• Contest – 3 Free 1-Year Memberships for Elegant Themes

    Hello all. Hope your weekend went well. I’d like to start the week of with Free stuff! :) Nick over at Elegant Themes was nice enough to offer up a FREE 1-Year Membership for 3 of my lucky readers. ElegantThemes is a theme company that produces some very beautiful, functional WordPress themes. And as you know, I love a good WordPress theme!

    The contest is comment to enter as always. I’ll keep this open until Midnight Friday (2.5.10), and will announce the winners next week. Good luck to everyone!

    Here are some of Elegant Themes’ Premium Themes. Check out their site for more. 

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    2. Chris
      February 1st

      Yes please.

    3. February 1st

      Yes, me wants one too :D

      ElegantThemes is pretty cool and has lots of beautiful themes from which you can choose.

    4. Vidit Kothari
      February 1st

      Am about to start my portfolio site. These miraculous, aesthetic design will be of so much help.
      I’m eagerly waitin for the winner’s announcement.
      (Praying God for mercy ! )

    5. February 1st

      Sound as a pound!!!

    6. David
      February 1st

      I’m in! Nice themes!

    7. February 1st

      I love elegant themes for their elegant designs

    8. Alicia
      February 1st

      Great contest!

    9. February 1st

      Great work! Would love a membership. :)

    10. February 1st

      I’d like to win this membership because I’m looking for new theme for my new project. Thank you forthis great opportunity.

    11. February 1st

      count me in =)

    12. Dante Cavero
      February 1st

      Yes!!! This themes are amazing! I want it ! :)

    13. February 1st

      Awesome way to start the week & the new month! I’d really appreciate the win. I have a long list of small business clients & non-profits who need wordpress in their life! Cheers!

    14. February 1st

      This would be great! Thanks for offering it as a freebie! :)

    15. February 1st

      Ohhh! Pick me! Pick me! Please.

    16. February 1st

      I am always up for good WP themes!

    17. Cosmin
      February 1st

      Lovely themes

    18. February 1st

      Wow. it’s great! Perfect themes

      Count me in … and good luck to me :)

    19. February 1st

      Trying to update my WP site and this would be awesome to win!

    20. Tim
      February 1st

      Fingers crossed, no make that everything crossed

    21. Ben
      February 1st

      Sweet as a nut! Count me in on this one :-)

    22. Ryszard
      February 1st


    23. February 1st

      great prize!

    24. February 1st

      count me in

    25. February 1st

      Oh pick me pick me!

      I’d love to win this!

      Keep up the good work buddy

    26. February 1st

      Wanted “dead or alive” ;)
      Maybe this time I win this prize :)

    27. February 1st

      hello world!

    28. February 1st

      WOW.. great! I love Elegant Themes. So nice and elegant ;)!

    29. janice
      February 1st

      aye, i’m in. thanks very much.

    30. February 1st

      Can always use some more themes, count me in.

    31. February 1st

      I’ve been drooling over “This Is Bold” for a while now and I know it’s only 20 bucks but free sounds better. Count me in and thanks for offering this up.

    32. February 1st

      I sure hope i get this!

    33. Wes D.
      February 1st

      Some very nice themes. Nice prize.

    34. February 1st

      I love the themes on Elegant Themes and would love to win one of these subscriptions!!

    35. February 1st

      ET make very good themes!
      I need to win :P

    36. Derek
      February 1st

      Exceptional themes. Hopefully I’m picked. :)

    37. February 1st

      WordPress themes…
      nothing better, as i’m just starting a new wp website!

    38. Artur Szalak
      February 1st

      Lovely as usual!

    39. […] Direct Link […]

    40. sheena
      February 2nd

      Absolutely love the coding work and fine detail that goes into every theme…amazing!!! Fingers crossed for me! xx

    41. JJ
      February 2nd

      Count me in!

    42. ivie
      February 2nd

      mememememe :)

    43. February 2nd

      I love Elegant themes!

    44. February 2nd

      Enter Me :-)

    45. February 2nd

      Ooh Ooh Ooh! #bothhandsintheair

    46. February 2nd

      ME ME ME

    47. Enter me!

    48. February 2nd

      Hi! Pick me lol!

