• Contest – Free Premium WordPress Theme (Comment to Win)

    Hello all. I hope everyone had a great Holiday season, and is rarin’ to go for the New Year! I’m am very excited to announce our first contest, made possible by Zidalgo Premium WordPress Themes.

    Brad at Zidalgo Theme recently emailed me about the launch of their new site. I got a chance to check out the themes, and they are very cool! So I thought a nice way to introduce Zidalgo Themes to the community, would be to give away one of there awesome themes to one of my equally-awesome readers :)

    What You Can Win:

    The prize will be one copy (single-license) of anyone of their WordPress Themes! I thought about choosing which theme yall would like the best, but opted to give the winner the chance to choose themselves.

    How to Enter:

    1. Comment.

    That’s it. The contest will remain open until Saturday January 10th (2009) at Noon (Central Time) at which point I will randomly draw a winner. Then we’ll contact you, figure out which theme you’d like, and hook you up!

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    1. January 6th

      I’ve been fooling around with WP for awhile, and this would sure help to have a Premium Theme to tool around with!

    2. January 6th

      I’m in! Great idea for a contest, btw.

    3. January 6th

      Big LOL at their slogan ;)

    4. January 6th

      Whoa, they really have a way of designing themes that allow a lot of content without seeming cluttered. Impressive.

    5. January 6th

      They have some great themes.

      I like the look of the site, but have noticed one little issue. the contrast between background and text boxes in your comment form is very low. I realize I am past 40 and my eyes are far from perfect but a little more contrast would help a lot

    6. January 6th

      I love the look of the site. Different and graphical. The MOW THE GRASS idea is sweet!

    7. January 6th

      The premium themes they are offering look much better than their own theme design! But designers never like to keep their site looks professional!

    8. January 6th

      Contest? I’m in :).

    9. January 6th

      I want one! thanks

    10. January 6th

      Oh, cool! That would be amazing!

    11. January 6th

      premium huh… I’m down, hook me up! :D

      Keep up the great work!

    12. Adam Haynes
      January 6th

      Amazing site, awesome contest, i’m all in

    13. January 6th

      I want it… I’m in! :)

    14. January 6th

      Oh Oh Oh, pick me ! ;)
      Seriously that’s a really nice looking theme!

    15. January 6th

      Ooo what gorgeous themes!

    16. January 6th

      the theme looks marvelous. I hope I’ll be the one who wins since I’ve been looking for such a theme for my blog.

    17. January 6th

      Great theme. Hope to win it!

    18. brandi
      January 6th

      oh yea would like to try them

    19. January 6th

      Always down for free stuff!

    20. January 6th

      I’m in. Haven’t been reading for a long time (subscribed to the RSS a couple weeks ago).

    21. January 6th

      pick me!

    22. January 6th

      perfect, i was just thinking of starting a blog!

    23. January 7th

      This is why I love this site!

    24. Seventoes
      January 7th

      I don’t know, I don’t think I’m eligible for this. The entry requirements are WAY too difficult.

    25. January 7th

      Zidalgo has great themes, unfortunately I can’t afford them by now. Wish I win the contest! =D

    26. January 7th

      I would be hard to choose just one – great designs. I like the attention that has been given to where different types of information appear and how readers will interact with it. I’ve now used WordPress as CMS for several projects and it’s been a big hit with web clients.

    27. irw
      January 7th

      Schweet! I’m in, I hope I win :D

    28. January 7th

      no more ugly. i’m down.

    29. January 7th


      Hook me up!!

    30. January 7th

      I am In now. Wish me good luck.

    31. January 7th

      I’ve been kicking around the idea of refreshing my little blog, this would make my life much easier! :)

    32. Derek
      January 7th

      Nice Contest. I’m always up for free stuff.

    33. January 7th

      I need a wordpress theme for a web project me and my mate want to start, this would just be perfect!

    34. January 7th

      Yes. I love stuff like this. Good luck to all.

    35. January 7th

      Very nice and warm looking themes. Got to have one of them. Thank you.

    36. MO
      January 7th

      I really need a new theme…

    37. January 7th

      Count me in – love contests and themes.

    38. January 7th

      Nice! I’m in too :)

    39. January 7th

      Promise to do great things with it. :)
      What a great contest idea!

    40. January 7th

      Im in.

    41. January 7th

      great contest. You can be sure i want in xD

    42. January 7th

      I am in too :)

    43. January 7th

      I never win but it’s worth trying ;]

    44. January 7th

      nice.. it’s not often you’re encouraged to leave pointless comments..

    45. January 7th

      Pick me! Pick me!

    46. January 7th

      Cool, I’m in!!

    47. January 7th

      Yup, I’m in. Just added this website’s RSS feed to my reader and already I can win something. Better then spam! ;-)

    48. January 7th

      Love that theme!

