• Free Textures: 15 High-Res Wine Cork Textures

    So wine corks are cool. They normally have at least some nice typography, and often times have some cool little design. So when I went to my families house, and saw and whole ton of wine corks, I figured I would put them to good use. So, I took a bunch of pictures, and made some cool textures out of them. I think they could be used for a lot of different things, plus, who doesn’t like textures? They’re all around 2500px, give or take a couple hundred pixels. I hope yall can find some good uses for them! I’m posting a preview below of some of the textures. Enjoy!

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    1. November 13th

      Very cool, I’ll have to find a way to incorporate these into some designs.

      Very original idea!!

    2. November 13th

      I don’t follow textures that much, I htink mostly because I shoot my own, but starting to find the exploration of them more and more interesting.

      Now corks, who would of thought. But they look damn fine I have to say, great to see something different to wood or concrete.


    3. November 13th


      What a refreshing idea. I’m all about shooting unusual textures myself, but I wouldn’t have thought of this one. Particularly digging the second to last one, in the middle of the last row.

      (On an unrelated note, I love your footer.)

    4. November 13th

      @Will, Thanks! I’m glad you liked them!

      @Graham, Thanks buddy! Means alot.

      @Maria, Thanks alot! I really appreciate it. I thought it was a pretty original idea, and I’m glad yall agree :) (And thanks for the footer comment!)

    5. November 13th

      These will be very useful for a new client project I am working on. Thanks so much!

    6. November 13th

      Thanks, also perfect for a client project of mine. Thanks for taking the effort…

    7. November 17th

      @AJ, I’m very glad they could be of help! Thanks for your steady readership!

      @Sothy, Awesome! I’m loving the fact they will be useful :) Thanks for stopping by.

    8. November 21st

      Nice just what i was looking for!

    9. December 19th

      using this today! Thanks!

    10. January 2nd

      @zoolo boy, Thanks, glad they could be of help to you!

      @Michael Sacca, Your welcome! Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad the textures could come in handy.

    11. January 7th

      These are GREAT! I think I will use them to make some fun art prints around the house.

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