• Inspiration – 25 Different, Creative Site Designs

    For my inspiration posts I generally try to bring you creative topics, or the work of really talented people. I tend not to do as many "cool website" inspiration posts. It’s mainly because there everywhere, and tend to feature the same sites.

    BUT I do think it is important. After all, the main goal is to grow and become a better designer. My goal anyway! :) So I’ve went and hand picked 25 very cool, creative, and inspirational site designs. (That hopefully you haven’t seen 68763243826 times.) I was really looking for originality while putting together this list. The sites tend to have different layouts/setups then you generally see, or pay close attention to detail and custom style.


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    2. June 10th

      gr8 post!
      thanks a lot for sharing with us!

    3. June 10th

      great designs

    4. […] Inspiration – 25 Different, Creative Site Designs Submitted by Nirhana […]

    5. […] 25 Different, Creative Site Designs […]

    6. June 10th

      great web sites very inspiring

    7. […] Posted in Uncategorized via thinkdesignblog.com […]

    8. […] Inspiration – 25 Different, Creative Site Designs […]

    9. […] Inspiration – 25 Different, Creative Site Designs […]

    10. June 10th

      You should add my website to the list! 8)

    11. Great collection here, really interesting. Thanks guys!

    12. June 11th

      Some Great designs layouts here that are bound to inspire, Each is unique in its own rights and is pleasing to the eye, but my personal favourite would have to be ‘Hunters Wineshop’ the simplistic layout and limited colour palette mean that the eye is drawn to the products been sold and the viewer not distracted by any unecessary text or images, A very nice site indeed.
      Well done :)

    13. June 11th

      Hi, I want to let you know as a Graphic Design student I like the way you show me how to create different websites. I found this information interesting because later on I will be taking a Web Design class at South University.

    14. June 11th

      Excellent variety of websites. The creative concepts and design for the sites really are impressive.

    15. June 12th

      Hey Dude great collection of sites thanks for adding mine to the list, sure is encouraging!
      Keep up the good work.

    16. June 16th

      Wowza! Some beautiful stuff!

    17. June 18th

      Wicked showcase, some really good sites here, the Sven prim website nice imagery in that one. These site are also great inspiration.

    18. Minimal design always works well. Be it logos or website design. the sites featured above are very simple yet making an impact.

    19. June 25th

      Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

    20. Zack Smith
      July 1st

      UAU! Great article, and loved the example “bless this stuff” its one of those worth checking daily, they have awesome stuff on there. The design is very clean and minimal, great grid use.

    21. July 11th

      Very nice collection!

    22. September 6th

      Very nice designs. great keep sharing

    23. January 17th

      Nice collection! Thanks for sharing :)

    24. January 31st

      awesome collection with cool colour…. simple and nice design , i like it….

    25. February 26th

      Nice designs, Thank you so much for sharing.

    26. April 22nd

      Very awesome designs.Thanks for sharing

    27. May 27th

      Thanks for the sharing this with all of us, of course What a great site and informative post. I will bookmark this site. Keep doing your great job and always gain my support.

    28. Some great website designs.
      The only problem with making great designs is getting them to fit into somethnig like wordpress or joomla, which is what I generally use. Still waiting for the definitive open source CMS that provides easy to use flexible design elements.

    29. March 22nd

      Beautiful photographs, love the designs

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