• Free WordPress Theme – Versatility Lite

    So here it is! Our second free WordPress theme. And don’t worry, I have plenty more planned :) For this theme, I collaborated with a good friend of mine who runs Qkin Web Development. So this theme was designed by yours truly and hand-coded by the very talented Qkin. We hope ya like it! Below I am attaching a more detailed description of theme, and step by step instructions on customization.

    Versatility Lite is a two column, ad-ready, widgetized theme. The theme includes a ‘Featured Post’ section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and much more.

    Download graphic design freebies, free wordpress themes, free vectors, an photoshop brushes from thinkdesignblog.com.Download graphic design freebies, free wordpress themes, free vectors, an photoshop brushes from thinkdesignblog.com.


    – To install, upload the Versatility Lite folder into your "Themes" folder.
    – From your WordPress dashboard, activate "Versatility Lite"
    And that’s really it!


    To Create the Thumbnails for the Post:

    To create the thumbnails for the post, you’ll need to use the "Custom Fields" area while posting. Enter a "Key" of "thumbnail" and make the "Value" the path to the image you would like to use for your thumbnail. The theme has an image re-sizer, so it will re-size any image to the appropriate size. The thumbnails will be 125px by 90px however, so for the best results, try to keep create your thumbnail with the same proportions.


    To Make a "Featured Post":

    The theme comes with a "Featured Post" section at the top. All you have to do make an article go there, is to give it a tag of "featured." The Featured section at the top will show the latest post with the tag of "featured."


    To Edit Welcome Message:

    There is a "Welcome" section at the top to the left of the "Featured Post" Section. To change the text, open the file "featured-block.php."

    Here you will see code that looks like:

    <div id="about-us"><span class="blue-text">Welcome</span><br/>Here is where you could put something about you. You can edit this text in "featured-block.php" in the theme directory. </div>

    You can just edit the text starting with "Here is where…" and then save.


    To Set Up Admin Comments:

    The theme comes with a variation between Admin comments, and normal blog visitors. You will just have add your admin email address to make them display properly.

    Open ‘comments.php’ and find the area of code that looks like:

    <?php $comment_type = get_comment_type(); ?>
    <?php if($comment_type == ‘comment’) { ?>
    <div class="comment <?php if ($comment->comment_author_email == "gen3mail@gmail.com") echo ‘admin’; else echo $oddcomment; ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">

    Replace the default email address "gen3mail@gmail.com" to your admin email address. Thats it!


    To Set up RSS Email Info:

    There is a built in "Subscribe" section in the sidebar. The RSS feed will need no changing on your part to work, however you will have to insert the link provided by Feedburner (or whatever service you use) for ‘Email Updates.’ That information will be found in your FeedBurner account. Once you have the link, you will need to open "sidebar.php"

    In "sidebar.php" you will see a section that looks like the following:

        <div class="side-box">
    <h3>Subscribe <a href="<?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?>" class="rss">RSS</a><a href="#" class="email">Email</a></h3>

    Find that part of the code that looks like:

    <a href="#" class="email">Email</a></h3>

    Simply replace the "#" in the above code with your "Subscribe by Email" link.


    To Set Up Ad Space:

    The theme comes with 2 areas for you to put ads, both in the sidebar. To edit this area and insert your ads, once again open "sidebar.php"

    You will see a code that looks like this:

        <div class="side-box">
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/ad-spot1.gif" alt="ad1" height="125" width="125"/></a>
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/ad-spot2.gif" alt="ad2" height="125" width="125"/></a>
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/advertise.gif" alt="adv" height="125" width="57"/></a>

    This is the ad code. To have your ads appear, simply override the current "ad-spot1.gif" & "ad-spot2.gif" files with your ad files. Then, you will just need to add the link for the add. Find the code that looks like this:

    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/ad-spot1.gif" alt="ad1" height="125" width="125"/></a>

    Replace the "#" with the link for the correct ad.

    There is also an "Advertise Here" button to the right of the ad space. This can also be changed in the above code:

    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/advertise.gif" alt="adv" height="125" width="57"/></a>

    I would recommend replacing this "#" with a link to your "Advertise" page, or with a link to contact you.



    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

    Which basically means, you can alter, transform, or build upon our work, even for commercial purposes as long as you give us credit. In this theme’s case, credit is the two links in the footer (thinkdesignblog.com & qkin.com) which may not be removed. You may NOT claim the work as your own, or resell our work, even if modified. But to clarify, you can use this theme in anyway, even commercially as long as you retain the links in the footer.

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    2. November 30th

      Really nice theme, thanks!!

    3. Jay
      November 30th

      Solid theme, great work. Can’t wait to see what you have to offer in the future. Keep it up!

    4. […] Free WordPress Theme – Versatility Lite […]

    5. December 1st

      Very smooth theme. Its always difficult to blend the chaos of grunge with good organization. This theme does that no problem. Looks great.

      I hate to be that guy but I will say one thing, though. The navigation at the top looks good, but when I hover over the link and get the vertical drop down menu, the pop-up part has a gray border around it but the link itself does not. The border just kind of stops, making it look as though something else should have surrounded the link on top. Just looks a little awkward is all.

    6. December 1st

      @Angie, Thanks! I also really appreciate ya linking it!

      @Jay, Thanks. Plan to :) Make sure ya stay tuned!

    7. December 2nd

      Man, I really love the look and feel of this theme, so well thought out. Love the end post details with the sharing and similar post options.

      May use this for a new project of mine.

      Great stuff.

    8. December 2nd

      @Dan, Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. I do get what your saying. Looks good to me, but obviously I’m bias :) But I really appreciate the comment, and I’ll try to fix that in the next theme release.

      @Graham, thanks buddy! Very much appreciated. And let me know if you use it, that would be awesome! :) thanks for stopping by. (and spreading the word)

    9. December 2nd

      This is as close to exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m now really excited to finally take a crack at WordPress and PHP. Found this from Graham on Twitter, and I fully agree with him on the theme being so well thought out. Looks like a great starting point for me and might even work well for my portfolio.

