• Free Textures – 15 High-Res Red Vinyl Textures

    These are a set of textures I didn’t even intend to find. I was at the Houston Art Car Museum, taking unrelated pictures, and came across a couple of interesting exhibits. So naturally, I took a boatload of pictures. The resulting textures are 15 high-resolution subtle red vinyl textures. A bit different from the norm, I know, but I think they could be really useful for subtle design. And I’m a big fan of subtle! :) I’m attaching some previews below. Hope yall enjoy!

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    1. August 18th

      These are gorgeous! I can think of great retro usage :-)

    2. August 19th

      awesome. this come in handy for my illustration ref.

    3. August 19th

      really amazing.

    4. August 19th

      nice one.
      you don’t perhaps have pics of the cars?

      would be nice to see.

      thanks all the same! love the posts.

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    7. August 23rd

      Thanks for sharing it, very useful !

    8. December 9th

      amazing texture!! I haven´t seen such a brilliant color before. I´m loving your blog and your tips.
      I´ve already subscribed the feeds.

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