    49. January 7th

      Hey un saludo desde Chile.

    50. January 7th

      Count me in.

    51. January 7th

      me me me :) I’m in.

    52. Andy
      January 7th

      This is a great theme! I

    53. January 7th

      nice template and great idea man..thats soo good

    54. January 7th

      These WordPress themes are pretty cool. I like the layout of their site, especially the logo in the footer with the grow light on the grass — very “green”-appealing!

    55. Phil
      January 7th

      who doesn’t love free stuff.

      why isn’t the thinkdesign logo PNG actually transparent? the leather texture never aligns/blends with the background….

    56. January 7th

      i’m in :)

    57. labi
      January 7th

      good one.Hope i get this late christmas gift :) thanx in advance

    58. January 7th

      Thank you for this! Maybe I’m the lucky one!!

    59. January 8th

      I want to win!!!!

    60. Simon
      January 8th

      I’m in. Fingers crossed.

    61. January 8th

      Awesome looking site! Thanks for the opportunity to win the theme!

    62. January 8th

      They have nice themes, good luck everyone.

    63. kleas
      January 8th

      Nice contest and really good looking themes and a chance to check them :)

    64. January 8th

      Hello. This site is awesome. I want to win too~

    65. January 8th

      Just bookmarked this blog about a week ago, and I love it. And I love freebies!

    66. January 8th

      Hi, I like to comment.

    67. January 8th

      commenting is the boss. so are contests.

    68. January 8th

      i hope i will win..


      really good blog ;)

    69. January 8th

      Wow… nice contest! I’m in!!

    70. January 8th

      oooo, meeeeee :-D

    71. January 9th

      Something like comment.


    72. January 9th

      ;) Wspaniały pomysł, ale wydaje mi się, że i tak nie zrozumiecie mojego komentarza. Jednak pozdrawiam :)

    73. January 9th

      Oh, I would like to win

    74. Enrico
      January 9th

      Nice contest and great templates! :-O

    75. January 9th

      *raises hand* pick me, pick me.

      Awesome contest! Awesome themes!

    76. January 9th

      Hope i am luck enough

    77. January 9th

      I want it!

    78. January 9th

      The Zidalgo Themes are great WordPress designs!

    79. January 9th

      GIMME GIMME GIMME! :-D I want to pick them apart! :)

    80. January 9th

      to infinity and beyond!!

    81. January 9th

      I hope spamer123asdf didn’t win :), anyway great theme!!

    82. January 9th

      Great beginning to the new year!

      The Zidalgo themes are very creative.

      I could really use a new WP theme for my blog:

      It’s been on my upgrade list for a couple of months, but I haven’t found anything I like.

      And, what better way to celebrate my eldest daughter’s birthday than a new WP theme to help her Mom grow her business.

    83. January 9th

      Like Andy, I would love to have a premium theme to pick apart and study.

    84. January 9th

      A great way to promote everyone involved. Nice.

    85. January 9th

      A premium theme would be amazing :D

    86. January 9th

      Wonderful theme. Rich textures and a great versatile layout.

    87. January 9th

      Yes, who wouldn’t want a premium theme? Especially for those of us who are still learning how to make the shift from print design to web!

    88. January 9th

      A free premium theme? Count me in =) One just never knows when this would come in handy! Thank you!

    89. January 9th

      I love contests :D

    90. January 9th

      Wow those themes are great and wood look nice on my blogg.

    91. January 10th

      I love contests !!!
      I actually first came across Zidalgo weeks, even months back, I can’t remember how, but I was looking for premium themes and came across their blog.

    92. January 10th

      Cool theme.

    93. January 10th

      This time, I wont be able to respond to you each individually! ;) But a big thanks to all of you that entered. The contest is now closed, and I’ll be announcing a winner sometime soon. Thanks again to Zidalgo for making this possible, and to all you awesome people that entered!

    94. January 11th

      I have been seeing the benifits of using wordpress more and more. I am defiitely in.

    95. January 12th

      These are very nice Themes, i like them a lot – so please let me win! :)

    96. January 12th

      Think Design Blog is the King!

    97. January 13th

      woot woot, im in.

    98. January 13th

      @Mark, xcut, alexallied, eddywashere,

      I really appreciate your interests in the contest, and thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately this contest is closed. The winner has been chosen.

      Feel free to check out my “WordPress” section for a couple free themes (with more on the way)

      Again, thanks for commenting! Hopefully next contest yall can get in from the beginning!

    99. […] Contest – Free Premium WordPress Theme (Comment to Win) […]

    100. April 3rd

      The premium themes they are offering look much better than their own theme design! But designers never like to keep their site looks professional!

    101. June 22nd

      thnk you for sharing

    102. August 26th

      thanks for sharing.. nice theme.

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