• Contest – 3 Free GoMedia Vector Wing Packs – Comment to Win

    I’m sure you are all familiar with GoMedia, and their design Arsenal. Well today, thanks to Adam from GoMedia, I have 3 of their new Wing Packs to give away for free! :) All you have to do is comment. Then I’ll pick three random winners, and you’ll get the latest vector pack!

    As usual, the pack consists of some really high-quality vectors that yall are sure to enjoy. It has several different styles of wings, even bat wings! :) I’m attaching a preview below of the pack. You can download a sample of the set from their site, and some other freebies as well. Enjoy, and good luck!

    Contest entry will close Saturday (2.07.09) at Noon (Central Time)

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    1. Luís Carmona
      February 4th

      Am I really the first? :)

    2. Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy. – Tommy Boy

    3. February 4th

      GoMedia make some the best resources. These wings are awesome. The attention to detail is priceless. Even if I don’t win… I may have to buy these.

    4. February 4th

      Wow! Cooool wings!!!!!

    5. February 4th

      GoMedia Vectors FTW!

    6. Sanid
      February 4th

      awesome work from gomedia . as always ^^

    7. February 4th

      Please pickey me! I am an old angel , and my wings got burned due to flying to high to the sun! I need a new set or 27, give or take 1 or 2!

      Twitter me this!

    8. February 4th

      This is awesome. I love the guys at GoMedia.

    9. February 4th

      sweeeeeeet … kudos jeff! i heart go media

    10. Bill
      February 4th

      Very very nice designs guys! Keep it coming!

    11. February 4th

      Wow, I can’t wait for Saturday!

    12. February 4th

      Well let’s try it :-)

    13. February 4th

      Whoa – nice!

      *drops name into hat;

    14. David Calavitta
      February 4th

      I believe I can fly….if I only had these RAD-tastical vectors!

    15. February 4th

      GoMedia RAWKS!! Keep up the great work guys and gals – I recommend your work to all of my students.

    16. February 4th

      It appears as though I shall be commenting then.

    17. February 4th

      I’ll roll the dice on this one. Hey who knows, at least my odds are better then the power-ball lotto my girlfriend keeps spending our dart\pool money on :)

    18. jeremyskelly
      February 4th

      Oooh contest! *crosses fingers*

    19. T3HPWN3R
      February 4th

      Yes plz

    20. February 4th

      Would love to see a blog article on the design process of one of these wings by them. :)

    21. February 4th

      Hope I win!

    22. February 4th

      I love me some vector wings!

    23. February 4th

      “I’ll be your wingman anytime”

    24. February 4th

      So three winners get one of the three wing packs or three winners win all three?
      Well here is my comment.

    25. February 4th

      very cool :)

    26. February 4th

      Very nice vectors!

    27. February 4th

      Yay for vectors!

    28. thepixelmethod
      February 4th

      I need a hotdog…

    29. gabor
      February 4th

      They’re worth a try. :)

    30. February 4th

      Wow, free vectors? Who could pass up this oppertunity? Keep up the good work!

    31. February 4th

      I’m as random as it gets as far as winners go.

    32. February 4th

      This is a nice set. I want please! I could use some more resources.

    33. Sai
      February 4th

      Wings are nice.

    34. February 4th

      Cool stuff, really want it :)

    35. February 4th

      I was just looking for these for some von Dutch inspired artwork.

    36. February 4th


    37. February 4th

      Lovely wings, I’m in =)

    38. February 4th

      I could really enjoy these! Thanks for the opportunity.

    39. February 4th

      Hi there!
      I wish I’m one of the winners.

    40. February 4th

      Fingers crossed :) Nice work as always.

    41. Carlos
      February 4th

      wow i want this pack

    42. Skylar W.
      February 5th

      GoMedia has the best wings ever!

    43. February 5th

      Pick me. I’m a go media fan.

    44. Zil S.
      February 5th

      I wanna win!

    45. Derek
      February 5th

      Wings yum. I love spicy wings and well designed wings as well. Awesome job GoMedia. I hope I win.

    46. February 5th


    47. February 5th

      Great! I’m in!

    48. Anthony
      February 5th

      I like my wings mild, but my wife likes hers with suicide sauce. Are you guys willing to go halvsies and split up the order?

    49. Rae
      February 5th

      I love the guys at GoMedia, as a former Ohioan I feel a special connection to them :)

    50. February 5th

      Wow Best thing ever.

    51. jay
      February 5th

      you gotta love go media’s sets.

    52. February 5th

      I once played a sand volleyball game against some of the gomedia guys… let’s just say I’m glad they chose design and not vball for a career.

      :) Love you gomedia guys!

    53. February 5th

      looking forward to it

    54. suki soo
      February 5th

      i love wings~

    55. John
      February 6th

      Very nice vectors. Thanks for the contest!

    56. February 6th


    57. February 6th

      I want them :)

    58. February 6th

      Oooooh, i want :-D

    59. February 6th

      when I was fourteen, I watched the final episode of Seinfeld. Then I got so depressed, I went out in my back yard and tried to fly. I really just wanted to fly. I thought that would solve all my problems.

      I was really sad when I couldn’t take off from the ground.

      I am not as crazy anymore, I don’t think.

      But, I still want wings.

    60. February 6th

      I don’t know why I bother entering contests like these, I never win…

      Still, it would be sweet to win these. You can never get enough vectors

    61. February 6th

      Nice, Those wings look fantastic. Can I have them please?

    62. GT
      February 6th

      I am a vector junkie!

    63. caio
      February 6th

      its realy great, these vectors are amazing.

    64. February 7th


    65. Ivan
      February 7th

      Yay, commenting!

    66. February 8th

      Nice vectors!

    67. February 8th

      Thanks to all that entered! I’ll be drawing the winners very soon, then notifying them and sending them their super-cool vector pack shortly after!

      Thanks again to everyone that took the time to comment!

    68. February 21st

      Oh well too late for me I guess, it’s okay I still like this =D

    69. August 2nd

      great work guys!!!

    70. Lynn
      July 1st

      Sweet wings……great job

    71. LuizFernando
      October 14th

      very good!!! Nice work guy!!!

    72. vero
      April 22nd

      really nice wings!

    73. Jordan Finn
      September 11th


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