• Inspiration – 25 Brilliant Financial Logo Designs

    In the world economy, a large percentage of business is done in the financial services industry. Banking has been around for centuries, but only recently have other companies begun to work in financial services as well.

    With all the competition in the finance industry, it’s important for a company to stand out in all possible ways. For financial services companies that work personally with clients, it’s important have a quality logo and brand that is recognizable.

    In this post, you’ll find 25 brilliant financial logo designs that show off some good design principles in logo design.

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    Credit Altyn






    Cipe Plus

    Money Saving Tactics

    Westmill Capital



    Fortress Financial




    Lake Constanz

    Pacific Shore




    El Finance

    Crown Bank

    Jared Jones

    Blue Numbers

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    Take a look at some of the responses we've had to this article.

    1. Excellent post. All designs are classic. Thanks for this valuable post.

    2. All logo design looks very professional as per their theme. Especially, logo design of Alexandra, Fortress Financial, Lifebloom and Lake Constanz seems awesome with simple but catchy look.

    3. August 2nd

      Union and Cipe Plus are my 2 stand outs, both are nicely put together.

    4. Very nice collection of logos. They are clean and sophisticated, as logos for financial companies should be.

    5. August 15th

      Great list here, thanks for the post!

    6. September 12th

      Nice collection, griffin and union are my favorites.

    7. October 3rd

      It really very hard to select few from this list.. we can say best 25 logos…

    8. Congratulations, I really love your blog!
      Great Job!!!

    9. November 5th

      ahh veryyyy nice logo… it’s always interesting to see a logo that designed well….

    10. Good Collection of Logos. although, not all are exceptional. However, you have listed some classy designs.

    11. December 13th

      Fantastic logos, they all look very prestigeous. We work with a few financial services companies in London so this is a good resource for inspiration, thanks.

    12. December 13th

      This is a really nice collection of professional styles logos, great choice!

    13. January 12th

      Cool financial logos to be seen. I really like the last one here Blue Numbers which has a organization look.

    14. February 21st

      Fantastic Logos! Very Professional

    15. July 3rd

      Awesome job! Thanks for sharing.

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