• Freebies – 44 High-Res Summer Garden Textures

    It’s that time of year again. In Texas, that means a super hot, always-pool-weather, summer. (Well, for the most part.) I personally like it though. I’d much prefer hot to cold. Anyway, on one particularly nice day I was able to snap some Summer Garden shots. With these, I wasn’t trying to do typical flower picture stock, because God knows there is plenty of that. I was more going for the elements that surround the garden, as well as some great green photos, etc.

    There are a few flower pictures, but again, tried to make them a bit different than the normal flower stock. I also tried to setup some nice shots with plenty of room for copy, etc. Hopefully yall will get some good use out of these. I’m attaching a few examples below, but there are 44 total in the pack. Enjoy!

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    2. Oh. The pebbles texture is so useful! Thanks for giving it up for grabs! Love the pebbles and the shadowed bench there.

    3. May 18th

      It was really gr8 post!
      thanks for sharing…
      I love it! :)

    4. May 18th

      Great to see Green!!! Once the snow melts from the tundra here in Canada, I will step away from the computer;) Thanks for the images..I will use one in a layer.

    5. May 19th

      Thanks, it was good post.

    6. May 24th

      These are real nice! There is more ‘personality’ with the images because of the laid-back approach. Love that! I also love it that you shared them with us. Great shots! I love to see gardens of any kind! Thank you!


    7. May 24th

      Nice to see inspiration drawn from the garden. Great idea.

    8. The picture with the shadow on the wood is really beautiful!

    9. July 15th

      All pictures are a very nice and beautiful.. thanks for postings beautiful pictures…..

    10. […] 44 High-Res Summer Garden Textures […]

    11. October 13th

      nice pictures, thanks.
      i would like to see also some taken at the seaside …

    12. October 25th

      thanks for great freebies

    13. November 14th

      Such beautiful and clear photos amazing

    14. November 14th

      I really liked the bench with the shadows on it. Nice article and images

    15. November 19th

      Close ups of ordinary objects can be so interesting.

    16. What weally nice textures, thanks for sharing them

    17. February 10th

      I love macro photographs – they bring the unseen to life! thanks.

    18. February 15th

      The picture with the shadow on the wood is really beautiful!!!!!

    19. February 24th

      not too much experience in Commneting but Few of them are quite well

    20. […] 44 High-Res Summer Garden Textures […]

    21. March 4th

      Very nice summer shots, I can’t wait for the summer to start again. I also prefer the hot weather to the cold.

    22. March 9th

      Wow absolutely stunning textures, can’t wait to use these. Thank you very much!!

    23. March 16th

      Thanks for sharing those beautiful canvas Nick. For me, the best picture is the one with the shadow on the wood. Keep bloging.

    24. March 23rd

      All pictures are a very nice and beautiful!

    25. Thanks for sharing these textures, there a great quality and will come in handy.

    26. April 2nd

      nice to see someone staying clear of flowers! far too many as you say! nice images and will come in useful thank you

    27. April 7th

      Beautiful images

    28. April 13th

      I like your blog post. Keep on writing this type of great stuff. I’ll make sure to follow up on your blog in the future.

    29. April 21st

      he pebbles texture is so useful! Thanks for providing it up for grabs! Love the pebbles and the shadowed bench there.


    30. May 23rd

      Hi, really great post, impressive .

    31. June 4th

      Amazing photos, I like green one and save as my desktop background thanks

    32. June 9th

      i like these images more than anything! thanks mate

    33. June 29th

      Beautiful photos! Keep it up!

    34. July 19th

      The second picture is pretty awe inspiring!

      It reminds me of hot summer afternoon with a glass of cider.

    35. July 21st

      that is nice textures, it will be great to use in making frames, these texture will give more beauty to frames

    36. August 1st

      Many of us do love to do gardening. You can use different landscaping designs for this project. It would be a big to beautify your place.

    37. August 22nd

      very nice soothing textures, i am from india and its very hot here this summer, looking at those textures is very refreshing

    38. The photos are amazing. Very relaxing to look at. Nature is truly one work of art. We need to take good care of our environment. As many human’s activities are harmful for nature, we have to be friendly with environment, because as human beings we have to survive and save other living beings as well.

    39. August 26th

      It is best to plant tress and flowers in the garden during summer season. Those plants were accurate to the soil in the garden.

    40. August 28th

      Great post! These will come in very handy. Thanks for sharing.

    41. September 12th

      Thanks for sharing. I love all those textures. I will use it for my next design

    42. September 20th

      I was searching around the internet and came across your blogs, great articles. I really enjoy reading them, keep up the great work!

    43. October 31st

      very nice images i have never seen before…….thanks for sharing with us. keep it up.

    44. November 3rd

      This blog gives the lots of knowledge what i need..

    45. April 23rd

      Get the real design post thanks for sharing

    46. savjibhai patel
      July 13th


    47. October 9th

      This makes me miss summer and it’s only autumn! Thanks for the great share Nick

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