• Contest – Win a Free Premium Texture Bundle from Vandelay Premier

    Today we’ve got a really cool texture bundle to giveaway to 3 lucky readers thanks to Vandelay Premier. Vandelay Premier is a site that offers premium resources for designers. The bundle includes all sorts of textures, and all are very high-resolution. (I used one of the ‘grunge’ textures for the background of this post’s thumbnail.) I’m attaching a preview of a few of the textures below, but there are a lot more in the bundle. The contest is comment to enter as always, and will close Saturday 3.18.11 at Midnight. (CST)

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    1. March 15th

      Nice giveaway, count me in

    2. Kayla
      March 15th

      Ooh, these look lovely!

    3. March 15th

      The grungy wallpaper kinda looking one looks great!! Would love the pack! got some stuff from Vandelay before, quality site!

    4. March 15th

      I love grunge style :)

    5. March 15th

      Pick me, pick me!

    6. March 15th

      Love it.

    7. Jivemouth
      March 15th

      LOVE them. I am ALWAYS looking for great textures for my UI designs. Yes pleeeeease! :)

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    9. Nathalie
      March 16th

      Lovely ! All the things I could make with these textures … Wow ! Count me in too please ;)

    10. March 16th

      wow! what a nice offer! thanks for the info :)

    11. March 16th

      Awesome looking textures. I’m in!

    12. March 16th

      Great! Count me in!

    13. March 16th

      I could definitely use these, this is a great giveaway! Thanks!

    14. March 16th

      Fantastic! This will be highly useful for me.

    15. Alfredo Arriaza
      March 16th

      Great giveway thank fot this ;)

    16. March 16th

      Yes, please!

    17. March 16th

      I would love to be entered! Thanks!!

    18. March 16th

      Textures! Yummy.

    19. Henry
      March 16th

      Very nice.

    20. March 16th

      I just stumbled upon your website today. You’ve got a lot of great things here! Thank you for posting so many freebies. As always, everyone loves free things. =)

    21. March 16th

      Thanks for hosting this contest! Commenting so I can be entered to win. :)

    22. Aaron
      March 16th

      great giveaway, thanks!

    23. Christa
      March 16th

      Oh wow, these are lovely! Do want.

    24. Jason
      March 16th


    25. March 17th

      Nice package, you never have enough of good quality textures. Many thanks to both Vandelay Premier and thinkfour.

    26. March 17th

      OK, never won anything but I’m in ;)

    27. Something is making me try my luck! Waiting to hear from you guys :)

    28. March 17th

      Would love to win. Thanks!

    29. March 17th

      I would love this to the moon and back.

    30. March 18th

      I´m so in!! Would be amazing to win, this is exactly what I need for my graphic design tasks at uni. More than perfect!

    31. March 18th


    32. March 18th

      Beautiful textures! Would love to add them to my library.

    33. March 18th

      Yes please!

    34. Fran Baker
      March 18th

      Yeah, I’ve never won anything either, but these are very nice looking textures, especially the rust, cracked paint and such like – super!

    35. Big J
      March 18th

      awesome !!!

    36. March 19th

      What a great selection thanks for the chance!

    37. March 19th

      I am creating virtual clothes (non commercial purpose) with the very innovative software ‘Marvelous Designer 2’. Luckily for me, while searching with Google (I typed : fabric tiles in high resolution), I found your great site.
      I recommended your site in the user’s gallery of Marvelous Designer (a South Korean software’s house).
      Thank you for giving for free your huge texture’s files (and the use of your bandwidth !).

    38. Lauren
      March 19th

      love these!

    39. March 19th

      You wrote : … and will close Saturday 3.18.11 at Midnight. (CST)…

      I suppose it will close Saturday 3.19.11 ;-)

    40. March 19th

      Would love this, count me in

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    42. Sweta
      April 4th


    43. April 7th

      nice !

    44. Akshay Nankani
      October 13th

      Great textures from great source.
      They too have some great freebies and you too have same.

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