      Would love to hear your thoughts on great resources for a WordPress beginner. Last night I downloaded all of the CSS Tricks videos. :)

      Added you on Twitter as well! :)

    10. December 2nd

      I have not installed it yet… but from the demo it looks like a really nice well put together theme, nice work. I like the little things, nice post details.

    11. December 3rd

      Really amazing this theme. Congratulations for the work! I like the colors and the style of this one ;)


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    14. December 4th

      Cool theme m8,

      very good job – keep rocking!

    15. December 7th

      I just finished modifying this theme for my blog. I would like to turn off the post truncation, though. Can you advise how to do that on all but the featured post segment?



    16. December 7th

      Ah — never mind! I figured it out.



      on the main index page.

      Lovely theme — I think I’m going to enjoy this for awhile!

      Thanks for doing a great job of coding and validation checking!


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    18. December 7th

      @Kostandinos, Thanks! I really appreciate all the kind words. And Graham is great, I’ll make sure to thank him for the referral :) As far as wordpress resources, it depends on what your looking for really. Shoot me an email (nick@thinkdesignblog.com) and I’ll try to compile ya a list. Thanks for stopping by!

      @Jason, Thanks! Glad you like it! I’ve been trying to focus more on details lately, so I’m glad it’s paying off.

      @Cristian, Thanks, I appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by.

      @zoolo BOY, Thanks, and haha, I’ll try to keep rockin ;) Thanks for steady stoppin’ by!

      @Margaret, Thanks! And I’m glad you we’re able to work it out. Check out the website, very cool! It’s awesome to see the theme in use! Thanks for stoppin by, and using the theme.

    19. December 7th

      […] Lite T

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    21. December 8th

      Great template.

      But I found one mistake though. The featured post shows the whole post when you visit a single post page. I guess that’s because truncated posts are shown in full length on single post pages.

      I guess I’ll have to edit the php file each time manually. But maybe you’ll find a way to fix it.


    22. Az
      December 8th

      Howto Limit Post Clear..? > […]

    23. December 8th

      Wow, really nice theme there, and even better as it is free (:

    24. December 8th

      Wow! Extremely nice! Love the leather and wood – my 2 favorite artsy elements in the design world. With the crinkled paper, precise padding, dotted lines, and excellent typography you’ve created an absolutely awesome theme!

    25. December 8th

      Yep, I’m an idiot. Thought I was looking at the free theme. You have a VERY nicely designed site, and I like the theme too. Feel free to delete both these comments and I’ll gladly leave a smarter one!

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    27. […] we have a two column, ad-ready, widgetized and all ready theme for free download by ThinkDesignBlog.I like the theme very much because it has got simple light weight design and colors.Some of the […]

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    29. […] Details : widget ready, right sidebar, 3 columns, 125×125px ad space, integrated “Featured Post” section, drop-down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons. Demo : Versatility Lite – Free WordPress Theme demo Download : Versatility Lite – Free WordPress Theme download […]

    30. December 9th

      @BusinessCards, I’m not sure I understand the problem your having. Feel free to use the contact page to contact me if you would like to explain it in more detail.

      @Craig, Thanks! Yeah, I figured people would like free :)

      @Brandon Cox, haha, no worries man! I’ve made similar mistakes tons of times! Thanks for the kind words, and for stopping by.

    31. […] Think Designさんとこで配布している、Free WordPress Themeの「Versatility Lite」です。グレーベースのシンプルなデザインですが、各ディテールが凝ってるって感じで、結構オシャレなんじゃないかと。  DEMOページ  DLページ […]

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    33. VanThanh
      December 16th


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    37. December 22nd

      I absolutely love this theme. The only part I dislike about this theme is its ugly simple comment box. Is there a way to change the comment box? Also the way the comments are displayed are ugly. I hope the quote part is good. I also think it needs a Bottom Tabs column.



    38. December 23rd

      @VanThanh, Your welcome! :) Thanks for your comment!

      @rizzy, Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry you do not like the comment area. It is fairly basic on this theme, but have big plans for comments on future theme releases :)

    39. December 24th

      How can I use thumbnails on the main index page where all the latest posts are shown? When I include an image in the post, it only shows on that post’s detail page.

    40. December 24th

      @henk, Thanks for stopping by! To enable thumbnails, you must use “Custom Fields” when posting. Enter a Key of “thumbnail” with the “Value” being the path to the thumbnail image. Hope that helps!

    41. December 27th

      I have seen so customizable theme only on themejournal.com, but I can’t find it here anymore.

    42. December 27th

      Pretty nice theme… My only change thus far is that it’d be nice if the feature theme wasn’t duplicated on the home page feed list. That way you can have the brand new post be featured but not show up twice.

      Am trying to see if there’s a way to modify the PHP to do this easily by filtering any tags of featured.

    43. December 30th

      […] Ar

    44. January 1st

      I use your theme for my blog!

      I hope that you’ll love my adaptation!

    45. January 2nd

      @Corey Gouker, Yeah, I get what your saying. I’ll have my buddy over at Qkin that coded it for me look into, and maybe we’ll offer some type of update soon. Thanks for your comment, and for stopping by!

      @glam, Thanks for your comment! I love your adaptation! :) I really like the little heart icons. Great job!

    46. January 2nd

      @Nick, thank you!!! :D

    47. January 10th

      Yeaah!!! Really good wordpress theme. Thanks for sharing.

    48. […] More Info | Demo […]

    49. January 13th

      Great theme and I’m going to use it in my newly designed blog. Quick question from a newbie to this kind of thing about the spaces for ads. Is there any way I can get them to show pictures (am thinking from an online gallery, possibly Coppermine, that I also host, or if not from Flickr) as I don’t really have a need for ads but want to use this boxes if I can.

    50. January 13th

      @glam, Your very welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      @gNcWebmaster, Thanks for the kind words! Glad ya liked the theme!

