Waiting/Nourishment).

    Thus, Dimitri went up into the mountains where he awaited the "conversation and knowledge of the Holy Guardian angel." There he has remained: creating monster trucks, mythical beasts, and big-name money rappers to plague and vex us. He is Ever Waiting for the sign to come and make us holy again.


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    2. October 22nd

      This is a great collection of graphic designs, it’s notable how surreal and whimsical they are. All very original as well.

    3. October 25th

      So fascinating and very nice collections………

    4. October 25th

      Wonderful design !!!

    5. October 25th

      Dimitri, you’re so talented! BRAVO

    6. November 1st

      Wow he is so unique, that is what I love about it :)

    7. December 2nd

      Dimitri Simakis is one great artist … nice interview … very inspirational … thanks :)

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