• Contest – Win $50 in Printing from NextDayFlyers.com

    For anyone that didn’t win the last contest for free business cards, you now have another shot at some free printing! Today I’ve got (2) $50 Printing Gift Certificates for two of my readers from NextDayFlyers.com. They print flyers, brochures, business cards and more.

    Just to give you an idea, you could get 500 flyers for around $40, or 2000 business cards for about $43(excluding shipping). So you can really pick whatever you want.

    The contest is comment to enter as always, and will be open till September 30th 2010 at Midnight (CST). Good luck everyone!

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    1. September 23rd

      oh… yes, please!

    2. September 23rd

      awesome sauce! any rules for entering? or does leaving a comment count as an entry?

    3. September 23rd

      awesome, thanks for the opportunity.

    4. September 23rd

      Sounds like a great contest!! Can’t wait to test out the quality of their printing.

    5. September 23rd

      Count me in please!

    6. September 23rd

      Wow~ wish i get it :D

    7. September 24th

      Awesome, count me in for the contest :D

    8. Steve Robillard
      September 24th

      This would be a great help in launching the new consultancy.

    9. David
      September 24th

      There’s nothing wrong with a freebie! :)

    10. September 24th

      I would love this! Great offer.

    11. September 24th

      I didn’t win last time! Thanks again for the opportunity! Yay free printing!

    12. Mare
      September 24th

      Beautiful opportunity for a non-profit I have in mind. Good luck to all.

    13. bpinks
      September 24th

      I work for a non-profit, so free is always good!

    14. September 24th

      I hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

    15. September 24th

      I’m having a terrible week. This would be a good start to fixing that.

    16. September 24th

      Tossing my card into the box. I could use some new business cards.

    17. Nathan Mccracken
      September 24th

      Great Contest and even better site!

    18. Terence
      September 24th

      I’m a student!

    19. John S.
      September 25th

      here.. great!

    20. Ann
      September 26th

      Free printing thats very nice!

    21. September 26th

      This would been a great opportunity to promote our young enterprise company at school. Flyers are something we gonna need.

    22. Rhazz
      September 26th

      Great! Thnx for this contest

    23. Dayna Fick
      September 26th

      let it be meeeee! :)

    24. Anton Warkentin
      September 27th

      Would be fantastic, I really need business cards for my freelance design!

    25. September 27th

      That could be really helpful since I’m in the midst of designing my business cards.

    26. Michael
      September 27th

      Great idea!

    27. Natalia
      September 27th

      This would be awesome! I’m arecent college graduate, and it’s not easy starting out on my own..winning this would help me lots!

    28. September 28th

      Sounds great.Your presentation is very good.

    29. September 29th

      Great! Here is a music quiz….guess the artist.

      Dear hero imprisoned, with all the new crimes that you are perfecting……


    30. September 30th

      Could really use some freebies!

    31. Will Brown
      September 30th

      I can’t wait to win. Come on and show Mississippi some love!!!

    32. September 30th

      count me in :)

    33. Jake
      November 13th

      sign me up!!

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