• Freebies – 16 High-Res Decorative Frame Pictures

    Hello all! Hope your Holiday weekend (if you have one) is going great! I’ve got a really cool and unique freebie for yall today. This past weekend we had a family gathering at my Mom’s house. Her and her husband are moving, so they had a lot of there stuffed packed up, and collected in boxes.

    They had 2 boxes of these very cool, decorative frames. So of course, I figured it would make a really cool freebie. So I busted out the camera, and took a bunch of pictures.

    These are 16 Decorative Frames that could be used for a variety of things. I removed the background and center, so they’re ready to go. I’m including a preview of a few of them below, but there are more in the pack. Enjoy! (And let me know what y’all think!)

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    1. September 6th

      wow. thanks for sharing ! really good quality pictures :) thank you so much !

    2. Nikki
      September 6th

      These are lovely!! Thank you!!

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    7. September 9th

      These are great – we’re going to feature them on our blog this week!


    8. September 9th

      These are so cool! Thank you so very much. What an awesome idea!


    9. September 10th

      Great post! These will come in very handy. Thanks for sharing.

    10. Edna B
      September 11th

      These are great. Thanks so much.

    11. September 13th

      You are very generous to publish these stylish frames!
      I look forward to trying some out with my photos and will promote this excellent blog on Fab Fotos via Facebook.
      Tony Somervell

    12. September 14th

      These frames look good. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    13. [...] Freebies – 16 High-Res Decorative Frame Pictures [...]

    14. September 15th

      :) I finaly find the beautiful frames for my web, Great


    15. Intricate frameworks. Nice

    16. September 21st

      Such stylish frames. A great gift to your love ones.

    17. September 21st

      I really like the the first frame. Its so elegant looking. A vintage piece of framework.

    18. Sarah
      September 30th

      These are very usefull, thanks a lot for sharing them!

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    20. October 5th

      Are these ok to use on a portfolio? Or a professional site? (Just making sure before I use it ^_^)

    21. October 7th

      Just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    22. Mikelodeon
      November 22nd

      Great job! Thanks for sharing!

    23. Lacey
      November 29th

      Thanks, these are so cool!

    24. December 16th

      These will come in so handy, I just KNOW it! Thank you!!!

    25. January 21st

      Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    26. January 27th

      These are very nice frames. Thank you!

    27. February 8th

      thanks, aweseome mirror..

    28. evie
      March 24th

      LOVE the frames and wondered if they are free to use for commercial projects?
      Can you let me know asap as I am working on it currently and if not I will source elsewhere.
      Love ur work!
      Cheers Evie

    29. Wow nice frames! The third one is best for the baby’s pictures. It is a so wonderful idea to give more focus, effort and design in making frames. Using editing software’s we can design more realistic frameworks and It would actually gather the existence of beauty in designing.

    30. Nice work – will keep an eye open for more info on this story.. Nice one- always thought that there may be other people with like minded ideas..

    31. May 17th

      Its awesome collection. I was stunned by looking the frames. Good work, keep it up.

    32. carleta
      May 30th

      Thank youuu!! don’t know how much I’ve been looking for this, I’m really grateful here!

    33. June 13th

      Its , Really very nice ..mine blowing collection , i like it very much .

    34. August 7th

      Cool collection, i was thrilled by looking the pictures. Its totally awesome.

    35. August 28th

      Thanks, it was good post.

    36. September 9th

      I really like the the first frame. good job

    37. September 16th

      Thank you!!!So beautiful!

    38. Thank you so much for the lovely collection of the frames.

    39. savjibhai patel
      July 13th


    40. sofia
      August 3rd

      Gracias x los marcos!

    41. August 29th

      Frame of the mirror is amazing. I like your site design.

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