• Contest – Win $100 in Custom Stickers from StickerMule.com

    Today I’ve got a really cool giveaway for yall. Lately the printing contests have been for business cards, flyers, etc. But today we’ve got $100 in free printing from StickerMule.com for one of my lucky readers! Custom made stickers can be a great promotional tool, and StickerMule can make them in all shapes and sizes. They can even do custom skins for your iphone/ipads/ipods and laptops.

    The contest is comment to enter as always, and will be open until Friday 10.29.10 at Midnight CST. (The contest is only open to U.S. Residents. Don’t worry though everyone else, we’ve got other contests coming up for!)

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    1. October 25th

      Nice Stuff to win.

    2. Mathias
      October 25th

      I’d like those!

    3. October 25th

      I’d love to win some stickers. They are great for self promos.

    4. October 25th

      Oh i definitely need this.

    5. October 25th

      Thanks for the opportunity!

    6. October 25th

      Custom stickers would really rock my world right now!

    7. Chris
      October 25th

      Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

    8. October 25th

      I’ve already thought of how I would put this to use and try out the product.

    9. October 25th

      I need stickers! :-)

    10. October 25th

      This would be awesome! I secretly love stickers.

    11. Michael
      October 25th

      Nice giveaway!

    12. October 25th

      Cool! I need stickers for my company.

    13. October 25th

      Could always use some free stickers for promotional purposes.

    14. October 25th

      Love stickers! Who doesn’t really?

    15. October 25th


      I love me some custom stickers.

    16. October 25th

      Yes! free stickers! Thanks for the contest.

    17. Joey
      October 25th

      Free Stickers…saweet!!!

    18. October 25th

      I really need some FREE promotional stickers!

    19. October 25th

      STICKERS!!! i could use some

    20. Casey
      October 25th

      I’m the best person I know at sticking stickers. Thus, I need these.

    21. October 25th

      Fabulous prize! Just want the doc….er…marketing guru … ordered!

    22. October 25th

      electric eelpout

    23. October 25th

      So great !!!

    24. Sarah Lynn
      October 25th

      I would love some stickers to promote my design business! Awesome contest!

    25. […] Direct Link […]

    26. October 25th

      Promotional stickers are the BEST!

    27. October 25th

      Looove stickers, waaaaant stickers, neeed stickers!

    28. Carlo Corral
      October 25th


    29. October 25th

      I received some samples from them recently. I would love to order some custom made stickers from them… $100 would sure help!

    30. October 26th

      If I win, I’m going to make a sticker that says “Zapf Chancery is for Wussies”

    31. rajaish
      October 26th

      will me be the luck one!!!!!!
      think for it

    32. Steve Robillard
      October 26th

      These would be great for our next tradeshow/conference

    33. October 26th

      Who doesn’t love stickers?! This would be great for the promo’s I’m about to send out!

    34. October 26th

      Stickers, stickers, everywhere. Please drop some at my feet! I’d stick them high and low because stickers sure are neat!

    35. October 26th

      i love sticker

    36. Karin Heckl
      October 26th

      Pick Me. Pick Me. Yeah.

    37. Mare
      October 26th

      sounds pretty sticky to me…. add me to the list!!

    38. Nic
      October 26th

      I need stickers!

    39. Jake
      October 27th

      sign me up!

    40. Glenn
      October 27th

      I checked out Sticker Mule’s website. Looks like they offer a great product at a great price. They’ve put a lot of thought into streamlining and simplifying the ordering process for their customers.

    41. Bruno
      October 27th


    42. October 27th

      Cool! Stickers! Who doesn’t like stickers?

    43. Leon
      October 27th

      Damn, hope I win this one

    44. Zak Siefkes
      October 28th

      STICKERS! I need them !!

    45. October 28th

      love me some stickers

    46. October 29th

      nice contest i will win this is my wish ..!! I want to get these stickers .!!!
      Depend on luck ..!!
      Have a nice day ..!!

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