      @Dave, Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad ya like the theme! As for your question, sure you could replace the ad code with a Flickr gallery. There are a couple of Flickr Plugins that should be easy to use. Also, just search “Adding Flickr to WordPress” on google, and you will find tons of resources. Let me know if I can help any more.

    51. January 14th

      Thanks for the quick reply. I’m gonna try and play around with some plugins in the next few days and see what I can come up with.

      Keep up the excellent work!

    52. January 14th

      Well I’ve got the Coppermine gallery integrated into my site and it’s starting to come together. However, I’ve noticed that I have added categories for future posts but next to the “HOME” link it still says “NO CATEGORIES”. Any idea why that is?

    53. January 14th

      @Dave, Nice! The reason the categories won’t display, is because you have to have posts in the categories for it to display. I’m assuming, because you said “added categories for future posts” that you haven’t posted in all of them yet. Just do a test post in each category, and it’ll show up.

    54. January 15th

      Yeah… I realised that about a minute after I’d posted the question up. I’m not as smart as I make out!

      Well I’ve managed to integrate Coppermine into the site and have it display random images from my gallery too. Haven’t gone so far as to copy the theme from WordPress into Coppermine. That would be the finishing touch but the coding is a little beyond me at the moment.

      One last thing I have just noticed. Is it possible to have links active on the front page when they are included in the excerpt? On my current featured post is a link to another guy’s gallery but it just appears as text. If I go to that specific post’s page then the link is active.

    55. January 16th

      this is a really nice theme

    56. LB
      January 20th

      How do you eliminate the Thumbnails from showing up in the single post? I rather have the bigger version of the photo show up.

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    58. January 21st

      @Dave, hmm. Not sure ;) I’ll try to look into that.

      @Patricia Lacey, Thanks!

      @LB, If I understand the question correctly, all you have to do (to not have the thumbnails show up) is not enter any thumbnail info into custom fields. Hope that helps!

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    66. Jarda
      January 25th

      Hello? How to use subcaegories in menu, please? I have 50 categories and then the top menu is unusable, thanks!

    67. […] Versatility […]

    68. January 29th

      I really like the theme! One question though: Is there a way to widen the post area a bit more, even if it means widening the whole theme closer to a 1024 width (in other words, using a bit more of the background area)?

    69. […] Versatility Lite […]

    70. January 30th

      Got to agree with BeatlesLane. Just a little wider for the post are and this theme would be perfect!

    71. January 30th

      Thanks for the agreement Dave :) BTW, I checked out your site. It’s good to see another example of the template in use to see how it looks in action.

      Nick, I wonder if there’s a way to widen the post area a bit? I might want to post some Flash toons or video on it and it’s not quiet wide enough. I’m thinking I could remove the skinnier (57px wide) ad unit and somehow narrow the right column. Would this be possible?
      Thank you

    72. January 30th

      @Jarda, What specific problem are you having with sub-categories? You should be able to assign them a parent, and then theyll go under that parent in the drop down menu.

      @BeatlesLane, Thanks for the comment! Glad ya like it! Yes, you could widen the post area. It would take a decent amount of CSS editing. You would have to widen the content area, and lessen the width of everything in the sidebar. I’ll see if I can get my friend at Qkin, who coded the theme, to give me an easy way to do it. I’ll let ya know if I do!

      @Dave, Whats up buddy! Like I told BeatlesLane, it would just be a matter of CSS editing. I’ll see if I can get some tips to make it simpler for yall.

    73. Jarda
      January 30th

      @Nick: They had parent categories, but it doesn´t work. However I know where was the problem at the moment – subcategories doesn´t work with Category Order plugin. So now I have great theme! Thanks a lot!

    74. […] Theme info Demo […]

    75. January 31st

      @Nick, Great, if you can get more info on CSS editing to widen the content area. Thanks

    76. […] Theme info Demo […]

    77. […] 15. Versatility Lite […]

    78. February 1st

      How do you get rid of post truncation on the homepage?

    79. gran stan
      February 2nd

      good except not free width, so can’t use my tables in posts

    80. February 2nd


      First let me say how much I love this theme!

      I am also interested in achieving what Margaret asked for – disable the truncation of posts on the first page. However, her explanation of how to do it seems to be not showing properly.

      Any assistance would be highly appreciated!

    81. February 2nd

      A little Goggling helped solving the problem (replace the_excerpt with the_content on the main index php)

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    83. […] Versatility: 2 kolona sahip tema, reklam alanına, CSS menuye ve daha birçok özelliği […]

    84. February 4th

      I like this template guys… very nice/

    85. David Calavitta
      February 4th

      Hey, great theme! One question though: I use the thumbnail and it shows up fine on the main blog page but when the individual post is clicked it shows the full image AND a thumbnail. I’d like to have just the full size show in the individual post. Any suggestions?

    86. David Calavitta
      February 4th

      Oh, here is a link so you can see what i’m talking about. Thanks

    87. […] Descargar ~ Demo […]

    88. February 6th

      I’m in the same position as David Calavitta. Think there are 2 possible solutions to it:

      1. Remove the tumbnail when the individual posts are displayed.

      2. Make the thumbnail linkable in the individual post so you can click on it to show a full picture.

      If you could let us know how to do either of those it would be awesome. Am loving the theme on my site, as are my readers :)

    89. February 6th

      David Calavitta – Done some hunting around and found a solution to your problem. What you need to do is go into the single.php file and delete the following chunk of code.

      ID, ‘thumbnail’, true) ) { ?>
      <img src=”ID, $key, true); ?>” alt=””/>

      Then you will not get the thumbnail in individual posts.

    90. […] Versatility […]

    91. February 7th

      Sweet! “My hero!”

    92. February 7th

      actually, I’m a bit confused. i tried it but it just created an error

    93. February 7th

      Got it! This is what I had to delete.

      <img src=”ID, $key, true); ?>” alt=””/>

    94. February 7th

      Actually, the whole code wont show up. Let me try again.

