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    The colors you choose when you design a website are as important as any of the other design choices you make. It doesn’t take a whole rainbow of colors to produce a stunning and beautiful web design, but it does take careful selection and judicious application of the colors. The collection of website designs below aim at those designed with either only 2 colors or at least with two main colors and a few subsequent colors. They are organized into different 2-color schemes: black and white, complementary colors, corporate 2-color designs, and more. As you scroll through these sites, notice how just (mostly) two colors can produce beautiful designs.


    Black and White Designs

    The most basic of color choices are black and white, but they can still convey a wide range of design elements. Here are a few elegant web designs that use nothing but black and white.


    J Bradford Dillon

    Bureau of Workplace Interruptions


    Stay Decent



    Fizy Videomusic

    Kardo Ayoub

    Established NYC


    Complementary Colors

    The color wheel provides a look at complementary colors that often work very well together. It’s all based on color theory, which explains why the following two-color web designs work so well together. Those colors opposite from each other on the color wheel are called "complementary colors" and work together nicely: red complements green, blue complements orange, and purple complements yellow.


    Rocky Creek Winery

    Nature’s Table


    BV Arrows

    UD on Campus

    Design was Here

    Groupe Reflect

    Your Web Job


    Corporate Two-Color Design

    Once you know about color theory and color design, you’ll start to see it everywhere. Big corporations know all about this and their websites reflect it.


    Best Buy

    Whole Foods


    Other Inspiring Two-Color Websites

    Once you know the rules of the color wheel, you can break them creatively. Not every two-color site slavishly follows the rules, but the designs can still be bold and inspiring.



    Shelton Fleming

    Robin Uleman


    Hard Graft

    Happy Cog

    Kern and Burn


    Martin Balhar

    From the Couch

    Ben the Body Guard

    Ploc Media


    Right to Left

    Find any favorites in the list above? Did I miss any 2-color or mostly 2-color website designs that should have been included in this collection?


    About the author:

    Tara Hornor has a degree in English and has found her niche writing about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and desktop publishing. She writes for PrintPlace.com, an online printing company that offers postcards, posters, brochure printing, postcard printing, and more printed marketing media. In addition to her writing career, Tara also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

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    1. February 29th

      Nice post. I have never really looked at large ecommerce websites and thought about them using colour for anything more than just for branding purposes.

      I must admit that for my personal websites, I find it hard to stray from darker colours as they are a personal preference of mine.

    2. April 25th

      Really great post! I was actually looking for some inspiration for 2 color sites for a while now. THANKS!

    3. May 15th

      I really love the hard graft site. It’s very stylish.

    4. June 8th

      I really like it when a site is designed with only 2 colours, I think the a site looks cleaner, I especially like the yellow and black.

    5. your post very good, now I can inspire creativity in my humble. Thank you!

    6. Very good stock. Thanks for share.

    7. June 27th

      A really nice post. Designing tends to go on a smooth track when every designer puts their best for their client. Web designing depends largely on colors and great graphics as it has to attract the visitors and the more complelling a site, the more it shows the effort the designer made. Color combination and selection is not just necessary but a very important step of designing.

    8. July 29th

      Great nice post. Obviously some are a lot nicer than others, but all in all a great collection.

      How would I go about getting my site included in a post like this?

      My website is misterjonesdesign.com and is a 2 color site, so would fit perfectly.

    9. September 21st

      Nice article! Very well written and the graphics are perfect examples of this concept. We like to design our websites with a similar idea. Simplicity in graphics is critical!

    10. October 31st

      I like two colors in designs! It is so stylish

    11. Izhar
      November 7th

      Very nice designs. Excellent!!! Thanks for sharing

    12. December 8th

      As usual, when running dry of inspiration, a bit of Googling will help out.
      You can get bogged down sometimes by adding too much, as they say less is more,. This can be very true in Web Design.

    13. July 18th

      Oh, ‘Abrigo’ is awesome……. Really like it. Thank you admin for sharing the “Abrigo” design.

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