• Free WordPress Theme – Versatility Lite Updated (2.8 Friendly)

    Happy Monday all! A while back I released my second free WordPress theme, Versatility Lite. It’s done pretty well, and become a pretty popular theme. And there were no problems until 2.8! Then, a few little bugs came up with the new WordPress updated, making the theme not work properly. Not to fear! Today I’ve got, thanks again to my friends at Qkin, an updated version of Versatility Lite for you! The design, which became so popular, remains the same, and the theme functions in the same ways. We just fixed a couple of the bugs, added threaded comments, etc. Hopefully this helps! I am reattaching the installation and customization notes to this post, as this will become the new homepage of Versatility Lite, rather than the original post. I tried to be as detailed as possible in the notes. If you do run into any problems, let me know in comments, and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Versatility Lite enough to warrant the upgrade! ;)

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    Download the Changelog



    - To install, upload the Versatility Lite folder into your "Themes" folder.
    - From your WordPress dashboard, activate "Versatility Lite"
    And that’s really it!


    To Create the Thumbnails for the Post:

    To create the thumbnails for the post, you’ll need to use the "Custom Fields" area while posting. Enter a "Key" of "thumbnail" and make the "Value" the path to the image you would like to use for your thumbnail. The theme has an image re-sizer, so it will re-size any image to the appropriate size. The thumbnails will be 125px by 90px however, so for the best results, try to keep create your thumbnail with the same proportions.


    To Make a "Featured Post":

    The theme comes with a "Featured Post" section at the top. All you have to do make an article go there, is to give it a tag of "featured." The Featured section at the top will show the latest post with the tag of "featured."


    To Edit Welcome Message:

    There is a "Welcome" section at the top to the left of the "Featured Post" Section. To change the text, open the file "featured-block.php."

    Here you will see code that looks like:

    <div id="about-us"><span class="blue-text">Welcome</span><br/>Here is where you could put something about you. You can edit this text in "featured-block.php" in the theme directory. </div>

    You can just edit the text starting with "Here is where…" and then save.


    To Set Up Admin Comments:

    The theme comes with a variation between Admin comments, and normal blog visitors. You will just have add your admin email address to make them display properly.

    Open ‘comments.php’ and find the area of code that looks like:

    <?php $comment_type = get_comment_type(); ?>
    <?php if($comment_type == ‘comment’) { ?>
    <div class="comment <?php if ($comment->comment_author_email == "gen3mail@gmail.com") echo ‘admin’; else echo $oddcomment; ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">

    Replace the default email address "gen3mail@gmail.com" to your admin email address. Thats it!


    To Set up RSS Email Info:

    There is a built in "Subscribe" section in the sidebar. The RSS feed will need no changing on your part to work, however you will have to insert the link provided by Feedburner (or whatever service you use) for ‘Email Updates.’ That information will be found in your FeedBurner account. Once you have the link, you will need to open "sidebar.php"

    In "sidebar.php" you will see a section that looks like the following:

        <div class="side-box">
    <h3>Subscribe <a href="<?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?>" class="rss">RSS</a><a href="#" class="email">Email</a></h3>

    Find that part of the code that looks like:

    <a href="#" class="email">Email</a></h3>

    Simply replace the "#" in the above code with your "Subscribe by Email" link.


    To Set Up Ad Space:

    The theme comes with 2 areas for you to put ads, both in the sidebar. To edit this area and insert your ads, once again open "sidebar.php"

    You will see a code that looks like this:

        <div class="side-box">
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/ad-spot1.gif" alt="ad1" height="125" width="125"/></a>
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/ad-spot2.gif" alt="ad2" height="125" width="125"/></a>
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/advertise.gif" alt="adv" height="125" width="57"/></a>

    This is the ad code. To have your ads appear, simply override the current "ad-spot1.gif" & "ad-spot2.gif" files with your ad files. Then, you will just need to add the link for the add. Find the code that looks like this:

    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/ad-spot1.gif" alt="ad1" height="125" width="125"/></a>

    Replace the "#" with the link for the correct ad.