      “<img src=”ID, $key, true); ?>” alt=””/>”

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    96. […] (download or […]

    97. NiKo
      February 9th

      How do I change the background to a picture?

    98. […] 15. Versatility Lite […]

    99. February 12th

      A really nice theme, I love it. And I think that I will use it for a client.
      Good work, I hope to see soon a other beautiful theme from you.

      Romain, from France (sorry if I made some mistakes)

    100. February 14th

      Thanks for your work, It’s a great art,I am finding a theme like this one.

      Thank you.

    101. February 14th

      I have been trying to modify the template, and so far, I think I’m doing ok, expect that I cannot figure out how to make the posts display in full on the front page, I mean, the text appears in full, but the pictures don’t show up. The pictures are inside the post, not as thumbnails.
      Is there a way to make it display the pictures on the home page?

    102. February 14th

      @Dave and David, Glad yall got it worked out! Sorry I wasn’t able to help quickly enough, but thankfully I have wonderful & helpful readers! :)

      @NiKo, Which background are you referring to?

      @Romain, Thanks for the kind words! And don’t worry, you didn’t make any mistakes! :)

      @riant, Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      @Micaela, All you would need to do to display the whole post on the front page rather than the excerpt, is find the following code in your home.php file:

      “< ?php the_excerpt(); ?>”

      Replace that bit of code with “< ?php the_content(); ?>”

      That should do it! Let me know if you need any more help.

    103. February 17th

      I love this template!!! Couple questions, where do I upload my pictures to replace your pictures, specificaly, the logo, and the other image in the header. I know that I need to rename them the same as they are right now. But I can’t find the location. Any help? What’s the easiest way to correct this? Also, is their a way to eliminate the top post in the header. I am not sure in how to maintain that. My knowledge is limited. Everything else I believe I can edit. Thanks!

    104. February 17th

      @Derek Phillips, Glad ya like it! To replace the images, you would just need to upload them to the “images” folder in the Theme folder.

      To remove the Featured Post in the header, open up the header.php file. Find the following code, and delete it:

      “< ?php include /* Remove At Will - featured story block below header */ (TEMPLATEPATH . '/featured-block.php'); ?>”

      That should do it! Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for commenting!

    105. February 17th

      I have replaced the logo.gif image with my own. That was no problem. I am trying to replace the “top-left-splash” jpg image. I took out yours, replaced it with mine, renamed it the same , but no go. I updated the page, thinking that it would take affect but no. Not sure what to do. I have tried everything that I know, which isn’t much. I love the look to this site. Very youth related, which is why I am using it, being a youth pastor. Thanks!

    106. February 17th

      @Derek, hmm. Make sure you upload the image into the “images folder” and name it “top-left-splash.jpg” It has to be exactly the same (lowercase, .jpg, etc) in order for it to work. Check that. If that still doesn’t, you can open up featured-block.php and find the following code (which is at the top of the file)

      “img src=”< ?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/images/top-left-splash.jpg” class=”top-left-splash” alt=”splash””

      Replace the “< ?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/images/top-left-splash.jpg” part (inside the parenthesis) with the the URL to your replacement picture.

      And that should do it! Let me know if you have any other problems.

    107. February 17th

      I swiched it over to a gif. file and it worked fine. Many thanks! Looks great!

    108. Martinique
      February 18th

      where is downloand link?

    109. February 18th

      @Derek, Glad it worked! Looks good! Thanks again for using my theme.

      @Martinique, it is at the top of the post, right next to the “Demo” button. Thanks for stopping by!

    110. Martinique
      February 18th

      There not threaded discussion….
      But thanks!

    111. NiKo
      February 18th

      In terms of background, I meant as in the side background. It’s all good, I figured out how to put a picture there.

      Also, when will you be releasing your next theme?

    112. February 18th

      @Martinique, Nope, no threaded comments. This theme was created before 2.7 came out. We plan on doing an update though at some point!

      @NiKo, Ok, Glad ya figured it out! As for my next theme, I’m working on some VERY cool things regarding WordPress themes, and will be announcing my plans soon :)

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    115. February 26th

      I cannot edit the sidebar.php i will pay for this in order to be able to edit it. Where can I do this?

    116. February 26th

      I also am getting Forbidden
      You don’t have permission to access /blog/wp-admin/theme-editor.php on this server.

      I thought it was because you are blocking the editing of the files but I can’t edit the about us, featuredblock.php.

      Thanks for any help!

    117. February 28th

      Nick, could I use a flashfader in the place of the top-left-splash image. I have the flashfader loaded in wordpress and have two pictures ready to go. If I can do this, where would I paste in the code. I know that the top-left-splash is located in the featured.block.php template. That is where I replaced my picture with your image. Any help?

    118. February 28th

      I love clean templates, nice colors pickup, it looks effective. I hope to see more themes like this one.

      Thanks you.

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    120. […] 16. Versatility Lite […]

    121. March 8th

      great theme friend . its good . i am using this. can u make the left bar to full size.

    122. March 9th

      Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala themes gallery.

    123. March 9th

      I have done some extensive modification to this theme in terms of the graphics and making the content area wider with the sidebar narrower, yet still wide enough to accommodate two 125×125 ad blocks without crowding them.

      Anyone interested in how I achieved these things is welcome to visit my site and see it in action.

      I can also give some assistance on things to people who need it.

    124. March 10th

      Very good theme , thanks

    125. Keke
      March 14th

      Are you working on update this template? ^^

    126. March 16th

      very good, thanks

    127. […] More Info | Demo […]

    128. March 17th

      I am using this theme. Looking nice

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    130. […] Theme info Demo […]

    131. […] Versatility: 2 kolona sahip tema, reklam alanına, CSS menuye ve daha birçok özelliği […]

    132. […] Versatility Lite […]

    133. adam
      April 1st

      Links to files are not working for me in posts. Without changing any code I can switch themes and the links work perfectly. Any ideas? Thank you.

