• Free Vectors – 28 Halftone Vectors (Clean & Grunge Versions)

    Hello all, hope your week is going well! Today I’m bringing you some always useful halftone vectors. The set includes 28 total, with both a clean and grunge version. I elected to make them vector over photoshop brushes so that yall can get a bit more use out of them. After all, 2500px is nice, but pretty unhelpful when making a billboard, or something larger :) I’m including a preview of both versions below. Enjoy!

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    1. March 12th

      I used to buy these exact patterns in self-adhesive Zip-A-Tone back before the desktop publishing revolution. Ever since I’ve missed their easy application because these patterns require a lot of work in Illustrator.

      These are wonderful! Thanks for creating this collection.

    2. March 13th

      These halftones can be used in many designs. Thanks.

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    4. March 13th

      These halftones can be used in many designs. Thanks.
      Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

    5. d13t
      March 13th

      Thank you!

    6. Kitty
      March 13th

      Perfect! I was JUST reading tuts on “how to” and then here they are!

      Thanks so much.

    7. March 13th

      @Pariah Burke, That sounds cool, didn’t know such packs existed! Glad you like them, and found em useful. Thanks for commenting!

      @Laith Ibrahim, Your too kind! Thanks! I’m glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by.

      @d13t, your welcome! Thanks for commenting.

      @Kitty, Awesome! Gotta love that! :) Thanks for your comment.

    8. March 13th

      These, and just about everything you share with us, are great! I really appreciate what your doing!

      Lots of inspiration on how to use them! Can’t wait to get started!

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    10. March 15th

      o grr, this is really nice – loving this share!!

      Bookmarking right now!

    11. March 15th

      Whoa, neat! I already have some ideas to use these with, thanks so much.

    12. March 17th


    13. March 20th

      it didn’t work on my cs2
      but thanks anyway :)

    14. […] 28 Halftone Vectors (Clean & Grunge) via ThinkDesignBlog […]

    15. March 21st

      @Bethany, Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! Glad you like em.

      @Dainis Graveris, Glad ya like them Thanks for stopping by, and commenting!

      @Heather, Awesome! Feel free to upload whatever you end up doing to the Think Design showcase, I’d love to see it!

      @Mazzo, Your welcome, thanks for the comment.

      @Dian, Sorry about that! I should have thought to include that. I’ll fix that, and upload a CS version later. Thanks for your comment!

    16. […] by: thinkdesignblog.com Download:  28 Halftone Vectors Click here to cancel reply. […]

    17. […] and grunge version. The size is in 2500px. It is a ready use vector set, so it will help you alot!See the preview of both versions (clean and grunge halftone vectors) from the source site before you decide to download it or just […]

    18. March 26th

      Have you ever spent countless hours creating a masterpiece for t-shirt printing only to receive bad news back from the printer? well halftone is usually a good substitute for gradients

    19. […] See the preview of both versions (clean and grunge halftone vectors) from the source site before you decide to download it or just bookmark it for future usage! […]

    20. […] Free Vectors – 28 Halftone Vectors (Clean & Grunge Versions) | Think Design – Halftone Vektorgrafiken zum Download. […]

    21. March 28th

      I LOVE YOU! these are awesome. BIG thanks.

    22. March 28th

      very nice vectors, thanks

    23. […] 28 Halftone Vectors – free halftone vector set (2500px size), contains 28 vectors total, with both a clean and grunge version. […]

    24. […] Visit Download Site […]

    25. […] Visit Download Site […]

    26. Miro!
      April 1st

      Pretty nice package and very complete dude.
      Thx for sharing this lo/

    27. April 3rd

      Great work, thanks!

    28. April 5th

      @Richard, that does suck! :) I’m glad they can be useful. Thanks for the comment.

      @Ariyo, Your very welcome, and thank you! You are too kind.

      @Mateusz Glad you like them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      @Miro!, Thanks, I appreciate it. I’m glad you like them! Thanks for commenting.

      @turkish, Very welcome, hope they come in handy. Thanks for stopping by.

    29. April 14th

      There are so many possibilities with these!

    30. Nice work!

    31. May 10th

      Found this via delicous. Great vectors. Very useful I guess. But also your site design is awesome. I simply love your footer!

    32. May 10th

      Very useful, I’ll be using these in designs! Great point to start working from for a design.

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    34. May 12th

      Wanted to say thanks for these vectors! I just created a book for my high school’s FIRST Robotics team, and they helped make a GREAT background!

      See one of the spreads here:

      Thanks again!

    35. […] theme in the design, a set of halftone style elements would fit in well. Download a copy of the Vector Halftones from Think […]

    36. […] 28 Halftone Vectors – free halftone vector set (2500px size), contains 28 vectors total, with both a clean and grunge version. […]

    37. May 25th

      Wow, this is what i wanted for so so so long ago and now finely got it here, thanks very much, it’s very useful

    38. […] Free Vectors – 28 Halftone Vectors (Clean & Grunge Versions) | Think Design […]

    39. June 10th

      I wish that I had found these sooner. I was looking all over for a halftone image and couldn’t find anything.

