• Contest – Win a Free Floral Vector Bundle Pack from Vectorpack.net

    Today we have a really cool Floral Bundle Pack to giveaway to 5 lucky readers from Vectorpack.net. The bundle is a collection of 6 floral vector packs, each of them containing 11 very detailed floral stock vectors that can be used for numerous designs.

    Vectorpack.net is a new website that provides high-quality stock vectors and design elements for designers worldwide. The site has just opened last week, so stay tuned to see their products to come because they will post new vector packs every week.

    I’m including a few images of the pack, but check out there site for more. As usually, the contest is comment to enter and it will close on April 12 at Midnight (CST). Good luck!

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    1. April 4th

      TY for making us aware of a new site that provides quality vectors & design elements ~ !

      Always good to find new designer resources. This floral vector bundle is very pretty.

      best wishes

    2. Joey
      April 4th

      Throwing my name in the hat for this one…why not.

    3. Sean C.
      April 4th

      I would like to win this, thanks for the contest.

    4. Jen
      April 4th

      hope to win

    5. April 4th

      I would like to win too. I work with kids pack design and all time I need a floral pattern to backgrounds and decorate.

    6. April 4th

      This would be awesome to win! Thanks!

    7. April 4th

      these packs are awesome! would love to use these in photobooks.

    8. [...] Direct Link [...]

    9. Jack
      April 5th

      I’m sure I’d get a lot of use out of these. Winning would make my week :) thanks

    10. April 5th

      looks great.

    11. Frances
      April 5th

      Please put me in the draw – these look great!

    12. April 5th

      Yay, vectors – I would definitely be able to use these!

    13. April 5th

      These would be awesome to play with! Cool! I’m in!

    14. April 5th

      This would be AWESOME!! Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great day!!!!!

    15. LGFN
      April 5th

      I see you used a spell checker: “but check out there site for more”.

    16. April 5th

      Would use these, please put me in the draw

    17. Kristi
      April 5th

      Put my name in.. I’d love to win these vectors.

    18. Mary
      April 5th

      My grand daughter is getting married this fall and we are “creating” most of the decorations, favors and etc. These would be so perfect for her theme.

    19. Simon D
      April 5th

      I’m totally in!

    20. nichole
      April 5th

      Would love to win this!!! I’m in!

    21. BlueCat
      April 5th

      These packs look gorgeous! Thanks for the chance.

    22. jkiz
      April 5th

      I’m in! Great vectors there. I’m up for the chance!

    23. Deca
      April 5th

      WOW. This is awesome. I would love to win!

    24. April 6th

      I love third set! :)

    25. Frog King
      April 6th

      Count me in :D

    26. Eric
      April 6th

      Can’t get enough.

    27. April 6th

      Great Images for brushes!

    28. April 6th

      Incredible site, great looking floral bundle, thanks!

    29. April 7th

      Same giveaway is!

      i’m in in this

    30. April 7th

      Hi, I’m in love with illustrator, i would like, no, i would adore you forever if I could use thise nicely detaild flower vectors !

    31. Jen
      April 7th

      ooh!!! Pick me! Pick me! LOVE THEM!!

    32. carly
      April 7th

      Hey this would be awesome for some of the spring party invites i’m working on right now. count me in (crossing fingers)

    33. Jessica
      April 8th

      Would love to win these!

    34. Charlotte
      April 8th

      Oh pretty! Would love to win!

    35. Brett Caton
      April 10th

      They look gorgeous. These would be very useful.

    36. April 10th

      I know it takes ages to do such vectors in Illustrator so looking at this vector bundle puts a smile on my face. Well I’ll keep wishing for it until the 12th :) ~

    37. April 10th


    38. April 11th

      great pack – would like to use them in a few designs :D

    39. April 11th

      I want to win for my next designs!

    40. Aithein
      April 11th

      Perfect! That would look great laying all sexy-like on my desktop.

    41. Gina
      April 11th

      Um, yes please. Do consider me as well!

    42. Robert Berry
      April 12th

      I really want to win this. Great site, by the way.

    43. [...] Our Floral Vector Bundle contest ended the other day, and our 5 lucky winners are: Jeremy, Robert, Mary, Simon & Dario. Congrats! Yall will be receiving all 66 very detailed floral vectors from VectorPack.net. [...]

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