    134. Sergey
      April 3rd

      Great theme! Thanks a lot! Waiting for threaded comments support in near future!

    135. […] Versatility Lite Versatility […]

    136. Sergey
      April 4th

      Hi there. It’s me again. I realise that can’t select “archive.php” as archive page template while using your theme. Can you fix it, please?

    137. new
      April 9th

      Am I able to implement adsense into this theme if so how. tried to follow directions above didn’t work for adsense. Not familiar with coding

    138. new
      April 10th

      Disregard last post, I figured it out however how do i change the logo

    139. […] Versatility Lite […]

    140. Very nice of you to provide such a classy template for free and then to add detailed instructions for mods as well. Many thanks. Andrew from Australia.

    141. […] » View Demo » Download […]

    142. […] 15. Versatility Lite […]

    143. […] Versatility Lite […]

    144. JK
      April 20th

      Terrible theme. There is absolutely no customization available and it doesn’t even pick up the blog title just reads VersatilityLite.

    145. April 22nd

      @adam, you’ll have to be more specfic as to the problem your having. What images are you talking about? (Also, whats the url of your site)

      @Sergey, Glad you enjoy it! I’m hoping we’ll get some time and update the theme sooner.

      @new, Glad you got it worked out! To change the logo, you would just need to replace the logo image file with your own.

      @australian, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by!

      @JK, You are entitled to your opinion. But due to the amount of people that love and use the theme, and because of the countless linkbacks and sharing of it, i’d have to say yours is looking like a minority opinion :)

    146. […] Bonus Versatility Lite […]

    147. […] 15. Versatility Lite […]

    148. Xray
      April 29th

      I have a problem when i put this code in the header.

      <a href=””>

      The blog have conflicts with all post, searchs, etc no show ok… but no sample errors.

      I tested other themes (default and classic) and all is ok, only failure this theme.


    149. Xray
      April 29th

      This code, you can see the image


    150. This is a great theme! I did a few tweaks, here & there, and it’s currently live on my site!

    151. […] section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and much more. Download & Details | View […]

    152. […] | Download | Homepage Tags: […]

    153. […] Lite Theme info […]

    154. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    155. May 19th

      I love this theme, and would like to keep the general style intact when integrating it into my site. Given that, what font did you use for the logo file, if you don’t mind my asking. Everything I have tried thus far just looks cheap! Thanks.

    156. May 19th

      Never mind…I think I have figured out how to get everything the way I am liking it. Thx again for the great theme!

    157. May 20th

      Engaging information / will visit once again=D

    158. May 23rd

      I too would like to know what font was used in the header image, none of my many fonts seem to look quite right in that spot.

      Thanks for any help

    159. May 26th

      did you know that i love this theme? cause i really really do now!!! :))

    160. May 30th


      Love the theme…real smart n cool… I have installed it but can you please tell me tht how do I remove the “Versatility Lite” in the header and instead put World 2KX there.

      2) Can i change the pic in the about me section from featured block?

      Thanks a Lot

    161. May 31st

      Hi Nick. I absolutely love your theme, and I am currently using it on my blog (with some minor changes).
      I do have one question, though… My blog is in spanish, so I have been translating a lot of the stuff, with success… however, I have no idea where I have to change the text “SEARCH” in the searchbox, so I can write that in spanish. Could you please help me with that?
      Keep up the good work! Can´t wait to see some of your new themes.

    162. June 3rd

      Never mind my previous question, the “SEARCH” I was trying to change was an image, not text… already changed it.
      Now I have another question… I know this theme is also from before 2.7, and there is no choice for “Subscribe to comments”. Is there a way to add that?

    163. […] Download […]

    164. June 11th

      Thanks for the theme, i might think of change to this.

    165. June 11th

      I’m not able to make the drop menu work.

      Could you help me with this?

    166. Alex
      June 12th

      My categories has been lost after update the 2.8 wordpress…

      can anyone help me please??

    167. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    168. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    169. Selwyn
      June 15th

      Looks like the theme can’t work with WP 2.8.

    170. June 16th

      I lost the categories too after 2.8… I opted to change my theme… :-(

    171. June 16th

      Yea, I’ve lost my categories when upgrading to 2.8 also. Any idea how to fix this issue?

      I’ve seriously customized this theme for my blog and totally love what I have. I really DO NOT want to change it.


    172. June 16th

      Is there a way to make the actual pictures show rather than thumbs?

    173. June 17th

      Definitely one of my favorites. I like the simplicity of the design.

    174. […] Details | Demo | Download Versatility Lite (29) (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … tweetmeme_style = ‘compact’; Post a Comment […]

    175. June 17th

      Getting the following after updating to 2.8. Switching to the default WP theme fixed it. Still trying to figure out what’s breaking things though since I don’t remember this happening immediately after the upgrade:

      Data2 WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘order ASC’ at line 1 for query SELECT t.*, tt.* FROM coreygo_terms AS t INNER JOIN coreygo_term_taxonomy AS tt ON t.term_id = tt.term_id WHERE tt.taxonomy IN (‘category’) AND ( t.term_id 1 ) ORDER BY order ASC made by require, require_once, include, get_header, locate_template, load_template, require_once, wp_list_categories, get_categories, get_terms

    176. June 17th

      Well still can’t figure out the SQL error since the 2.8 upgrade. Seems related to the similar posts function but even after removing that from the functions.php and the single.php I still have PHP errors.

      At any rate, regarding my previous comment about not having featured posts appear duplicated on the main page the mod was rather simple. Change index.php:

      Adding this single if line will cause the loop to jump over any posts if the tag is featured.

      Still investigating the errors but I guess until I can figure that one out it’s back to a default theme :(

    177. June 17th

      Err looks like the index.php line was blocked, it’s:

      Added spacing around the

    178. June 17th

      Bleh still blocked:
      php if (has_tag(‘featured’)) continue;
      needs to be added right after the while have posts php line.

    179. June 17th

      @Xray, can you please link me to your site?

