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    Today we’ve got a really cool freebie for yall. The third WordPress theme from ThinkDesignBlog.com, called "SalesLead." It’s a WordPress Theme intended to make it easy to create a simple & beautiful, modern product sales page.

    You can show off your product, offer up some key info & bullets points, and link your Buy Now button in just a few minutes. You can add testimonials, and other supporting text down the homepage as well. The homepage is widgetized, so you can put as many testimonials and supporting text blocks as you’d like.

    The theme was designed by me, Nick Pagano with Think Design Blog/Think Four Graphic Design, and coded by the fine folks at Purlize. They are a new company that offers PSD to HTML conversions, and more. Tyler, from Purlize, was a great help on this project, and also wanted to see y’all have an awesome end product. Make sure to check out there website, and their top-notch code.

    Download graphic design freebies, free wordpress themes, free vectors, an photoshop brushes from thinkdesignblog.com.Download graphic design freebies, free wordpress themes, free vectors, an photoshop brushes from thinkdesignblog.com.



    SalesLead Setup & How To.

    1. Upload via FTP, or using the "Upload" option under the "Install Themes" tab. (Appearance –> Themes –> Install Themes)
    2. Active theme.
    3. Now, you will see a "Saleslead Theme Options" page. Here is where you can setup the basics for the theme. You can input a path for the header & footer logos, as well as the favicon. The "Parent Name" and "Parent Company Link" are for the header and footer, where the parent company name is displayed. You can also enter copyright text for the footer, and a Google Analytics code.

    - Now, you will want to setup your product. You’ll see there is a custom post type called "Product". You’ll click "Add New Product." The title of the ‘post’ will be the main headline. The content of the post will be the subheading. The ‘Featured Image’ will be the product image to the left of the headline & info.
    - To add bullet points: You simply create a custom field with a name of "bullets". The ‘value’ is whatever you want the bullet to be. (You can add as many as you want.)
    - To include the "Buy Now" button. Simply create a custom field with a name of "BUYNowButtonLink". Then put the URL you want to link to as the value of the custom field.
    - To setup the Testimonial/Copy section below the product section: This section is widgetized, so you’ll go to ‘Widgets’ under appearance. You’ll see two sidebars: Home Left, and Home right. You’ll also see a new ‘Testimonial Widget’. For the supporting copy to the right of the testimonials, you can use the default ‘text’ widget, and it will be styled properly. So, for instance on the demo, I have 2 testimonial widgets in the "Home Left" sidebar, and five text widgets on "Home right." You can add as many as you want to these areas.

    That should be basically it! Then you’ll be up and running with your spiffy new sales page!


    This is the first release of the SalesLead Theme. Feel free to suggest any changes, bugs, or fixes to the theme in the comments. We will try to update the theme as necessary. Please understand that the theme is available "as is" and that we are not responsible for any bugs. The one major thing we’ll be incorporating next time, will be easy integration of Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and other mail services for the "newsletter" section at the bottom of the homepage. We wanted to get this out there though, so as of now, it’s more of a section you can work with, and manually integrate it with your MailChimp, or similar services.

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    2. June 10th

      Thanks a lot for sharing this nice post! excellent job :)


    3. June 12th

      Thanks admin…

    4. June 17th

      Thank you for sharing this nice wordpress product sale theme.

    5. mike
      June 20th

      Is there a way to get rid of the Footer that says sign up for our newsletter or to add my aweber code into it?

      Also, is there a way to make it less wide so scroll bars are not needed?


    6. June 21st

      nice job…

    7. PedroDK
      July 8th

      Hi ThinkDesign, I am somewhat of a WP newbie… but hey – thanks a lot for a very nice WP landing page theme.
      How difficult (or easy) would it be to integrate this landing page into another WP theme, where the rest of my website resides?
      rgds PedroDK

    8. wonderful work.

    9. Cable
      July 19th

      I’m looking to evaluate this theme but it is failing to install properly.

      Warning: fopen(/home/dexpress/public_html/wp-content/themes/SalesLead-Theme/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/dexpress/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4339

    10. July 25th

      @Clipping path – Glad you enjoyed it!

      @Radient Heating – Your welcome Radiant, your welcome..

      @ Markus – Thanks for your comment.

      @ Mike – Sure, to remove the newsletter section, you old edit the ‘footer.php’ file. You would just remove the following code and everything between it: (There won’t be astricks in the actual code.)

      < *div id="ournewsletter">
      < */div>

      As far as making it less wide. What resolution/browser that are you having to scroll? Let me know.

      @Rongdhonu – Grazie

      @Pedro, An easy way would be to create a subpage, say: salespage.yourdomain.com, and install it there. Link that to the main page at: yourdomain.com, and vise versa.

      @ Computer – Your too kind.

      @Cable, was it on a fresh install of WordPress? What version? Haven’t had any issues with installation yet, but let me know.

    11. [...] know I’ve been a bit quite lately. Though we did release a new free WordPress theme called SalesLead a few weeks back, which you should check out if you haven’t. So, to break my silence, [...]

