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    So I am intrigued by typography, and have always loved the idea of some day creating my own fonts. Then I was stumblin’ around, and came across The Bit Maker, and was able to do just that! It’s a cool way to make pixel fonts. Pixel fonts are useful for a variation of things, and it’s always good to have a couple lying around. So I planned on creating another one and making it a 3pack, but wanted to get these out with the blog lauch, so more will come. I will also be bringing you more detailed fonts, made in ‘the proper’ way, in the future as well. So enjoy my first two fonts!

    Think Compact

    Think Blocks

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    1. January 7th

      Thanks, this is useful. ^^

    2. Awesome! Thanks.

    3. March 20th

      Nice. Share on my weblog.

    4. […] 2 free pixel fonts by thinkdesign […]

    5. December 9th

      These fonts are amazing for making a nice Banner for Christmas!! Thanks.

    6. These fonts are absolutely great! Thanks for sharing.

    7. I wish the fonts were vector based! But they look great

    8. May 18th

      These fonts helped me a lot, thanks

    9. Great share – thanks again

    10. May 24th

      Good one ! Excellent Work .

    11. June 4th

      These font are rely cool

    12. July 21st

      nice sharing man

    13. October 31st

      very nice and great sharing man.

    14. April 21st

      Fantastic post. Tank you for sharing…

    15. September 23rd

      Some time ago was creating a poster-game, this font was perfect. I’ll download it and save in my list. Thanks!

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