• Contest – Win a ADC Young Guns Annuals Set, Including YG3-8!

    So I’m really excited to announce this contest. Last year, we did something similar, and the ADC was nice enough to give away a copy of the Young Guns 7 Annual.

    This time though, we’ve got a whole set for 2 lucky winners! So 2 of you will receive YG3-8 Annuals! Each annual is a custom-made limited edition Moleskine filled with super-inspirational work for that year’s ADC Young Gun winners.

    For those not familiar, ADC Young Guns is the only global, cross-disciplinary portfolio competition that identifies today’s vanguard of young creative professionals, age 30 and under.

    It brings out some great talent each year, and the past winners are pretty epic. It’s open to all working professionals under 30, and they are now accepting entries! Here are the deadline & fees breakdown for entry:

    EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: April 18, 2011 by 11:59pm EST – $110 USD
    REGULAR DEADLINE: May 16, 2011by 11:59pm EST – $135 USD
    Late entries will be accepted through May 30, 2011, but will incur a $35 USD late fee in addition to the regular entry fee of $135 USD

    If your interested in entering, visit their website.

    Now back to the contest, and your super-awesome prize. The contest is comment to enter as always, and will be open until Saturday 3.26.11 at Midnight CST. So spread the word, and start commenting! Good luck!

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    1. Jron
      March 22nd

      There’s never enough inspiration!

    2. March 22nd

      I would like this. A lot.

    3. Cosmin
      March 22nd

      Very nice contest!

    4. Ana-Maria
      March 22nd

      I would really love to win a copy of the Young Guns 7 Annual.

    5. March 22nd

      My birthday is Sunday the 27th. It is a very nice gift to give….

      …..for someone’s birthday

    6. Camille
      March 22nd

      Ooh, shiny! I love seeing things like this that help young designers get some exposure (and give us pretty things to look at).

    7. March 22nd

      Juest learned about that, Nice !


    8. March 22nd

      Nice prizes.

    9. March 22nd

      The next contestant is: Z – o – sia :D

    10. March 22nd

      Thanks for holding this contest again.
      *fingers crossed

    11. March 22nd

      YAY! Young Guns!!

    12. March 22nd

      Yum, if I win would you ship to London? Best of luck everyone, what a great prize.

    13. ruby
      March 22nd


    14. March 22nd

      Very nice contest.
      I am twisting for I be the winner .

      Like the Jron said
      “There‚Äôs never enough inspiration!”

    15. […] Direct Link […]

    16. Sean C.
      March 22nd

      Yay! Contests!

    17. March 22nd

      Sounds like a great portfolio competition!

    18. March 22nd

      Could really use this. Thanks!

    19. March 23rd

      It’s a great way for us, as young designers, to have some exposure that might lead to a great job, some extra clients, etc.

      And who won’t some new inspiration that is in these super cute Moleskines ;-)

    20. Susan Adamic
      March 23rd

      This sounds pretty amazing!

    21. March 23rd

      This would be great to help me see what I’m up against!

    22. March 23rd

      This contest sounds awesome, thanks.

    23. March 23rd


    24. March 23rd

      fingers crossed

    25. March 23rd

      wow sounds sweet. crossing fingers for a win ha.

    26. March 23rd

      Love your blog!!! This looks like great inspiration and would be a great addition to my small library!

    27. Ben Aiken
      March 23rd

      Amazing! this is what its all about! thanks for the chance to get hold of these.

    28. Joey
      March 23rd

      Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    29. Dante S
      March 23rd

      Great prizes! Crossing fingers AND doing a lucky jig.

    30. Sami Lee
      March 24th

      I would love to win a copy of the Young Guns 7 Annual! =)

    31. March 24th


    32. March 24th

      Looks incredible! Can never have enough design around me. Thanks for the opportunity!

    33. March 25th

      This is my first time hearing of this and it looks like it would be amazing to win.

    34. Andrew
      March 25th

      Looks nice! Hope I score one.

    35. SteffenS
      March 25th

      This looks sweet. First time I heard of it, too.

    36. K Chan
      March 26th

      wud love to have this!

    37. Nichole
      April 4th

      It’s always great to see young (and old!) designers featured. You work so hard all your life, every once in awhile it’s nice to be recognized by more than just your close group of peers.

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