• $100 StickerMule Winner Picked, PLUS: EVERYONE WINS $25!!

    Our StickerMule.com contest ended last Friday at Midnight, and our $100 StickerMule.com Gift Certificate winner is Karin! Congrats! AND I’ve got another cool announcement. The awesome guys over at StickerMule are giving everyone that entered a $25 Gift Certificate! So everyone is a winner. Which I think is pretty flippin’ cool.

    Congrats to Karin, and to everyone else that entered! Thanks for taking the time to visit ThinkDesignBlog.com, and entering to win. A big thanks to StickerMule.com for sponsoring the contest, and making sure everyone was a winner.

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    1. November 2nd

      awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing :)

    2. November 30th

      Congratz to the winner(s) … Thanks to StickerMule for sponsoring … I hope I can join next time :)

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