    There is also an "Advertise Here" button to the right of the ad space. This can also be changed in the above code:

    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/ad-spots/advertise.gif" alt="adv" height="125" width="57"/></a>

    I would recommend replacing this "#" with a link to your "Advertise" page, or with a link to contact you.



    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

    Which basically means, you can alter, transform, or build upon our work, even for commercial purposes as long as you give us credit. In this theme’s case, credit is the two links in the footer (thinkdesignblog.com & qkin.com) which may not be removed. You may NOT claim the work as your own, or resell our work, even if modified. But to clarify, you can use this theme in anyway, even commercially as long as you retain the links in the footer.

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    1. June 29th

      Do you mean “Free” in title? :)

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    3. June 29th

      Is there an easy way to upgrade from Versatility Lite 1.6 to 2.0 without losing all the customisations and changes we’ve made for our website?


    4. June 30th

      Are the bug fixes just the ones that Margaret had mentioned in the previous release’s comments? Would prefer to just input the bug fixes manually so I don’t lose the customizations I’ve made in the code.

    5. June 30th

      @FreeGFX, Ha. Yes, yes i did :) Thank you!

      @John Reppion, Not really unfortunately. Basically the best way would be to remake your changes on the new theme, or add the new elements to your old theme. I’m working on getting my friend at Qkin who coded the theme to make a change log inorder to make this easier. Thanks for your comment!

      @Dave Webb, Basically what Margaret mentioned. And adding thread comments, etc. I’m working on getting a change log made so it’ll be easier for yall to update. I’ll add it to this post as soon as I get it. Thanks for your comment!

    6. June 30th

      And thanks for the quick reply. It really is an excellent theme and I’m doing some upkeep on my blog before I do the upgrade to 2.8 to make it as hassle-free as possible.

    7. June 30th

      Thanks Nick a change log would be very useful.

      The theme is great by the way.


    8. July 4th

      beautiful giveaway, it’s always nice to see such theme friebies :)

    9. July 6th

      I am facing the same problem which is faced by John & Dave. Kindly make is as earliest. We are egar to use new theme & features.

    10. Selwyn
      July 7th

      I really like to get the images in my post on the frontpage. How can i do that?

    11. July 13th

      Thanks for making the changes to the theme. I do have to credit Lyndi at http://www.nice2all.com for the threaded comments part of the theme upgrades. If you don’t have her site bookmarked, you should as she is very knowledgeable about WP and creative about how to get things done. I’m just an average hack where she’s the professional :P

    12. July 16th

      Hey Nick ! Any update on how to update the theme manually. I am waiting for your comment on this.

    13. July 16th

      I’m having problems making the Featured Post show, though I am using “featured” as the tag. The featured section shows only “No Post Found. Add the tag featured to the post you want displayed here.
      This will pull the latest post tagged featured.” What could be the problem?

    14. YJ
      July 16th


      Was trying to use versatility V2 on wordpress 2.8.1. It seems the drop drop sub menus cannot be used.

      If there any quick fix for this issue?

      Best Regards,

    15. July 26th

      Hi Nick,

      just wondering if there’s been any progress on getting a change log together.



    16. Yaniv
      July 28th

      first thanks for a great theme!
      i have a question: how do i get rid of the “You Are Viewing ‘title’ ” in the title?
      i also need to translate the theme. and i cant find where to translate the “Posted By” “Comments” and “Posted on” when you click on a category.

      thanks for any help

    17. July 30th


    18. jec
      July 31st

      could not extract all files. says about encrypt. so js and d.store and else cannot be extracted

    19. August 12th

      Any news on the changelog for this new version?

    20. August 12th

      @jec, Hmm. Thats strange. Can you give some more detail about where you getting this problem?

      @Dave, Sorry, I’m trying to get it done ASAP. I’m bugging my friend at Qkin non-stop about it! :) While he is very busy, I hope I can get it done soon. I’ll post a progress update on it here soon if nothing else.

    21. Xray
      August 13th

      Thx Nick :D

    22. August 24th


      Thanks for a great theme! I love this theme so much!

      By the way, I can’t use “wp-pagenavi” plugin with this theme (a page navigation plugin). Do you know which navigate plugin can live with this theme?