    49. Chris
      February 2nd

      Elegant Themes are some of the best…..a membership would come in very handy

    50. February 2nd

      I’m IN~!

    51. February 2nd

      I’m totally in!

    52. skyrkt
      February 2nd

      Elegant Themes is great, they make awesome themes that I would love to use on my current and future projects.

    53. Oriol
      February 2nd

      I want to grab one!

    54. GMX
      February 2nd

      count me in ;) thanks :)

    55. Anek
      February 2nd

      So let’s try again! :) pick meeee!!!

    56. Angela
      February 2nd

      I adore Elegant Themes and would love a membership.

    57. February 2nd

      Here we go! :D

    58. February 2nd

      Wow. Maybe this time i’m win. ElegantThemes is the best details themes develop for Wp.

    59. February 2nd

      What lovely, elegant themes :-) I would appreciate a chance at membership

    60. February 2nd

      Would love to have one too :-) Elegant themes are one of the best!

    61. February 2nd

      I love the themes on Elegant Themes and would love to win one of the FREE 1-Year Memberships!

    62. February 2nd

      Elegant Themes FTW!

    63. Alfredo Arriaza
      February 2nd

      Excellent thanks for the opportunity


    64. Mare
      February 2nd

      Sure! I would love to take your product out for a spin. Bring it on!!!

    65. DOUG
      February 2nd

      Great WP themes. I’m in. Thanks.

    66. Tricia
      February 2nd

      As a print designer, I’ve been looking for a great theme to use! sign me up!

    67. Joe
      February 2nd

      It would be awesome to win :)

    68. John
      February 2nd

      Contest says 1.5.10 is that right?

    69. February 2nd

      @John, Wow, thanks for catching that! No, it was supposed to say 2.5.10. I’ve fixed it now. I keep thinking its still January for some reason! Thanks.

      @Everyone else, Thanks for all the comments. Keep em’ comin!

    70. February 2nd

      Great contest! I hope this gets you some good exposure!

    71. February 2nd

      May the best win :) :)
      All the best everyone :) :) :) :)

    72. February 2nd

      Cool – good luck everyone. Thanks!

    73. February 2nd

      Great give! Would love a membership.

    74. February 2nd

      Oh, I’d love to have access to some of the Elegant Themes. Very generous of you both.


    75. Rebecca
      February 3rd

      Well, good luck everyone :)

    76. February 3rd

      Thanks for the opportunity! Keep up the good job!

    77. February 3rd

      Oh yeah! They are really beautiful!

      Count me in!!!

    78. February 3rd

      Elegant themes owner – is the greatest men i know. He create awesome blog designs. Choose me!

    79. Leslie
      February 3rd

      This would make my life so much easier! I’m a teacher and I create blogs for my students to contribute to in class – would love to make them look great with this resource!

    80. February 3rd

      Elegant Themes produces awesome WP themes. Would be nice to win a membership :)

    81. February 3rd

      Im jus finding my foot in the blogosphere and was looking for a cool design for my blog.This giveaway is jus what i need to get my blog up and running with a gr8 design.Kudos to both u and elegant themes.

    82. mary
      February 3rd


    83. February 4th

      Elegant Themes is awesome, I’d love to win this offer.

    84. February 4th

      *Crosses fingers* lol. =x

    85. Fy
      February 4th

      Brilliant! Thanks for sharing the great design. Keep up the great work.

    86. February 4th

      That would be incredibly useful. Thank you!

    87. February 4th

      Elegant Themes provides quality WP Themes – would be happy to Win this contest :)

    88. February 4th

      What are my chances? :-) I’d love to win, but would be happy for anyone else who wins as well…

    89. February 5th

      Love it!

    90. I hope I;m not that late :)

    91. February 5th

      I’m in, who knows;)

    92. Laura
      February 5th

      Beautiful Themes! I hope I win!

    93. scott
      February 5th

      I’m in. Thanks for posting this.

    94. Ryan
      February 5th

      In b4 close!

    95. February 5th

      Eeeee! Here is to hoping!

    96. February 5th


    97. February 6th

      Elegant Themes always offer quality themes, i hope i can get some, and redesign my blog!

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    99. Ryszard
      February 22nd

      oh yes! want!

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