• Free Textures – 28 High-Res Tree Bark Textures

    Happy weekend everyone! Hope yours is going well. Today I’ve got some very cool textures for you. Figured it was about time, as I haven’t brought yall any textures in about a month, and you know how much I love textures! :) So today we’ve got 28 high-resolution, quality, tree bark textures. They came out very cool, and we’re a lot of fun to shoot. Also, now I’m pretty sure my neighbor thinks I’m crazy, as he pulled up when I was an inch away from the tree, taking a close up of bark. He looked at me very funny! Anyway, I’m including a preview of a couple of the textures below, but there are a lot more in the pack. Enjoy!






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    1. September 28th

      Thank you very much!!!!!

    2. September 28th

      You’d have to be barking mad not to like these :D

    3. Matt
      September 30th

      Those are gorgeous.

    4. September 30th

      @André, Your very welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and commenting!

      @Patternhead, You are too kind! :) Thanks for the comment man!

      @Matt, Glad ya like em! Thanks for stopping by.

    5. It’s just pretty amazing how photos are now being used as a source for design in a lot of websites. Nice textures you got there! Thanks for sharing these. :-)

    6. What a great idea for a free texture freebie! The bark textures look really nice Im gonna save these for when i need to design some sort of eco type site or blog.


    7. Tara
      April 4th

      Fantabulous – thanks for sharing!

    8. […] 28 High-Res Tree Bark Textures […]

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