    23. Julie
      August 24th

      I love the site! I just can’t figure out how to get any thumbnailsl into it. Any suggestions? I’ve tried everything…

    24. August 26th

      @Julie: Read the psot above and you will find out

      @Nick: I’ve tried many page navigation plugins but none of theme working with this theme. Do you have any solution?

    25. August 27th

      great template!

      Anyway to get a psd of the top left picture, http://versatility.thinkfourdesign.com/wp-content/themes/VersatilityLite/images/top-left-splash.jpg so I can plug in a pic?


    26. Kikou
      August 28th

      menu does not work in IE !!!!

    27. August 28th

      oh and is it easy to add disqus.com comments to it?

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    29. September 1st

      Hi, The update is good so far.

      My one problem: in the comments, there’s no longer an admin comment variation… will there be a patch for this?

    30. September 4th

      Great theme, works great thank you man!

      I have two questions
      How can i delete thumbnail on the post page (single.php)?
      how can i add recent comments on the sidebar?

    31. September 4th

      Thanks anyway :) great work

    32. September 9th

      I am really enjoying the special features available in this Versatility Lite , I have not come across any problems so far, Great

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    34. September 14th

      Okay I feel like a doof – using WP 2.8.4 and can’t get the widgets to replace the default sidebar.

      Do I have to make sidebar changes in the editor instead?

      Thanks – love the look of the theme!

    35. [...] Mie imi place foarte mult ce a iesit, tema se numeste Versatility Lite, facuta de cei de la thinkdesign. Dar s-au facut modificare puternice in partea de backend si nu numai. Saptamana aceasta au avut [...]

    36. philipp
      September 28th

      Thanks a lot for this great theme, I loved it on first sight :) Now my new blog is running with it…
      Just as Taiwan I was wondering if there is any .psd available for the top-left-splash.jpg or if you could point me in the direction of a similar PS tutorial. I would really like to try to insert some new images (perhaps with a nice jquery fading effect) while remaining true to the theme’s style.

    37. November 12th

      Nice team bro… but i have a little problem with the “Categories”. Category i made dosn’t display at the header or footer blog. It’s say “No Category”. How to fix it?


    38. November 13th

      I’m having the same issue with the Categories at the moment, any help?

    39. November 13th

      Ignore my last comment, it turns out that you need to assign a category to a post to allow it to be displayed within the header or footer of the page.

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    41. ZoiX
      December 27th

      Hi admin!

      In your demo I see that in the comments section there is a button for a quick reply, but in my installation there isn’t. I try with the code in comments.php in V1 but I can’t solve it.

      Do you know why? I’m using WP 2.9.
      Thhank you (:

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    43. January 9th

      Great theme, thanks for sharing it, Nick!
      I added it to WP Theme Lounge (http://wptheme-lounge.com/2010/01/06/versatility-lite/).

    44. ZoiX
      January 19th

      Just for a quick reply for my own question. In comments I need to check the option for this,

    45. January 20th

      maybe somebody could elp me, im running always against the wall.
      i have defined categorien in wordpress backend. i wrote an article an asigned it to a category. BUT it Dont display these categories.

      where have i look up to can see the categories. i mean in which *.php, may i changed something personalize the theme.

      would be kind if someone could give me a hint to solve this.

      greetings from spain


    46. January 28th

      Hello all. I know some of these response may be coming a little late. I no longer speak with the coder who originally coded this theme. That along with a surge in client work lately has made it harder to try to answer your questions with the good answers yall deserve. Anywho, I’m going to respond to the best of my ability to each of you, and we’ll go from there!

      (I’ll also be taking down the old version soon to end confusion. I’m just leaving it up temporarily so all of the people that commented can see the message.)

      @tronghoang2u, Hm, not sure. I wasn’t aware WP-Pagenavi didn’t work, as I’ve never tried it on this theme. But that is my plugin of choice. I’ll check it out, and see if I can’t find an alternative.

      @Julie, when writing a post, just add a custom field with a key of “thumbnail” with the value being the URL to the thumbnail image.

