• Inspiration – 5 Photoshop Masters

    After a little while without time to post I came back with my second post, another really good inspiration one. I bring to you 5 photoshop masters. Here you will see a selection of great photo manipulations full of colors and details that merge together making great manipulations. The main things to create an outstanding photo manipulation is creativity and the right photos to go with your idea and these artists sure have that. This is a great type of art, which started not so long ago and now it’s just growing everyday. What at the beginning and even now it’s contested to be a real type of art or not has now more than proven that it’s here to stay and the easy access and the quality of the works are so good that it makes it impossible not to like it.


    Jerico Santander


    David Waters


    Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen


    Alberto Seveso


    Benjamin Delacour

    If you guys really like the subject and would like a tutorial of some basics or even more advanced stuff I can try to look up something good for us. Thank you.

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    1. January 19th

      Some beautiful work showcased here! Jerico Santander’s work is amazing!

    2. Arian M
      January 19th

      Love the first two pics of Benjamin Delacour.
      It fascinates me the fact that one is able to manipulate two different things like that.

    3. January 19th

      i would love some tutorials on this stuff.

      got a friend who is just as good at this stuff


      all of these artists are worthy of the title “Masters”


    4. January 19th

      Incredible collection of inspiration here…first one’s gotta be my favourite, though.

    5. January 19th
    6. January 20th

      @Angie, Glad ya like it! Thanks for commenting :)

      @Arian M, Yeah, he has some really amazing work. Thanks for stopping by!

      @Calvin, I see if Paulo has something in mind for tutorials. If not, maybe I can get something going.

      @Stuart, glad ya enjoyed them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      @Eric, Thanks for the link!

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    8. these are great. So many varieties of well done graphics. I love how the water is done. Water is so hard to work on and it looks really great.

    9. Andrew Golden
      January 22nd

      Wow, it’s real dream to have the skill and creativity of some of these artists. I particularly enjoyed the first picture and practically all of Benjamin Delacour’s work.

    10. Whistle Blower
      January 25th

      Benjamin Delacour just copied Nik Ainley’s (http://www.shinybinary.com/) water series that he created for Digital Arts. Most of us have read and/or completed the tutorial he wrote, doesn’t mean we’re all masters. Not impressed.

    11. suki soo
      January 29th

      I would definitely love some tutorials on this.
      I’m basically a graphic designer in the web design industry. Trying to improve my photoshop skills to create something beautiful like the work above.

    12. January 30th

      @Nikki-Logo Design, Thanks! Glad ya liked it! I appreciate the comment!

      @Andrew Golden, Practice makes perfect! :) Glad you found the post inspirational.

      @Whistle Blower, Yes, you are correct about that. However, did you check out the rest of his work? His other work is very good, and for sure inspirational. While he did seem to follow that tutorial, that doesn’t lessen the effect of his work. It is inspirational. I’ll admit those pieces lack the creativity of the others, but that to me does not take away from the overall quality of his work. Thanks for your comment, and for stopping by!

      @Suki Soo, Glad ya liked it! I’ll see if Paulo has a tutorial in mind, and if not, I’ll try to come up with something. Thanks for stopping by!

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    14. Seth
      February 11th

      I would love to see a tutorial on the last piece listed by Alberto Seveso. That one along with the ones above it, and everything in this post really is awesome.

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    16. February 19th

      Great stuff man.
      really good collection.

      Really inspiring. Thanks for the post

    17. caiti
      February 28th

      They are AWESOME
      Thanks for sharing the work of those artists, they really are masters.
      ..On the downside, i found this site while looking for inspiration to get back into photoshop, but now feel that any attempts would be wayyyy too inferior. haha!
      But yeah, wow, i have no idea how they do that.
      Those masters are AMAZING!

    18. March 12th

      really good collection.


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    20. PSD
      March 25th

      Hey there, I don’t want to sound too rude but honestly I don’t think it’s very professional to put in your portfolio an image originally created by Shinybinary for a tutorial. As you said, that guy might have other good pieces worth of this feature so if you are publishing in this post two artworks from that tutorial I would have put Nik’s work instead.
      Anyways great selection of pieces.

    21. April 13th

      Very nice post Thanks!

    22. Great list of Photoshop Masters, I like Benjamin Delacour mix of people’s bodies and other elements.. great stuff

    23. September 10th

      The designs are awesome and wonderful thanks for sharing

    24. Matped
      September 12th

      Hi congratulations for share with us. I´ll hoppe to be like this masters soon i work be

    25. October 17th

      tutorials please!

    26. taofik
      December 27th

      i’m humbled

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    28. January 27th

      It is a variety of excellent graphics. Incredible work!!!

    29. April 3rd

      Brilliant pieces of art, Thanks for sharing.

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    31. July 28th

      Outstanding art ! It’s when I see that kind of art than I know I need art courses…

    32. October 25th

      I love the textured header for this page….Simply Beautifull..

    33. January 7th

      really amazing piece of art. i liked all of them. so full of colours.

    34. Cat
      October 17th

      The artwork are amazing! I’m inspired. =P

    35. September 23rd

      Fantastic, loved it! Good job!

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