• Inspiration – 40+ Really Cool Fitted Hat Designs

    I’ve been a big fan of fitted hats for a long time. So I often check to see what cool new stuff is out. There are tons of designs out there, other than your normal sports team logo. A lot of the designs are great, and use wonderful typography, illustrations, color schemes, textures, etc. I’ve always found them pretty inspirational. So today I’ve gathered up 40+ really cool and creative fitted hat designs for your inspiration. Let me know what you think in comments. I’m interested to see if yall find these as inspiring as I do. I could just be weird. :)


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    1. March 17th

      Some of these are cool but these hats are the epitome of all that is evil in this world! ;p

    2. March 17th

      Some nice urban designs there. Might be time for a new hat!

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    5. March 18th

      This couldn’t of came at a better time. I’ve been reasearching hat designs and I think I have some pretty rad ideas but my biggest biggest problem right now is trying to find an embroidery shop that can do something complex as I want, or even at times just finding someone that can do cursive type on a hat. so…….my question to you and whoever where is a great embroider that can and will do just about anything and isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg!?!?

      Thanks Dan~

    6. March 18th

      i have a hard time believing people wear some these designs. then again what do i know. i’m an oldie.

    7. March 18th

      Wow :) Great collection. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

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    9. Jon
      March 18th

      The ideas are nice, but wow do I had these flat bill hats. As Alex said they are all that is wrong with this world. The word I’m thinking of starts with a “d” and ends with a “bag”…

    10. March 19th

      Great collections.
      Have you heard of Afends?


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    12. March 20th

      @Alex, ha. In what way? Btw, checked out your blog. You have weird dreams ;)

      @Dimi, Glad you liked em. And yeah, thats what I was thinking as well while putting this together.

      @Dan, glad it could be helpful! Sorry, I don’t know an embroider off the top of my head. If you want to shoot me an email, I’ll try to get you a name of somewhere good.

      @Mark, Ha! Yes, people actually wear these. I can see what your saying though, about the transformer ones, for instance. I personally wouldn’t wear those. But I know people do!

      @Mahmudur Rahman, Glad you like them! Thanks for your comment.

      @Jon, lol. So if wearing ‘flat brimmed hats’ make you a douche bag, what does wearing regular baseball hats make you? Or is it just flat brimmed? How about people that wear fedoras? I’m interested in your other nonsensical headwear related stereotypes. :)

      @twe4ked, Thanks man! And no, I haven’t, but I am now. Thanks for the link. Appreciate ya commenting.

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    14. [...] Inspiration – 40+ Really Cool Fitted Hat Designs [...]

    15. March 22nd

      really cool :D and nice hats ….

    16. Inspiration – 40+ Really Cool Fitted Hat Designs…

      An graphic design inspirational post featuring very cool and creative fitted hat designs. Beautiful typography, textures, color schemes, and more….

    17. [...] Inspiration – 40+ Really Cool Fitted Hat Designs [...]

    18. Sideshow
      March 24th

      Cool hats…that is if you’re ghetto.

    19. April 14th

      cool hats, Have you heard of Afends?

    20. nice hats,thanks for sharing!

      this is great,i have just hit herve leger,i think you heard that brand before,sexy and comfortable dresses ever have.

    21. April 27th

      Cool designs!

    22. these hats look great, i like them

    23. What a great resource!

    24. July 30th

      This couldn’t of came at a better time. I’ve been reasearching hat designs and I think I have some pretty rad ideas but my biggest biggest problem right now is trying to find an embroidery shop that can do something complex as I want, or even at times just finding someone that can do cursive type on a hat.

    25. wow some of the hats are extremely well designed and would be nice to wear. Good work!

    26. where is it possible to purchase some? I like the cat hat.

    27. I love fitted hats…YAY

    28. September 30th

      the most hat design i ever see..
      very cool and nice..
      i love all of them..

    29. Joyce
      October 16th

      I work at an cap company call Mega caps, we do embroidery, but Minimum order has to be around 100+
      Link: Megacapsinc.com

    30. Cool hats! I like the smiley face one the best. So much better than the ones I see in the mall..

    31. November 3rd

      awesome..this sold online? where? thanks

    32. November 16th

      Some great designs there…wish they sold them near me!

    33. November 30th

      Hats have always been in fashion. I’m glad the trucker hat is slowing down. It will be cool if they bring back the top hat.

    34. December 14th

      I like the 3rd one. Pretty funny and cool to wear it.

    35. December 17th

      Cool hats, these styles rock – i get one.

    36. January 20th

      amazing! those cap are the coolest cap ive ever seen. I really like the design of transformer. Its pretty cool and I wanna grab 1 of them :D

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    37. January 20th

      very happy to read your blog.
      Thanks for sharing this nice post.I will keep your article in my idea.

    38. May 23rd

      very nice tips keep on going.

    39. kip
      July 8th

      The hat that says los angeles crooks crew port of san pedro, what company makes that? what is the name of it? and is it for sale?

    40. September 9th

      WOW!! Awesome fashionable hat. Love to see this. Thanks for share…

    41. October 18th

      Hey man I am starting my own business that has a clothing line including a lot of SnapBack hats. I would love your opinion on some stuff and to see if you have any good design ideas. Hit me up with an email at dvscraig@yahoo.com

    42. Gavin Harris
      August 28th

      Nice aha I used the rare hat design n sold quite a few already

    43. SLashley
      January 7th

      Great inspiration! My school is planning a hat design contest and I look forward to sharing this page with my students.

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