      @Taiwan Brown, What do you mean by template of that pic? If you replace the picture with a image the same size and same name, it will replace that picture. Does that help? If not, let me know.

      @Kikou, which terrible version of IE are you referring to? :) It looks good in IE6 and up.

      @Taiwan Brown, not sure, I’ve never worked with disqus comments. You would most likely just either have to edit the single.php file or the comments.php file.

      @Shannon, Hm, there should be. Let me check it out and get back to you.

      @Andrea, The sidebar is widgetized, but it also has those defaults in there. You can just add whatever you’d like, and deleted whichever defaults you don’t need/want. They would be in the sidebar.php file.

      @philipp, No sorry, no .psd available. But to replace that image, you would just need to replace the image in the image folder with a picture the same size and file name. You can also edit it in the featured-block.php file.

      @Momokz, what Justin below you said :) Just add a post to the categories, and they’ll show up.

      @ZoiX, I see you figured it out!

      @WP Theme Lounge, thanks!

      @univer, seems as if you got it to work? If not, let me know.

    47. TorH
      January 28th

      In response to the catagories problems, I still can’t get my catagories to appear on the header bar, despite having made cats and assigning posts to that!

      Also, I changed them image for one of the same pixels and file name in the images folder of the theme, and it shows up as a red cross/blue question mark.

      Many thanks

    48. January 28th

      Hi (sorry, Tor H above is also me)

      The image is still a problem. The picture is the same pixel size, and a jpeg, and the same name, but a slightly different file size. I have moved the new files through filezillar FTP. It’s clearly trying to load up the picture, but can’t. Do I need to reload the whole theme?

      Catagories are also not showing on the header, despite having written posts and selected catagories.

      On the positive side, the thumnails on the main site look really good.

    49. January 29th

      @TorH/Victoria, As for your image question, when I try to go to the path the image should be in (http://abgv776.portfolios.cutlines.org/wp-content/themes/VersatilityLite/images/top-left-splash.jpg) I get a 404. That should load an image. Make sure you’ve got that image in that folder and it should show.

      As for your category question, I’m not sure. So you’ve updated to the new 2.8 friend version, and the categories are still not working?

    50. wonder
      February 2nd

      pretty good theme, can install in Chinese Version 2.91.but the paragraph style doen’t work with Chinese,when I space one line,but it doesn’t work,
      how can I solve this problem,thanks.

    51. February 2nd

      @wonder, I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Can you elaborate a bit?

    52. February 21st

      I just wanted a .psd (if you had it of the) effect on the picture of your face…. but I see you don’t :(

      once again… great theme!

    53. Victoria Holland
      March 17th

      is it possible to use a Flikr feed into the ad spots? How does this work? Sorry, rather clueless.


    54. March 19th


      I can’t get the categories to work.

      Can somebody help me?


    55. April 6th

      I have also posted on the earlier version page.
      I am trying without success to add a favicon. Why? I would greatly appreciate a “tutorial” (by the way, I think I know how to put in favicons, because it worked for me in other sites). Perhaps I am editing the wrong file?

    56. May 7th

      Love the theme. I set it up and have had a lot of compliments.

      I may have missed it in a post somewhere. I loaded the v.1.6 and now see the v.2.8

      has an upgrade been made yet? If not, how do transfer the theme to v.2?

      great work!

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    58. June 4th

      I love this theme! But I am absolutely stumped and could use some HELP!

      How can I put a FlashFader slideshow in to replace the top-left-splash in the Featured Post Box??? I tried adding the FlashFader code in every spot I could think of in the featured-block.php and nothing works.

      I can get the slide show to appear, and work, BUT it moves the rest of the featured post block out of alignment. Where can I put the code so that doesn’t happen?

      PLEASE HELP! I know it would look AMAZING if I can have the flashfader slideshow there!!!

