• Free Textures – Exclusive GoMedia Spray Paint Texture Sampler

    Hello all. I’m sure you more than aware of GoMedia by now. If not, they are a Design Studio that also makes some great design resources (weaponry, as they call it). Anyway, the guys over at GoMedia released a new texture pack, called Spray Paint Textures Vol. 2. It’s a very cool (and different) set of high-quality spray paint textures. The textures where made by a very talented, well-known, graffiti artist from Cleveland.

    Our graffiti artist had the supplies, technique, and experience to create incredible blended tones & texture.  He quickly laid down a base of colors and then slowly added layers.  By the time he got to the topmost layer, he was practically placing each drop individually!  His control & detail was pretty amazing.

    The guys over at GoMedia were nice enough to send me some samples for my awesome readers! So check out a few previews below from the full pack, then download the sampler! Enjoy!

    spray paint texture pack

    spray paint texture pack 4

    spraypaint texture pack 5

    spray paint texture pack

    (Also, check back a little later in the week, as I’ll be announcing the plans for our upcoming 1st Birthday Bash! :) )

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    1. October 14th

      These textures are awesome!

    2. October 14th

      Go Media always has rocking materials. Thanks for the inspirational resources!

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