• 15 Free Textures from Italy

    Last time I was in Italy, I promised myself I was going to take LOTS of pictures. Well, I did! While I took your normal touristy pictures, I also focused a lot on textures and details I found around me. So here is the first of several, Italy Texture Packs. This one includes 15 textures from all over Italy. (The name of the city the photo was taken in is in the file name, just in case anyone cares.) I really, really enjoyed taking all of these pictures, and I know personally the various textures I snapped have helped me on tons of projects. So I hope you can find a good use for these. Below, I’m posting a preview of the textures. There’s a little sliver for each texture. Enjoy!


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    1. November 7th

      Graphic Design Freebies – 15 Free Textures from Italy…

      A great textures collections from ThinkDesign Blog….

    2. Coolness…. reminds me of Italy. Grazie!

    3. April 30th

      Nice textures! Thank you for this.

    4. shari
      August 8th

      that’s great! so natural! i love this!

    5. wendell
      April 7th

      NICE work! Can I use for a commercial site? thanks! (thanks either for a yes or a no, its still awesome)

    6. May 30th

      appreciate the blog post. put more pictures, everyone loves pictures :)

    7. June 6th

      nice stuff, thanks a lot!

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