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    So I’m watching a lot of this BP oil spill coverage lately. The outpour of support from everyone (with the exception of BP) for the people and animals in the Gulf Coast is great. There have even been some new organizations started to help. This and some other things in the news have got me thinking about Non-Profits lately.

    While non-profits generally have good causes, they don’t always have the best websites to showcase there awesome/helpfulness. But some do! So I’ve found a bunch of cool and inspirational Non-Profit Organization website designs for yall. As I normally do with my inspiration posts when they involve actual web site designs, I tried to pick sites that are creative, have original/different layouts, and/or have intricate and detailed design elements. Hope you enjoy.

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    1. Chathura
      July 7th

      Really nice NGO websites collection.
      But, here in Sri Lanka, NGOs don’t have a good reputation.

    2. July 8th

      Thank you for all these great examples. At Visions in Action we actually just updated our site. I am responsible for updating the website and was wondering if you had any suggestions. Thanks again.

    3. July 8th

      Here’s a great one: http://creationmuseum.org/
      If you’ve never been there, you have to see it. It’s really incredible.

    4. July 9th

      What is heart tugging is the fact that aesthetics and a call for help are beautifully combined in the websites.

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    6. July 12th

      Great collection of sites, it is great to see the contrast in design styles and emotive language across the collection. In my personal opinion i feel that ‘ABF soldiers’ is one of the leading designs. Due to its simple style with good use of white space, easy to follow navigation and strong emotive language.
      Well done on a great post

    7. July 12th

      These are all great examples of non-profit website, hopefully the really nice designs help the causes!!

      Thanks for sharing.

    8. July 13th

      I absolutely love this post – especially the detail that was paid to the design work. Sea Lion website definitely my favourite!

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    10. September 30th

      I do a lot of non-profit work, and these are all fantastic. Great job.

    11. Awesome collection.These are all great examples of non-profit website. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep it up!!

    12. May 30th

      hey how come my last comment wasn’t approved?

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