• Free Vectors – 7 High-Quality City Skyline Vectors

    Hello all! Hope your weeks going well. I took a short vacation (sort of) at the end of last week to go watch my younger brother graduate from the U.S. Marines! So that was awesome. Also my first trip to Cali. Now I’m more than back in the swing of things though, so I’m bringing you some high-quality free vectors! There are 7 total, and I made them so that they would be super easy to edit. Hoping you find a good use for them. :) I’m attaching a preview below. Enjoy!

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    1. August 29th

      thanks so much for the free vectors, i’ve been looking for something like this for a while now!

    2. August 29th

      Ah! GREAT! Thank you! :D

    3. August 29th

      Very Nice. :)

    4. August 30th

      These look awesome Nick.

      Thanks for sharing :)

    5. Mollie
      August 31st

      These are cool.

      Could you please tell us which cities they are?

    6. […] Free Vectors – 7 High-Quality City Skyline Vectors […]

    7. Ressa
      September 1st

      Thank you.

    8. hellp
      September 2nd

      i was wondering once you download vectors how do you use them

    9. hellp
      September 2nd

      i was wondering once you download vectors how do you use them by th way really cool by the way these are awesome

    10. September 3rd

      soo good

    11. September 3rd

      good stuff, thanks!

    12. Great post, I have not come across skylines before. Thanks for posting!

    13. September 3rd

      where was this 2 months ago when i needed it =/

      ps. great post anyways :)

    14. September 4th

      Thanks a bunch mandinga!

    15. September 8th

      gracias man let me know if you need some la and ny solo buildings in vector i’lll send them to you

    16. September 10th

      The vector themes are looking great , Fantastic effort

    17. La Toupie
      October 5th

      Thank you for those great city skylines

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    20. January 24th

      Very nice icons, I like it…

    21. January 24th

      Ps. Very nice vector skylines sorry :)

    22. April 15th

      Nice! Thank you.

    23. Gail
      April 15th

      Fabulous vectors – thank you!

    24. April 16th

      Hello Nick can you tell me?.. What are the licensing rights with these vector images?

    25. April 18th

      Very cool thank you for sharing.

    26. April 18th

      Great stuff here!

    27. April 19th

      Really Awesome vector skylines! Looking forward to using them!


    28. April 22nd

      Good Stuff thanks for the cool vectors

      thanks again

    29. April 30th

      Very moody looking landscapes, they look great. Can I use these on my web designs? Think my client will digg them…

    30. […] Vectors – 7 High-Quality City Skyline Vectors […]

    31. […] City Skyline Vectors […]

    32. September 22nd

      very cool stuff to share well done

    33. October 23rd

      Great vectors! I like the view of the 2nd vector. The design of the peak of the building is great for me. However, some parts appeared too darker than even the lines of the building can’t be recognized.

    34. November 6th

      They look cool vectors ,i think with a little redesign and some colour could make it look pretty cool.

    35. November 10th

      I used to remember business places whenever I see this kind of images. You really made an outstanding vectors that can still got the great angles of these tall buildings.

    36. City Skyline vectors look so fantastic. As I’m checking the picture now, it reminds me of vintage pictures. The black and white once created from the old generation.

    37. February 22nd

      Thanks so much, they are awesome!

    38. Lindsey Guard
      June 8th

      Can you tell us what cities these are?

    39. Thank you, this article help to me!

    40. Lizz
      July 4th

      Thank you so much.. it really helps!

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