      @[fung’ke] [blak] [chik], glad ya like it! Nice customizations!

      @Stacy, glad you got in figured out! Thanks for stopping by, and commenting!

      @Shadow, Thanks for your comment! The font used for the header logo is Century Gothic Bold.

      @caryl, Too kind! I’m glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting

      @Amy Dyslex, Yes, you can easily change both pictures. To make it the most simply, with out changing any code, replace the logo & about me image files in the image folders with your new images. Make sure to name them the same, and make them the same size (If you don’t want to have to change any coding)

      @Gary, Thanks for the kind words! AS far as adding “Subscribe to comments”: You could. You would just need to edit the side bar and add the code. If you plan to add it to the same spot as the other subscribe icons, you would need to change a decent amount of code though, and probably add an icon to balance it out. The code for the link to subscribe to your comments is:

      “< ?php bloginfo('comments_rss2_url'); ?>”

      @foo, Thanks for your commet!

      @Fernando Martinho, are you using 2.7 or 2.8? This seems to be a problem since 2.8 came out. I am looking into it.

      @Alex, You are right. Apparently this is a problem because of the 2.8 update. I am looking into it, and am hoping to have a 2.8 compatible, updated version of the theme up soon. I’m not sure on an exact time frame, but ASAP.

      @Selwyn, Yes, it does seem as if there are some problems. As I said, I’m working them out, and hope to have an updated version up soon.

      @Margaret, Thanks for being a Versatility Lite user, first off! You were one of the first ;) Don’t worry, I’m working to get this updated. Hopefully I’ll have a new version up soon. Please check back in a couple days. Also, follow me on twitter if you haven’t, and I’ll be sure to make an update as soon as the new version is up. Thanks for stopping by!

      @theladyirv=], Can you please be a bit more specific? On the homepage, archives, or individual pages?

      @Designer, Thanks! I appreciate the comment!

      @Corey Gouker, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you trying to work out the problems! I am aware of the problems, and I’m getting it worked out. Hopefully I’ll have an updated version up soon. Again, thanks for your comments. They will be helpful!

    180. June 17th

      Ok — for those of you who lost your categories when upgrading to WP2.8, here is the solution to the issue.

      Go to your dashboard and then choose appearance, and edit. Choose the header file and where the line begins with wp_list_categories, change that line of code to read :


      Do the same thing in the footer file and your problem will be solved.

    181. June 17th

      Crap! Code doesn’t appear in the comments even with code tags, so please visit my website(click my icon) to see the solution to this issue as well as how to add threaded comments to your theme.


    182. June 17th

      Fixed the issue on my site @margaret was right, changing the wp_list_categories in the header.php and footer.php solved the problem. Simply change this line


      As she says do it for the header and footer and it should be okay for now.

      @nick I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a 2.8 update to this theme though so I can incorporate your changes with mine. Until the problems were solved I tried out iNove 1.4.5 and Arclite 1.4.2. There’s some cool features there that are worth adding.

    183. June 17th

      php wp_list_categories(’exclude=1&orderby=order&show_count=0&depth=1&title_li=’);


      php wp_list_categories(’exclude=1&orderby=name&show_count=0&depth=1&title_li=’);

    184. June 18th

      Okay – – I mean in the actual posts I want to put/display my own pictures instead of using a 125 x 90 thumbail.

    185. June 18th

      This is an awesome theme. Very well designed. Can you tell me if it is SEO-friendly? I’m new to WordPress blogs, but have noticed a difference for my clients whether the templates are designed SEO-friendly or not. Thanks.

    186. June 20th

      My category missing…can anyone help me

    187. […] Versatility Lite […]

    188. June 21st

      Hi, there’s some problem with the theme versatility (and i think in your too) with teh upgrade to wordpress 2.8. the categories with the call wp_list_categories is not apearing in the template. can you tell me how can i solve it? thanks in advance form Spain.

    189. June 23rd

      Great work Margaret. Might get around to doing the upgrade to 2.8 soon but was a little worried the theme might get messed up when it goes through. Will check out the advice on your site.

    190. […] 15. Versatility Lite […]

    191. […] Глянуть и скачать […]

    192. oceansoul
      July 8th

      I am using your very nice template on http://www.anetteolzonitalia.com
      I have an issue: if you try to view this page http://www.anetteolzonitalia.com/intervista-td on IE it appears just half a page while everything looks ok in firefox, Opera and Safari. What’s wrong?
      Can u help me?

    193. […] Versatility Lite […]

    194. […] section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and much more. Download & Details | View […]

    195. […] 15. Versatility Lite […]

    196. July 24th

      Thank you so much for this theme! :)
      I’m still customizing it for my site, but it’s so much easier than other similar themes I’ve tried. YAY!
      It looks great & I LOVE it!

    197. […] Release Page […]

    198. […] Descargar Versatility Lite | Demo […]

    199. August 2nd

      nc layout… is there a psd file for the logo?
      cause i can’t make a good one with my imagination

    200. August 2nd

      thanks muhteşem tema

    201. August 3rd

      can we change the logo? cause whenever I try to modify it in Photoshop, it gets all red and I can´t do anything. But its a really good theme, the best I´ve seen for WordPress.

    202. […] 29. Versatility Lite […]

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    204. […] Download […]

    205. August 10th

      integrated related posts.

    206. […] Theme info Demo […]

    207. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    208. […] versatility lite Live Demo Download […]

    209. Coach
      August 12th

      This is a spectacular design and its integration to WP was very well done. Has anyone reported an issue with the “featured” post in Safari where the image and narrative appear about 10-20 pixels lower than expected? Thanks.

    210. […] 29. Versatility Lite […]

    211. Great premium like free wp theme, I like it, now i have add it to my blog. Visit it to see your theme, admin! Thanks

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    214. […] 57. Versatility Lite – Template WordPress Premium Gratuito estilo Magazine […]

    215. […] Features Live Demo Download […]

    216. September 3rd

      Thx a lot!

