• Inspiration – 5 Awesome Graphic Designers P.2

    It’s time for a bit of inspiration. This is the second installment of my (loosely named ) "5 Awesome Graphic Designers" series. I pick a couple of talented graphic designers whose portfolio’s I’ve come across, and show yall a bit of there work. You should also for sure check out their individual sites, as there is tons more very cool, and very inspirational work. Enjoy!

    Barton Damer

    Joshua M. Smith

    Verna Reiber

    Loïc Sattler

    Vitor Lourenço

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    1. April 29th

      I love the gtdworkshops site design. No images AT ALL.. I can’t believe that something so simple can be so great. SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL.. so true.
      Great Post!!

    2. May 1st

      This is some really sexy stuff! I agree about the gtdworkshops too. Wow. I like pinkspace too.

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    4. May 18th

      Real and unique thanks

    5. September 9th

      These designs are awesome and inspiring me
      Fantastic effort

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    7. November 18th

      Nice designs..

    8. December 14th

      These are all different and awesome creativity. Photo editing tools are very nicely used.

    9. Waaauw those are great! Thanks mate

    10. January 4th

      Excellent info. I’m new to this sort of thing and very much appreciate this type of info on the subject. Thanks alot!

    11. Rajesh
      August 28th

      Awesome!. Really Inspirational

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