• Free Vectors – Extreme Sports Vectors

    Hello all, time for some more free vectors. This is the first vector freebie created with my new Wacom Tablet! I wanted to have some fun, and draw some things I enjoy, so I figured this would be perfect. The pack consists of 4 cool sketchy/gesture type drawings of skateboarding, snowboarding, and freestlye BMX. They were very fun to make, and I hope yall can get some usage out of them. Also, I’m loving the Wacom tablet, and have some very cool stuff planned for the future! I’m including a preview below of the vectors. Enjoy!

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    1. January 25th

      The downloadlink seems to be broken.

    2. January 25th

      i can’t download the file eps

      Oops! The page you are looking for is not here.

    3. January 25th

      ^Sorry! The link is fixed now.

    4. January 25th

      Awesome! You should put them on OpenCliparts. ;-)

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    6. Mitch
      January 28th

      The Link work for me.

    7. […] ◎Free Vectors – Extreme Sports Vectors | Think Design […]

    8. January 30th

      @Lazza, Thanks! Glad ya like em!

      @Mitch, Whats the deal man! Yup, fixed the link before ya got to it. Thanks for commenting!

    9. April 29th

      WOW great desing, tnx

    10. R
      May 8th

      I don’t want vectors now !

      i just want watch this amazing designing of this website , leather and fucking great woods and paper.
      it’s my default page .

    11. June 10th

      These would be great for images geared toward young boys.

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    13. […] Download Source […]

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