    217. Randy
      September 7th

      I updated to wordpress 2.8 and the categories on the categories bar disappeared. I then updated the theme according to the change log, and the categories still don’t show up. It just says “no categories” Do anyone know anything about this?


    218. September 9th

      I enjoyed special features available in this Versatility Lite wordpress theme II feel it is wonderful one.

    219. Coach
      September 14th

      Is anyone having issues in the latest version of Safari (4.0.3) where the featured post image appears to aligned to the bottom of the area? Also, the posts in the main area tend to show some of the same behavior. Thanks in advance.

    220. September 23rd

      @Corey thanks for the coding help to get rid of the No Categories from appearing after I upgraded to 2.8.

      But now none of my categories are showing up even though I have posts under them and they seem to be working. Any ideas?


    221. […] Versatility Lite […]

    222. […] […]

    223. October 8th

      Great! Thank you for sharing.

    224. […] View Demo | Download […]

    225. October 17th

      hey! i created 5 categories and i also add for each categories one post but in the home header and also footer it not viewed!! and write NO CATEGORIES!!
      help plzzzzzzz and soo thnx for this nice theme!

    226. […] 8. Versatility Lite Live Demo | Download […]

    227. October 22nd

      awesome theme :D I’m installing it now!

    228. October 23rd

      Any updates on preventing duplicate posts on the first page if you are using a featured post?

      Awesome theme by the way – this is the only problem i’m having with it. I tried out Corey’s suggestion, but it didn’t quite work.

    229. October 29th

      Hi, thank u for the nice theme. but the category can not show on me. Then could u pls give me psd file for the logo?

      Thanks :)

    230. November 6th

      Hi! I need my pages to show up in the nav bar – not my categories. This site will be more of a website than a blog. Help! :)

    231. […] Thumbnail Resizer, Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customize via an Option Page. 20.  Versatility Lite is a two column, ad-ready, widgetized theme with a bit of a grungy feel making it perfect for band […]

    232. November 12th

      Hi, this is a great theme! Thank you for making it available.

      I’ve no experience of PHP but have managed to modify the theme quite a bit to get it to look like my old HTML site…. phew!

      One query though, is it possible to remove the “You Are Viewing *Catogory* ” from the top of the page, so that the first post is positioned at top?

      I’ve tried everything , but the best I’ve managed is to remove it for now by making the text white in the css, but would like the posts to be aligned at the top if you get my drift.

      Any help greatly appreciated…



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    238. […] section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and much more. Download & Details | View […]

    239. December 20th

      Looks elegant, I love it

    240. December 20th

      A really NICE Theme, but I have a problem ….

      Why do I see beneath a post – within the listing of “similar posts” – the same headline of the post not just once, but up to three times?
      See here pls for example:
      … the “similar posts” do show the same headline as the main post, which they should be similar to, but these posts ARE definitely different with a different headline ….!?
      Thx for your help in advance!!

    241. […] Versatility Lite is a two column, ad-ready, widgetized theme with a bit of a grungy feel making it perfect for band websites. […]

    242. […] 29. Versatility Lite […]

    243. January 8th

      Unable to install the theme i recd error

      Warning: file(/home/rebels/public_html/wp-content/themes/VersatilityLite/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/rebels/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

      Can u Guide me?

    244. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    245. […] Features Live Demo Download […]

    246. January 27th

      I seem to get a cross in my top-left-splash when I try and change the image? I don’t want the same thing to happen when I replace the logo.

      Can anyone help?

      Also, is there a way of getting rid of the ad boxes?

    247. January 27th

      @Srihari, This post houses the old version of Versatility Lite. So I would first try grabbing the latest version and trying that. http://thinkdesignblog.com/free-wordpress-theme-versatility-lite-updated-version-28-friendly.htm

      @Victoria, Did you replace the image for the left splash, with a new image of the same size and same name? That should just replace it. Let me now a little more details of what your trying to do and I’ll see how i can help. Please post any other questions on the new Versatility Lite homepage: http://thinkdesignblog.com/free-wordpress-theme-versatility-lite-updated-version-28-friendly.htm

      To everyone in comments with a question that was un-answered. Please post it on the new Versatility Lite homepage. I will leave this up for a while so you can see, but I will be taking down this page soonish. So, check out the updated version (and post your comments or questions there) at: http://thinkdesignblog.com/free-wordpress-theme-versatility-lite-updated-version-28-friendly.htm

    248. January 28th

      Great Super cool themes. Thank you so much.

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    250. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    251. […] Versatility Lite is a two column, ad-ready, widgetized theme with a bit of a grungy feel making it perfect for band websites. […]

    252. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    253. March 2nd


      We love your theme but can anyone send a safari fix for the featured story?? In Safari 4.0.4 the featured story (thumbnail and entry) are too low and look mis-aligned (appears in the demo too). Any chance of sending a fix? Thanks :)

    254. […] 29. Versatility Lite […]

    255. […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    256. […] Hi guys and gals. I’ve been quietly piecing together a new wordpress theme in between copy projects this week. It’s based on Versatility Lite. […]

    257. […] Versatility Lite is a two column, ad-ready, widgetized theme. The theme includes a ¡¥Featured Post’ section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and much more. […]

    258. April 6th

      I know how to insert favicons. However, I could not insert a favicon to my site that is powered by your versatility lite theme. Do you have any “favicon tutorial”for me please?
      Thank you!

    259. […] 19. Versatility Lite […]

    260. April 15th

      […] Versatility Lite [Demo] […]

    261. April 25th

      Favicons truly sets a quality stamp on the website. Just loving it!

    262. April 25th

      OK this theme is not bad too !

    263. April 25th

      Now i got it downloaded , doesnt look too bad at all, Great thanks alot. Im going to stay tuned here and put this site on my favourites, cause there are some experienced people and info here , Regards Martin

    264. […] Versatility Lite is a two column, ad-ready, widgetized theme. The theme includes a ¡¥Featured Post’ section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and much more. […]

    265. Great Super cool themes. Thank you so much.

    266. May 30th

      Please – save me from myself! I have posts in each category, and I’ve checked to make sure they show up properly when viewing the categories on their own (/category/category-name) .. but still they don’t show up on the category bar (next to Home).

