• Free Textures – 20+ Motion Color Band Textures

    This idea came about while I was designing a clients site this week. I need a bright-ish background that conveyed motion. The solution I came up with was to take a picture, and play with some blur effects, among others, to get exactly what I was looking for. (If interested, you could check it out here. The background I’m talking about is the one behind the persons hand holding the device.) So it inspired me to do some more experimenting, and I came up with this cool texture pack! These were all made from pictures I took. I think they could be useful in a whole bunch of different ways, and I’m hoping yall enjoy! I’m posting a preview below. There is a sliver for some of the textures, but download the pack for the complete color-bandy-goodness!

    Free Textures, 20 Motion Blur Color Band Textures created by ThinkDesignBlog.com

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    1. […] 来自Think Design 的Nick创造的一套纹理,明亮,运动,模糊的色彩纹理背景, 总共有20多种不同的风格,完全免费。 […]

    2. […] Free Textures – 20 Motion Color Band Textures […]

    3. November 24th


    4. November 24th

      Love these! Wow! I have added them to my archive “Design Vault” – and I Dugg, Stumbled and all the others for you.

    5. November 24th

      Thank you so much.

    6. November 24th

      thx, could be used for many creative projects

    7. November 24th

      @Jumping Dog, ?

      @Christian, Thanks! Glad you liked em! And Thanks alot, I very much appreciate any digg.stumbles/floats, etc.

      @Zack, Very welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

      @Un Auntre, Thats the idea! :) Thanks for stopping by.

    8. […] Lo que me agrado bastante fue una colección de texturas que realizo Nick del sitio Thinkdesign, el cual las elaboro a base de imágenes que el mismo tomo y les dio un efecto de movimiento jugando con los filtros de Photoshop (puedes ver un ejemplo aquí), una colección que debiera estar en tu direcotorio de recursos para salir del apuro. Free textures 20 motion color band textures […]

    9. […] 20+ Free Textures from ThinkDesign […]

    10. Matts Harsing
      November 26th

      I was actually looking for something like this earlier today, and now I stumbled across it. It’s a strange world. Many thanks to thinkdesign!

    11. November 27th

      Cool idea! Thanks!

    12. […] Guide (profitblogger.com)     Useful guide to making a profitable content-driven website. 8/  Free Textures 20+ Motion Colour Band Textures (thinkdesignblog.com)     Pretty blurry photo textures. 9/  Typealyzer (typealyzer.com)    […]

    13. […] 22 Motion Color Band Textures Verwischte Farbverläufe aus der Bewegung heraus. Auflösung 1944×2592. Der Download ist 39 Megabyte groß. […]

    14. December 4th

      Thanks, great textures – very useful for my next project.

    15. December 6th

      I been looking around and stumbled ya
      You got some skills:) If you’d like go by my
      do follow blog and send me a quote for a
      pimping theme. I actually like that one free one
      except for the header any way open to ideas
      suggestions peace
      PS if your not into that you still have a kick ass blog;)

    16. December 7th

      @Matts Harsing, I love it when that happens! :) Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad the textures could help.

      @Becky, Thanks! Very glad ya liked em!

      @Michael, Thanks! Glad they could be useful on your project! Soon I’m going to get a user showcase going, so you can upload cool stuff like that for others to see. Thanks for stopping by.

      @John Sullivan, thanks for the kind words! If you would like, feel free to drop me and email with some more details on what you’d like, and I’m sure I can help! (nick@thinkdesignblog.com) Thanks for stopping by!

    17. December 8th

      Thanks, good textures

    18. December 15th

      @maxim, glad ya liked em! Thanks for stopping by.

    19. […] see the motion in each texture as you’ll soon notice the one way directional blur FX in it.Grab this Motion Color Band Textures freebie package in 39 Mb file size, and just put credit or comment to the source page if you like. […]

    20. […] Thinkdesignblog.com […]

    21. […] : Licence : Gratuite pour un usage personnel. Description des Packs : Contient 20 Textures. Source : http://thinkdesignblog.com/… Liens de téléchargement direct (fichier .zip) : ● […]

    22. July 29th

      thanks you very good design

    23. September 23rd

      Yes a nice design. Very good textures..

    24. November 16th

      Thansk you admin

    25. July 28th

      thanks you very good design

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