    40. July 9th

      Woo hoo! Just what I was after! Thanks for sharing the wealth! :)

    41. July 10th

      Thanks a lot for sharing this buddy. Always found halftones difficult in photoshop. I tried learning Illustrator because I think I could do better halftones there. Don’t have that much time and motivation though.

      Thanks again.

    42. July 22nd

      These are great. Keep up the good work!

    43. m
      August 6th

      does anyone have these vector halftones for CS2?

    44. September 3rd

      Hey thanx. Great share. Keep it up! ;)

    45. Edgar
      September 9th

      Geez Man, great!!! a jillion thanx for this

    46. J' Ramos
      September 23rd

      Cool, this halftones is just what i need for some compositions, thank you for this resource!

    47. Veronica
      October 10th

      How do I load this on Illustrator?


    48. Mark
      October 28th

      Totally blown away by these! I’m running CorelDraw X3 and had no probs with the regular halftone file, but the grunge halftones won’t import for some reason. Any suggestions or would you happen to have an EPS file compatible with CS2? AWESOME WORK. You did a great job with these!

    49. October 28th

      This is great!

    50. anangWe
      November 5th

      thanks large . . .

    51. rajat
      November 27th

      i want to know the method to creat these halftone patterns

    52. pete
      December 3rd

      Wicked! thanks so much for making our lives that little bit easier!!!

    53. January 2nd

      These patterns are fantastic! Keep up the good work :)

    54. […] Download Source […]

    55. Michelle
      March 23rd

      im pretty noob to illustrator, how do i make this a vector in it? im pretty lost haha

    56. April 16th

      Great halftones…really useful stuff!

      I posted them up on my resource site @ http://resourcehive.com/2010/04/16/free-vectors-28-halftone-vectors-clean-grunge-versions-think-design/

    57. […] 28 Halftone Vectors (Clean & Grunge Versions) […]

    58. Dream Media Design By Far The Biggest Adobe CS5 Fan for Graphic Design and Web Design In The World
      May 16th

      Just what I was after! Thanks for sharing this site is just fantastic i will live on this site from now on we love it! please keep up the good work, thanks guys ;)

    59. May 25th

      Thanks for sharing i like patterns

    60. Jenn
      July 19th

      Thanks so much!! Just what I needed :)

    61. August 6th

      thank you for this. \m/

    62. September 14th

      Thanks for share, just what i needed !!!

    63. September 19th

      thanks for these vectors-truly a staple in anyone’s toolbox!

    64. September 29th

      This is great… thanks a lot!

    65. October 11th

      These are wonderful! so helpful to have and seriously add to my designs. thank you so much for the compilation and more than that, the downloading ability :)

    66. October 26th

      Awesome!!!! That’s sick!!

    67. November 2nd

      Great work I really appreciate and today tweet it on twitter

    68. Ed
      December 9th

      Hello…..YOUR THE BEST>>>!

    69. December 20th

      These are awesome! Thanks so much. Just what I needed to degrade a vector image I had, with style.

    70. arie
      January 14th

      great halftone……big thank”s

    71. January 18th

      That’s awesome. Thank you very much.

    72. Orlando
      February 1st

      Resulta muy útil lo que ha compartido.
      Mucahas gracias.

    73. March 9th


    74. March 11th

      Wow these are awesome! And in vector too?! You’re spoiling us ;) Can we use these for commercial projects, or would you rather keep them to personal use only?

      Thanks again, these have gone straight in my resources folder!


    75. andres
      April 7th

      gracias por tus vectores

    76. Thrash
      April 21st

      Wow…nice. Exactly what I’m looking for.

    77. June 2nd
    78. June 6th

      Does your website have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

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    80. Troy
      October 12th

      great artworks. I was searching them for sometime & finally jackpot!!!

    81. November 13th

      These are amazing, but how do you use them?

    82. […] theme in the design, a set of halftone style elements would fit in well. Download a copy of the Vector Halftones from Think […]

    83. January 18th

      Thanks so much for these, just what I am after!

    84. Steven Blount
      March 16th

      Thanks so much for these! It’s exactly what I needed! ;-)

    85. keychain chan
      May 21st

      ok i really need this alot.. but how do i use this? or install it?

    86. May 22nd

      Thanks for sharing A beautiful patterns… Thanks Alot

    87. KyawThet
      July 16th

      Thanks you, very much.

    88. anhnguyen
      July 20th

      Thanks you veru much!!!

    89. […] Large selection of halftone vectors. Format: EPS Source: ThinkDesign […]

    90. JoyVisser
      September 18th

      You are an awesome person for sharing these design jewels! Thanks so much!!

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