      What am I missing? I’m starting to lose it after working on trying to figure this out for the last couple hours ..

    267. May 30th

      Never mind. Problem solved :)

    268. June 1st

      Very cool theme one of the things I liked the most from your test post “Artie Lang Makes Some Movie” man I miss Artie Lang.

    269. […] 29. Versatility Lite […]

    270. June 5th

      Images across the theme can be configured using the Custom Fields. You should add a custom field called “Image” in every post and put the image filename within the custom field value. Each post is attached with several images (but the same filename) that will be shown according to its proper places. The “Banner” image will be shown at the top of every post (below the title), the “Slideshow” image will be shown in the slideshow, the “Asides” image will be shown in the “Aside” section, and the “Thumbnail” images will be shown in the archive and author pages. I repeat, all images should be named the s

    271. June 8th

      Good post. This is a very nice blog that I will definitively come back to more times this year! Thanks for informative post. I am sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for. I just want to say: Thank you!

    272. June 9th

      Hey that was really a great theme and thanks for the efforts to teach us how to customize the codes!

    273. June 16th

      I’m not able to format the text on posts on the index page.. very weird! The formatting appears on the individual post pages but, nothing at all works for formatting the text on index! IDEAS???

    274. July 3rd

      Thanks for great theme!)

    275. July 16th

      This is a really nice looking WordPress theme and even better that it’s free. I will have to download it and try it out. Thanks.

    276. The Hurrah website is a WordPress theme design / development as it happens. I really like this one!

    277. July 20th

      Very cool theme. I really like it. I wanna use it on my blog. thanks

    278. […] 12. Versatility Lite […]

    279. […] Download Versatility Lite | Demo […]

    280. August 21st

      Versatility Lite is awesome…Thanks for sharing the ideas

    281. thanks for the theme download. I might try it and see how it goes.

    282. I like the theme, but I wonder is it possible to make this theme create the thumbnail automatically? Like resizing the first image of the post.

    283. September 3rd

      thanks very nice theme

    284. […] Download […]

    285. September 6th

      I appreciate your designs very much, I like the creation on it.

    286. September 9th

      Good work keep it up

    287. September 20th

      great script i was just searching for this, with little bit of alteration i made it for multi image slider.

    288. September 22nd

      Wow. Design looks kick ass.

    289. September 25th

      Very interesting designe, thanks for article

    290. I like the theme, but I wonder is it possible to make this theme create the thumbnail automatically?

    291. October 13th

      Wow what a great Work. I like this design so much. Looking forward for some more …

    292. October 22nd

      Yeah a real nice theme. Keep ’em coming!

    293. Some really nice ideas here. Thanks very much for posting.

    294. October 25th

      I really like your designs. I hope to see a lot more of these please. :)

    295. October 28th

      Nice post. Something new…great

    296. November 3rd

      Hey that was really a great theme and thanks for the efforts to teach us how to customize the codes!

    297. November 28th

      I think I have figured out how to get everything the way I am liking it. Thx again for the great theme!

    298. December 8th

      The theme is really good but I doubt if it can be proved helpful for creating thumbnail.

    299. December 14th

      I’m someting problem in header…..
      please help me…
      how to customize the codes!

    300. December 21st

      i really like this theme but how to edit footer?
      can u solve it ?

    301. Good efforts
      can i use it for my blog?
      please answer me

    302. Patrick
      January 12th

      Great theme!

      How can I setup a Favicon with this theme?!

      Thanks in advance

    303. January 14th

      thanks for the theme download. I might try it and see how it goes.

    304. January 18th

      Hello, can I just say that this post is spot on and I will now bookmark you and tell all my friends.

    305. January 22nd

      Thanks for the theme. design is good!

    306. February 6th

      I love freebies!! thank you so much i’ll use this in my website!

    307. February 7th

      This is a really nice looking WordPress theme and even better that it’s free. I will have to download it and try it out. Thanks.

    308. February 10th

      Nice Templates.. i saw demo also.. good one are there just i down loaded great.. thank you very much .. many are asked for sample templates i will refer this one…

    309. February 10th

      This is a very nice theme.. nice design thanks for sharing…

    310. February 25th

      very neat and sleek template! i love the design and it’s layout thank you so much for sharing this

    311. Very useful template. How about editing the top menu links?

    312. March 7th

      very nice design theme. thanks

    313. March 12th

      A friend of mine has these cool WP for health, sports, environment and games. Its name is Adelle. You can search it on Google.

    314. March 14th

      thanks for sharing this!! a very sleek design a must have for wordpress lovers

    315. March 21st

      simple and clean, i love this template!! hope there are more freebies here

    316. March 22nd

      I like that~ simple and clean Good work!

    317. March 24th

      Love the template. It’s easy for readers to read your blog and highly customizable.

    318. March 26th

      Thank for sharing.
      Your guides’re so useful. But i am using a blogger templates, can i insert these codes into templates ?


    319. April 8th

      The featured post in the header doesnt work anymore for some reason. And catergories wont show up as well..

    320. April 10th

      I always chose to use your themes because they rocks!

    321. Thanks, godd work :-)

    322. April 15th

      Great theme, thanks for this. Will

    323. April 19th

      I really like this template, very simple and minimalistic.

    324. Aside of being licensed, this one is a good theme to apply posting activities. The feature instructions and ways can produce such clean and smooth post. I am having difficulties in editing welcome messages and the code that you post here gives me an idea.

    325. May 4th

      Like the Versatility theme. It is really adaptive

    326. May 6th

      Really nice theme. The added feeling off leather makes it look really classic.

    327. This themes look really good. Thanks.

    328. May 15th

      Versatility is an awesome theme and versatility lite looks to be awesome for a free theme!

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    330. June 20th

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