    12. Brian Jacobsen
      August 2nd

      Hey Nick,

      Thanks for this cool theme, is there any way to make it so you might substitute a video for the featured image?

      Thanks again!

    13. Wow Nick,

      Your squeeze page is beautiful, it looks great and puts the one I designed to shame. I really like the layout and it’s refreshing to see something other than the boring squeeze page format which we see everywhere. I will try it on one of my product sites that has been looking really tired. Is it cool to alter the colours in the theme?

      Many thanks

      Rob :)

    14. August 11th

      Hi! What do you mean: “The ‘Featured Image’ will be the product image to the left of the headline & info.”
      Where can I write the product image link?

    15. August 13th

      Beautiful design, will definitely be making use of this one!

    16. August 29th

      hello, nice theme! I tested it out, however how do you add a custom field for the buy now button? I’m kind of stuck on that. thanks for your help!

    17. August 29th

      I figured out the custom field thing, wp 3.2 has it hidden unless you to go to the top of the Product page where it says “Screen Options” and then select custom fields then it will show up, otherwise custom fields is hidden. So now I am trying to figure out how to get the newsletter section to submit and actually work? am i missing something, it does not seem to work on your demo site either

    18. September 28th

      Great share, looks great. Nice simple layout and design.

    19. October 21st

      Very cool. I’m going to try this today.

    20. October 23rd

      This is freakin awesome!!

      I am going to try this.

      I love the nice simple clean layout

    21. October 25th

      Good looking theme, would word well for product landing pages and things like that.

    22. November 1st

      Really nice free theme! Thanks for sharing it, I’ll definitely be adding this to my WordPress themes folder for future reference! You can literally never have too many at hand.

    23. November 13th

      This theme is great for anyone who already has a web hosting account and registered domain but lacks the technical know-how of building an ecommerce site!

    24. November 21st

      Thanks!! This will come in handy! You are a great resource.

    25. November 21st

      This is a hellova nice theme to share for free. Thanks a ton guys.

    26. Harian
      January 21st

      Hi Nick, this theme is awesome! It works.

      I suggest for the next this great theme has page and post tempate. I need these template for additional page and blog. Thanks for your nice job.

    27. February 2nd

      when i upload the documetn i get: Stylesheet is missing. what should i do?? i cant install this them.

    28. February 11th

      Thank you,Good Post and Easy To Set Up and Use Theme.

    29. sctt
      February 17th

      The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    30. February 22nd

      I sale multiple products. I am not looking for a single sales page theme. I am looking for a WP addon that can create fast pages, where I can place content, videos, images in a fast and simple manner…I am not looking for a theme that seems to just focus maybe on one product.

    31. eric
      March 7th

      Just got below message when i tried to install

      Unpacking the package…

      Installing the theme…

      The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

      Theme install failed.

    32. April 11th

      Great Landing page. perfect for clickbank affiliate

    33. April 18th

      great work
      i just wonder,
      i want to add to this theme, about us page and FAQ and contact us page
      but when i create page it always get the design of the product page and it is just messed up.

      is it even possible???

    34. Philip
      May 1st


      Are you available for a custom job ? I’d like to create a page template for the saleslead theme in order to display other information : contact, technical specs pages etc.
      Could you do that for me ? At which price ?
      If not, could tell me how to do it myself ?


    35. Jennifer
      May 31st

      Hi, and thanks for a gorgeous theme! I just tried installing it to WordPress and got an error that the install failed due to a missing CSS style sheet. Do you know if this is due to updates to WP since you released this free template? Do you happen to know of a workaround for this problem?


      Jennifer Wenzel

    36. Ghassan
      June 10th

      Hi i’m using your theme now, but i have a problem with the featured image, i can’t get right, it always shows up on the right side not the left.

    37. June 14th

      Thank you for this. I really appreciate it.

      But I cant install it to WordPress, it kept saying failure to intall because the style.css is missing.
      Any thoughts?

    38. June 21st

      Nick, Trying to install this on WP 3.4 and I am having the same issue as @Cable. The install fails and I get an error saying the file style.css is missing.

      Want to check out your theme. Please let me know when you have a resolution.

    39. ryan
      July 24th

      Ditto to Theresa.

    40. July 26th

      I try to install the theme and it fails due to missing style.css.

    41. July 26th

      Same here, style.css is missing.

    42. Phil
      August 5th

      How do we connect the newsletter to mailchimp or aweber?

    43. Sosadnow
      August 19th

      me too I can not install this theme, it says the style.css file is missing

    44. September 12th

      Hi Nick!

      Is it possible to use “BUYNowButtonLink” also for internal links, because I want to link to a page included a form builder? Currently it does not work.

      Any idea?



    45. November 17th

      Sorry, how can i find wordpress theme that can compatible with showing products plugin ?

    46. December 3rd

      Great theme, thank you! I will definitely use this to sell my ebook, it came just in time. :-)

    47. December 7th

      the zip file is missing the style sheet. Please advise

    48. December 16th

      Awesome for selling and showcase a product!
      Great work!!Congratulations!Keep up the great work!

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