    59. Shaheer
      July 13th

      I just got this theme on my multi-user site, and simply loving it! =D
      But there’s a problem. =(
      Its kinda weird though. While customizing the theme, I went to the comments.php file. I wanted to format the date how it appears in comments, and also remove the EDIT link next to the comments (because I’ve blocked user access to dashboard as I don’t want them there, everything is done on the front end).
      But the problem was that I couldn’t find any code related to the date or the EDIT link.
      The other problem was that when I opened a post and put some test comments on it, the REPLY button was also messed up. It only appeared as a grey box which changed color when I hovered it. When I check the DEMO site, the reply link worked just fine. I went to the source of the DEMO site you created, and found this code where the reply button is:


      Now in my case, when I viewed the source of my page, it had this:

      Its just an empty div. I’m confused what caused this. I couldn’t even find a div with class “reply” in comments.php, so I could at least add this missing code there.

      So I need your help! WHERE are all these divs if not in comments.php?

    60. July 15th

      I’m sorry but in my previous comment the html code I entered turned into a REPLY link, I didn’t know that’ll happen.
      This is what I meant to say in that comment.

      “…… I went to the source of the DEMO site you created, and found this code where the reply button is:
      Reply */

      Now in my case, when I viewed the source of my page, it had this:
      /* */

      Its just an empty div. I’m confused what caused this. I couldn’t even find a div with class “reply” in comments.php, so I could at least add this missing code there.

      So I need your help! WHERE are all these divs if not in comments.php?

    61. July 15th

      great, the html worked again.
      ok here’s the FINAL code!

      I’m adding a comma in every tag, hoping it won’t work again this time.

      So the REPLY link has THIS code:


      but the code in my page is only like an empty div.
      (oh please i hope only the code shows up this time. If it doesn’t, I hope you get my point what i’m trying to say)

    62. August 28th

      Would still love to know hot to widen the content area in this blog, if anyone has any ideas.

    63. Ryan
      November 19th

      Hi mate

      Great theme. Small issue the featured post in FF/IE works fine but in chrome it is pushed to the bottom of the header. Any ideas how to fix?


    64. December 18th

      Hi Nick,

      Great theme, I love some of the built-in features like RSS and Related Posts. This way it fits nicely with the rest of the design.

      I do have one question though. I can’t seem to get the categories to work. I’m using WP3, and I’ve made some categories and assigned posts to them.

      However, they don’t show up in the header or footer of the page. Do you know how I can fix this?



    65. January 4th

      Nice theme , great for framework and speeding works

    66. January 13th

      I really like to get the images in my post on the frontpage. How can i do that?

    67. January 14th

      Why cut wp my posts after 6 or 7 lines?
      Links from frontpage also didn’t work


    68. February 1st

      Great theme. Small issue the featured post in FF/IE works fine but in chrome it is pushed to the bottom of the header. Any ideas how to fix?

    69. April 6th

      Hey, thank you for the free theme! I seem to be having trouble getting the menu working, though – it says “NO CATEGORIES” even though I’ve actually got plenty of them. Have you already addressed this somewhere?

    70. June 21st

      Thanks for a great theme!

    71. July 26th

      I’ve done some personalizing to the theme and have run into an issue with the sidebar – I want to change the width of the theme but I can find the code to move the sidebar over. Also the images I’m exporting are a different width – am I going to have to re-upload all the images in the correct width or is there a code to automatically do this. I would appreciate any help I can get :)

    72. October 13th

      Is this compatible with WP v3?

    73. January 30th

      Hi there, I was wondering I’m trying to change the color of the gray bar under the splash pictures, I know its in the css file somewhere but I can’t seem to find it. I found where to change the color of the links but not the bar. Am I completely missin it? Please let me know. Thanks! (Note: my site is a work in progress right now).

    74. Daniel
      February 6th

      The theme is really beautiful!
      But I have one issue and no idea, what is to do now… I can´t use pictures in my articles! With the excerpt-plugin I have made the articles complete shown at homepage/index. But pictures will only shown when I use the next gallery-plugin or at single page. How I get pictures from mediathek also at index-page?

    75. December 2nd

      Is there a forum for help with this theme?

      I am just starting to customize a blog with it and somehow my sidebar has gotten out of place on the inner pages, home page is fine but on the inner pages the sidebar is in the main section below the content. I am not sure what to look for in trying to fix it.


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