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    Lately I’ve been looking more to offline sources for inspiration. Especially if you design for the web a lot/mostly, it will give you more of a fresh look at layouts, typography, etc. One cool place to go look at offline inspiration is your local bookstore. They’ll have magazines, and of course, tons of book covers to check out.

    The cool thing about book covers are that they are all different styles, colors, sizes, even textures. Lots in way of inspiration. So today I put together some beautiful, well designed book covers for your inspiration. (There are a lot. When I was putting this together, I kept finding more & more. So sorry if this page loads slight slower than others. Lots of images.) Enjoy!



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    1. April 7th

      Good colections man. But I liked just a few book covers :) Thanks for insp

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    4. Abeer
      April 8th

      Those are great. Yeah i recently went to a seminar by Mikey Burton and fell in love with his reiterations of traditional school books. Total controled genius. Breath taking mind with an inspiring creative skill really.


    5. April 8th

      This is a great collection!

      I must say that the new design of Mike Lodahl’s book The Story of God is far better than the previous. I own the previous edition and it’s a little bit of a design disaster…good content…lacking design.

    6. Great share for inspiring. The minimalistic are the best for me.

    7. April 11th

      This is a great collections and beautiful collections.I have a happy time.thank you very much.

    8. djeffal
      October 5th


    9. Bludsox
      December 12th

      They seem to be mostly US designed. Look pretty dated and hackneyed to me – too much “naive” drawing. Or is Retro back in in the US?

    10. February 18th

      The minimalistic are the best for me.

    11. [...] This collection of book covers at the ThinkDesignBlog is a great source of inspiration. It’s also an effective reminder that you have to know who your market is. While they were all competently designed, I wouldn’t have picked up some of them in a million years. You have to know who you’re designing for if the design is going to work. [...]

    12. August 3rd

      nice art! :)

    13. June 21st

      beautiful and inspiring, thanks!

    14. July 18th

      Looking for ideas for my next cover. Really a good selection of great covers!

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